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Posted by: Kimberly Crossley

I think Kim Kardashian should be very careful when making decisions concerning the well being of her and Kanye West soon to be First baby. For instance, Selling Pictures of their baby behind the baby fathers back for Money. That's already a RED Flag.

Another thing, Leaving the baby's daddy, Kanye West from off of her Baby Shower Invitation with (Only) her name on it in Large Capital, Bold Face Letters. Unfortunately, that seems Very Disrespectful to the Father to be which seems to be another Red Flag in this so called High Profile Real Relationship.

Furthermore since Kanye West obviously wants their Firsr baby to be born in Paris with Paris France Privacy Laws and Kanye West Demands Privacy for the Arrival of their first baby being born, its Only Right that Kim Kardashian respect the Father's Wishes or else she is going to End up a Miserable Single Mother with mOre Problems and Issues in her life. She Needs to start acting like a GROWN Mother and start Living her life like a Mother to be and possiblely a Wife to be with Kanye West because he will Leave her and and (Not) Marry her. Kanye West is (No) Joke and he is Not like those other Losers. His deceased Mother Donda West has got her Son, KANYE WEST on the Ball. He gives a Lot to different Charities Organizations. He is (No) Joke. She and her Money Hungry and Opportunist Monther, Kris Jenner Apparently do Not Know who they are Messing with. Somebody had better School these People real fast.