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Posted by: Judy R.

Good for Katie and Suri. I hope she gets everything including Suri.

Posted by: Dan

Scientology is a lie! It was a way for a nut case to get rich off the earnings of stupid people. It has been clearly documented that even L. Ron Hubbard's family confirms what a nut case he was. He was a megalomaniac that thought he was more important and deserved all attention and money. Another aspect of this was the ability to dodge the tax codes in America by religious organization. he often laughed and commented about how he could lead stupid people anywhere! I don't blame Katie for running away from Tom Cruise who has definitely allowed his cheese to slip off his cracker....

Posted by: Catherine

Leave Tom alone, she left not only Tom but her stepchildren too. Not saying something to Connor and his sister doesn't make her a saint. Plus her father being a lawyer, did he not say there are other children besides Suri, we need to do this in a less stressful way. Tom is good people, his religion is his business.

Posted by: Anonymous

she should of left him long time