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Posted by: Anonymous

Is that 310 Management guy Kevin Hauser dating Petra Ecclestone or Paris Hilton?

Posted by: Brian S

Saw Petra Ecclestone Paris Hilton and Kevin Hauser at Dan Tannas having dinner. BFFs? I thought that 310 Management guy was just working with NBA guys?

Posted by: Tera

Does Kevin Hauser still date Paris Hilton ? Is he single ?

Posted by: Anonymous

Kevin was at Boa with a fat girl with brown hair no Paris thats for sure oops

Posted by: Anonymous

Kevin the 310 Hauser guy wrecked his white Bentley or Paris Hiltons car last night in Hollywood too funny . Learn how to drive dummy.

Posted by: Anonymous

Is the 310 guy the one that always wears a hat ? I seen him with LeBron James and other NBA players. Not PARIS

Posted by: zBone

Kevin Hauser dates everyone thats what single rich guys do with no kids! Lucky bastard! Cheers