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Posted by: wings

thank you for the video x17!

Posted by: Melissa

OMG Adam Lambert is THE HOTTNESS! LOL love his little smile at the ticket dude, what a sweetheart. His boyfriend is a cutie too awww.

Posted by: imrahd

Adam is a happy and so handsome! He is always smiling. He is all about positivity.

Posted by: charity macomber

Adam M Lambert you asshole you better text me at once. love from your fiance. charity

Posted by: shaghayegh

ilovvvvvve you

Posted by: Arezoo

Hi.I LOve Adam Lambert.
I Live in iran.
I Like Adam Very very very very much.
please send me adam mail and ID.
thank you very much.
Good Bye.

Posted by: fardis

hi.ilove adam live a iran,i like adam verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry mach.god by