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Posted by: Snicks

These paps are so rude with their comments. Adam Lambert remains gracious in spite of everything.

Posted by: Jude

Who is Taryn Manning?

Posted by: Adam Fan

This was a fun one! The paps are OK as long as they don't say something bad or invade Adam's privacy. Thanks for showing us Adam's latest hair color and his beautiful boyfriend!

Posted by: Leigh

Such a nice guy - hope he gets all the success he deserves.

Posted by: djg

why do paps always ask such stupid questions of everyone?

Posted by: Summer

Adam is always so kind and has such class..I love the way he controls everything with such a to the point but sweet manner. I wish I could hear what the pap said to Adam when Adam responded.."what did you say..that was rude" Anyone know?
Love you humble yet sexxy

Posted by: yaffi

whats up with the paps this days?they don't have to be rude coz u know adam is such a sweet heart and he treats them nice like all the time and they don't have the right to just invade his privacy