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Posted by: Becca

She can't even go to the store without being asked rediculous questins. You are absolutely disgusting.

Posted by: Really

LOL Sorry Miley, you can't just pick and choose when the paparazzi are going to follow you. You always think everything you do is "really cool" and can't say enough or say it loud enough. Now you don't want to talk? Sorry it comes with the territory- grow up lol

Posted by: UR Rude

It's hilarious that when Miley doesn't want to be in the spotlight (anytime she is asked a real question) she says the paps are "rude" and "unclassy". She is one of the loudest most overbearing celebs out there and she doesn't even realize it.

Posted by: So Over It

Miley don't be so mad at your dad. You know you would NEVER have gotten a toe in the door much less a foot if you weren't Billy Ray's daughter. When you got the part of Hannah Montana you had "summer teeth", some where here and some were there and you were a plain little thing- the only thing you had going for you was your daddy's name and an outgoing personality. Now here we are five years later, the outgoing personality has become obnoxious and grating cause you're not little anymore and you should know better, and with the millions you have made you have made it to "cute". Honey realize the truth, you are cute on a good day, not beautiful, not sexy, and quit thinking you are hot stuff- sorry there are a million other girls who are beautiful without all the money you spend on extensions etc. You were a child star on a kids show, the circus has left town, time to go home.

Posted by: Unclassy and Untalented

Miley, you sing okay, acted okay for a kid in Hannah Montana but mostly you were famous because parents thought you were "safe" and "good" and you and your parents made sure to say it all the time. "We keep her grounded", "we have morals" (lol Tish was a GROUPIE and still is), and it has turned out to be a lie. You don't have good values, look at the lyrics and video to "Can't Be Tamed"- you said you wanted to reflect who you are- well you did and nobody BOUGHT it- the public doesn't like it. Your fans WERE KIDS- not grownups! Your acting is not good, any high school drama geek could do better, so what are you offering now except some tabloid news? You should be glad the paps are following you hahaha

Posted by: Miley's a Joke

You are becoming a joke, go home to Tennessee or go help kids in third world countries like you said you wanted to do in your Marie Claire article. Bet it doesn't happen because you like to be in the limelight too much. You say you are "deeper" than other people? But your main goal is to be seen and talk, talk, talk. Everybody is laughing- You are such a poser, you never even heard a JayZ song but you threw his name up in your lyrics lol and the one good song you did- you didn't even write!

Posted by: Miley Time to Go Home

Girl please! You think you are something cause you got money. Money can't buy true beauty or talent, just autotune and extensions! You can barely sing, can't act, look average when you REALLY try, you are NOT a Britney, Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy Perry, etc etc. You are not even a LINDSAY, because she can act and you can't. You and Kelly Osbourne both in a crap a** movie because you have FAMOUS DADDIES only! Go away already, your little girl time is up, you are a Cindy Brady, you outgrew your relevance...


No, I know the perfect job for Miley! Have found her niche hahaha. She needs to be on Maury, shew, her mama Tish got FIVE kids with THREE BABY DADDIES and still trying to chase the D. Like mother, like daughter, ask anybody in Ashland, KY LOL. Tish like the ladies too, just like Miley, or don't you remember your mama's girlfriends Miley? Christopher Cody is the best looking kid Billy Ray has and he blew him off- too bad for Billy but at least he is seeing now that ONCE A GROUPIE, ALWAYS A GROUPIE! Tish has made Miley into a mini-me of her with no morals! Grab Noah and run Billy Ray before she actually needs that bra that she is exposing. You have finally stood up and said that you made mistakes, stand strong, and get your other kids out. You know Braison has issues too and Tish will probably let you have Noah and him so she can travel the world with Miley and get her freak on. Miley will come home after she does this tour and sees that no adult wants to pay to come see an average looking singer sing below average songs in their leotard with camel-toe.

Posted by: Tik Tok

You know your fifteen minutes are up when you don't even get 10 comments on your video! Haterz don't even care enough to hate now lol. Isn't that what your mama always tells you, that they are just hating on you? Well now you're not even on the radar.

Posted by: Sasha

Omg,look I got the 10th comment~
Lol, the person above fails so much. Your 15 minutes of fame are up when paparazzi stop following you around and no one gives a shit about you anymore, clearly people still do about her. And lmao, least she has fame, what do you? Nothing.

Posted by: stupid haters

you people hating on a girl is just pathetic. give her a break. maybe you don't like her but she has feelings too

Posted by: Sarah

The comments are just as sick as the paparazzi! You people are pathetic, is all you can do is hate on someone, get a life!

Posted by: Jessica


Posted by: Jessica


Posted by: grace

LMFAO i didn't know billy ray had another kid christopher cody, who is beautiful, like that comment that person post, the best good looking kid BR has, lol at the others who look just like their groupie mom, lol at miley she's a joke and i just love to see how muuch of a fail kids like miley are

Posted by: Whatever

You're really stupid, Miley has nothing wrong, I think your problem is that you understand what you want, you see that these paparazi twists of his private life, I find it very inappropriate and I 'm totally with Miley and she also has fans of great age and it's not because you did not love that is the case with everyone so I ask that everyone shuts up, and if you do not interested do not look this video.

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Posted by: Music.x

LOVE MILEY!! LOL, The Lady Who Said Leave The Person Alone!! Love Her Trainers! :) xxxx

Posted by: that's news

I don't care about Miley's looks.When she wants to look pretty , she can and when she wants to look adv she does that well too. but she is going to be a huge actress one day. that kid has a funny bone worth watching. just you wait and see.