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Posted by: Mel

You're nasty, man! 'Fucking bitche' ?! Shame on you...

Posted by: Arturo

Donde dice la fan 'te casaras con kristen? & el: SOMEDAY??? no se escucha ni madres xDDD

Posted by: the truth

Lets hope pap someone calls your daughter a fucking bitch

Posted by: Edna Guedes

como queria conhecelo pessoalmente...

Posted by: Huh

Am I the only one who heard some guy say "Robert, say I'm the white Gandhi"?

Posted by: Anonymous

That's crazy! Not the part about them getting married, but the way all those people were hounding him. Made me feel sorry for him. But I really do hope they get married.

Posted by: Anonymous

Very glad to see he spends no quality moments when signing now. Just going through the motuions as they are screaming and performing like screaming zombies. A stupid ritual exposed.

Posted by: Carlos Aona

Interesting video. This was Rob's gig, not Kristen's. It was proper for her to duck into the car. Both of them act more mature of late. They are leaving their fantasy world of blood suckers behind to face the real world where all is not pretty. Love you KStew