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oh jeez

Posted by: camille

i only see one woman....

Posted by: Alice

OMG ! They have women as friends ! That's horrible/unacceptable/unbelivable !
No, seriously... who cares about that ? U_U

Posted by: MJ


Posted by: Lily

Oh yeah man! is Tokio Hotel! The best and the only one to me!!,

Posted by: kaitiikontagious

actually im pretty sure that's Shay Todd or whatever her name is, the other guys wife, pretty sure Ria has red hair now 0_0
anyway, Tom looks really good :)

Posted by: sarah

I only see the twins and their friends that are married (forget their names) and even if there are other woman in the car, who cares?
the boys can do what they want

Posted by: Mae

hey thats Bill and Tom not Tokio Hotel if you're going to report get it right..

Posted by: AnnaD

So much for jetlag and their need for privacy!