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Posted by: Noah T

Wow. I think that has to be the worst song I have heard in probably a few months at least. Where do I start? Well, by showing a classic case of abuse where the abused will defend their abuser.... I ask myself after viewing the damn thing-What is the purpose? But I know the answer and its simple. When a song is such crap, the video can't make it any better. The song is just that bad. For real.

And the lyrics about not rational but physical, meaning infatuation instead of love, could they be any cheesier? I swear, the video makes me feel like I'm watching two gay men kissing, thats the vibe I get. Got to hand it to her though, Britney once again pulls a trick, something she likes to glamorize for whatever reason. Oh right... dumb me... because thats how you brainwash America... glamorizing whoring yourself. Anyway... she tries to make it seem like love is just a silly word , but it's not at all, its everything and infatuation is not love. See, the rational mind is the ego and is of great importance, it separates us from the rest of the beasts and birds. Ya get me? The beast and the birds are glorious, however, and already atoned, free and of such majestic beauty. But, a man and a women, acting like a beast and bird, isn't that great. Far from it. It's quite disgusting to see the degradation of the rational mind set forth as an example for the rest of society to see. There is no entertainment in this. It is complete shit. It is like watching a infant take a dump and you're supposed to clap and say well done.

Posted by: mona lalaee


Posted by: mona lalaee

Ugly no-talent wh0re can't even go shopping without a babysitter. This is what a joke her life is. All that money and has no control over any of it