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Posted by: Lia

I don't know which pap camera man said the slur to Adam but that was rude and cowardly.

Posted by: kat23morg

Agree Lia, what a moron and try to snap a picture of Adam to make money then to call him a name because he was just trying to get to his car and go...geezz...Adam needs to kick his butt too...Paparazzi can just get lost...not worth anyone's time...

Posted by: elephantgiraffe

If I were in the company of the man who commented about Adam, I would have been embarrassed. I thought the world was becoming a better place for everyone. I guess I am wrong.

Posted by: Glória

That guy really called Adam ''a fag''? OMG, what's wrong with him? Can't this be more rude and stupid, not to mention totally unprofessional?...You're a shame to your colleagues. Do a favor to humanity and go hide in some hole and never come out.

Posted by:

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Posted by: Rianna

Iam disgusted with those paps, always rude, they are nothing but leeches! Wanting to make money off of someone else's hardwork and then having the nerve to call them a bigoted name! They are scum!

Posted by: queenrosered

The buttface that yelled that to Adam would have gotten his ass kicked by that "faggot" if it weren't for the fact that that's exactly the response they want so they can then turn around and sue! Shame on him! He makes it harder for the (few)polite paps who just want a photo and a smile or a wave.I wish one of the OTHERS had called him out on it! GRRrrrrr! :(

Posted by: Devon

X17: I'm very disappointed that you would post such a video of Adam Lambert when you knew the pap towards the end yelled a homophobic remark to Adam. I thought this publication had more class, but evidently not. You've always been very supportive and positive about Adam Lambert, but have dropped the ball big time.
FYI: The original video has been reported to You Tube and to GLAAD for further action. It would be in your best interest to delete this video and article. Thank you.

Posted by: eriskay

Definite the lowest! The nan his shit for brains!