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Posted by: Judy


Posted by: anonymous

They look like a loving couple. Together for almost 7 years. Why that is a problem for some is crazy. He obviously loves her and she him. Listen to that crowd. They have a lot of fans that adore them

Hope they stay together.

Posted by: kimberly

She always step behind him and support him. This is great!

Posted by: C-thru

Who is writing this ridiculous comments? Retards who work for Illuminati, or them selves?
"Lovely family", "Support each other", bla, bla, bla...
NOTHING IN A WORLD is going to convince me that mentaly disturbed, bisexual, anorexic woman on crack, is "perfect mother" of six! There is still smart people with a brain out there, you know! Those two pathetic people are nothing but a fake and plastic; Illuminati agent on pot, and his androgynous wife, both covered with tons of make up, plastic surgerys and photoshop. Successfuly deluding people with picture of "perfect marriage"! Lucky those who see the "perfectness" in this two!

Posted by: HAGS

To C-thru
Geezz man puleaseee see a Shrink oviously you lose some screw on your head... Brad Pitt is not the one that dumped your UGLY ASS .. get a life and MOVE ON!!!

Posted by: Fruitcake

As a Angelina huge fan, I have to say that Brad Pit IS ON POT, and IS RESPONSIBLE for Angie sick way of looking; anorxic and sleepy, as she is sedated all the time! Before she meet him, she was totaly unique and full of life. Now, she said that he is making all decisions, even about the dress she gonna wear on the carpet! Dude, something IS WRONG there... Angie, where have you gone? :(

Posted by: Susan

Nice to see people have their priorities straight. A man is having a heart attack and people are so caught up on the "stars" that he seems to be forgotten. Thank you to the few souls who provided aid and care for him during his dying moments.

Posted by: JC

The man who died is my cousin you smartass jackass, so, show some compassion and empathy for my family whom is in shock and grieving !!!
Thanks to others who had nicer things to say.