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Posted by: Jerome Henderson.

Dear Paris,
I've watched your career since you were a teenager! From then you had the look of a Greek Goddess; but more important, you had an amazing Spirit in you which was beautiful! But we live in a very materialistic world, dominated by commercialism; and naturally the Media saw you merely as a pretty model! However, your true self within should have someone to tell you and make you aware of that very special person inside you. Only then can you realize your true potential for living your life; and that is incredibly more than just being, like so many in this world, - a business opportunity for others! You make me think of another person; Agnetha Faltskog, the Blond singer of the group ABBA ; who also had something very special inside her being; but people just saw her as a good singer; and her husband, the guitarist in the group was too young to know what she truly was inside her being; so he could tell her about it! It can make such a wonderful difference to know that! I love you for that very special person in you, and love to be a friend of yours and a spiritual adviser; and to engage you to explore the intellectual side of your existence; which many people do not realize can be so indispensably enriching and very enjoyable, and entertaining!
I am a Christian prophet, and a Genius; and intend to cause amazing changes for the future; especially for the Youth of the world; to make the Youth discover the way to use their hidden Genius; put there by God the Creator; so that they can all help to build Paradise on Earth!
I am an uncomplicated and a very practical, straight forward person; and I hope I shall have the opportunity to meet you, and be your friend.
By the way, your parents are GREAT! God Bless you and your family. Yours truly, J. Henderson.