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Posted by: lala

She is such a BITCH! She cannot even be polite enough to say "thank you" the paps need to stop being so nice to her, she is unworthy of any compliments! it is not that hard to say "
thank you" BITCH!!!!

Posted by: cash w

Ever since she had Haven she never tends to Honor. It is quite clear she adores Haven and could care less about her "homey" honor. maybe because she is so ugly!

Posted by: Alese Adams

How did Jessica Alba get two daughters that are not cute? How the freak did that happen?

Posted by: nicole richie

She walks like she has a stick up her vijay jay, her face might be ok, but her stance is gross.

Posted by: cathy alba

Why does this has been keep making movies? she is awful as an actress.

Posted by: madmenfan

people don't even like this woman, so why is she on here so much, does she call the paps to come to her? it sure seems like it.

Posted by: gemma

Has Scott Thompson taken Alba to court for parental rights, visitation of Haven? just wondering if Cash will keep being Mr dad or if they will bring up the truth in public?

Posted by: misty k

Her kids both seem so unhappy, they have a very sad look to their faces.

Posted by: Linda Jones

It was all done in a hush hush court hearing, Scott Thompson received both parental rights and leberal visitation of Haven. Great Job Scott! wonder how Cash "and jessica for that matter like that? too bad that is what you get when you have an affair and come up pg from it. now it it just a matter of time before Jessica and Cash call it quits, cash is a cheater but so is jessica

Posted by: Dr jay

Most people don't even know that Scott Thompson is Haven's dad, it is kept under tight wraps, but now it is starting to come out, hard to believe

Posted by: anon

Honor has asperger's, we have all seen the video of her going to the best autistic specialist's in Santa Monica, but what about Haven does nyone know is she too is autistic? looks like she might be?

Posted by: Ashley A

WHAT???? Scott Thompson is Haven's bio dad? WTF???? I never knew that, wow!

Posted by: tonya

Is Jessica pregnant again?

Posted by: Anonymous

I did not know her daughter ( the oldest one) had autism, but now that you mention it, it all makes sense she always looked off. duh!

Posted by: Anonymous

Doesn't this moron have anything better to do than parade her girls into the waiting pops of the paps everyday, where is cps? she really is a horrible mother to use her kids for attention like she does.

Posted by: Anonymous

YEP! Haven's real dad is Scott Thompson aka Carrot Top. she looks just like him.

Posted by: Anonymous

Why does she act like such a huge ungrateful snot? I cannot stand the way she acts so arrogant, it's not like she is all htat.

Posted by: Anonymous

Cash should leave this cheating whore, she is such a cu^t!

Posted by: Anonymous

The title should read:
JESSICA ALBA USES HER DAUGHTERS ONCE AGAIN FOR HER OWN ATTENTON. what a sick person to use her daughters ike she doess

Posted by: Anonymous

Let me see if I got this right, Haven is NOT Cash's biological child? but Scott Thompson is? how did that happen? no way! is this just a joke?

Posted by: Anonymous

Sorry! sad to tell you it is not a joke, Scott just recently won in court when he took Jessica, she was so upset becausse he promised not to take her to court and bring this into the public eye but hey why wouldn't he , he can cash in on $$$ plus Jessica now has to PAY HIM child support! because she makes so much more than he does, the whole thing is crazy! but when you cheat shi& happens!

Posted by: Anonymous

It is true! look at Haven she looks exactly like Scott! there is no resemblence between her and Cash! not one bit.

Posted by: Anonymous

Haven is illegitimate, Honor is not! honor looks like Cash, Haven does not.

Posted by: Anonymous

either way both of her kids are fugs, esp that tard honor haven might be scott T's kid but Honor belongs to the monkeys at the zoo.

Posted by: Anonymous

free notariaty for jessica alba from the paps once again. she is so desperate.

Posted by: Anonymous

her kids both look like they have some form of retardation, can you say "dur"

Posted by: Anonymous

she is always attached to the rred head kid and the monkey gets to hang with her nanny red head nanny that is

Posted by: sunny

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Posted by: Anonymous

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