January 18, 2013 Talkative Connor Cruise Declines To Say Who's The Best Action Star
Thursday, January 17, 2013 - A talkative Connor Cruise leaves the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. He shares his birthday plans and talks about his passions but stays mum when asked who he thinks is the best action star...  more »
August 4, 2012 Connor Cruise in Hollywood Night Life
August 03, 2012: Connor Cruise has fun in the Hollywood night life on Friday amidst the divorce of father Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes....  more »
November 20, 2011 Celebrities Attend The X-Box Miracle of Music Benefit At Siren Studios
Saturday, November 19, 2011 - Celebrities attend The X-Box Miracle of Music Benefit in Honor of the 2011 American Music Awards at Siren Studio in Hollywood, California. Seen here are: Kevin Jonas; Connor Cruise; Boo Boo Stewart and family; Joanna...  more »
July 17, 2008 X17 Xclusive: On Set With TomKat!
X17 Xclusive: Wednesday July 16th: Katie Holmes was on set and was paid a special visit by her husband Tom Cruise and stepson Connor. Everyone was all smiles as they walked Katie to the SUV! Looks like Katie has a...  more »
July 13, 2008 EXCLUSIVE!!! Connor Cruise's Flight Lesson
July 12, 2008: X17 Xclusive!!! It must be swell to have Tom Cruise as a dad. You get to ride motorcycles and fly the Cessna Skyhawk C172 and learn untold Scientology secrets. Check out Connor Cruise at Million Air airstrip...  more »
July 3, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Tom Cruise And Son Connor Motorcycle Ride
X17 Xclusive - July 2nd, 2008: Tom Cruise and his son Connor went for a motorcycle ride Wednesday afternoon. The scene totally takes me back to Top Gun-era Cruise....  more »
June 2, 2008 TomKat And Suri Go Out To Eat
Friday May 30th: It was family affair last night at E. Baldi Restaurant in Beverly Hills Cruise style. Tom carried out his princess Suri who looks like her hair is growing out get that girl a stylist! Suri also looks...  more »
May 19, 2008 TomKat, Suri, And Connor All On Set
May 16, 2008: X17 photogs spotted the Cruise family - Tom, Katie, Suri AND Connor at "The Lot" studio in Hollywood today....  more »