March 29, 2010 Avril Lavigne And Deryck Whibley's Entourage Gets Aggro At Crown Bar
March 28th, 2010: Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley were spotted leaving Crown Bar Sunday night. Avril looked skittish and requested more space just before getting into her car to leave. Somehow this erupted into bitter words between a member of...  more »
March 22, 2010 Avril Lavigne And Ex-Hubby Deryck Whibley Get Matching Tattoos?
March 21, 2010: Avril Lavigne and ex-husband Deryck Whibley were out at Tattoo Mania, and both reportedly got tattoos. Before that the former spouses were spotted leaving Crown Bar in West Hollywood....  more »
March 22, 2010 Lindsay Parties On Sunday Night
March 21, 2010: We spotted Lindsay Lohan leaving a meeting at Chateau Marmont and arriving to Crown Bar through the back entrance....  more »
March 15, 2010 Sam Lutfi Believes Britney Spears Is Still In Love With Adnan
March 13, 2010: Britney Spears' former friend and manager Sam Lutfi had a lot to say about his past with Britney Spears, and the popstar's conservatorship and relation with her parents. We spotted him leaving Crown Bar in West Hollywood...  more »
March 14, 2010 Jessica Stroup Helps Brittany Snow Celebrate B-Day; Sam Lufti Talks Britney Spears
March 13, 2010: Brittany Snow was celebrating her 24th Birthday on Saturday night at Crown Bar, a little belated since her actual birthday is March 9. There to help her celebrate were: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, who ran into...  more »
January 9, 2010 SamRo, Jerry Ferrara And Others At Crown Bar, SamRo dodges LiLo And Casey Johnson Q's
January 8, 2010: We spotted Samantha Ronson at Crown Bar dodging questions as usual. The socialite was annoyed when asked what she thought about Casey Johnson's death and had no comment when asked if she thought Patrick Aufdenkamp stole sketches...  more »
November 30, 2009 Derek Hough On His Cell At Crown Bar
November 29, 2009: We spotted DWTS's Derek Hough at Crown Bar on Sunday night talking on his cell phone as he entered the club....  more »
November 28, 2009 Samantha Ronson Arrives At Crown Bar Alone
November 27, 2009: We spotted Samantha Ronson looking cool in her black fedora at Crown Bar the night after Thanksgiving. She was alone, but immediately met some friends on the patio and lit up a cigarette....  more »
November 21, 2009 Nicky Hilton, Lauren Conrad And Friends At Crown Bar
November 20, 2009: We spotted Nicky Hilton and Carlos E. Lopez sneaking in the back entrance at Crown Bar. Lauren Conrad went in the front and was accompanied by child actor Patrick Renna....  more »
November 14, 2009 Donald Faison Says Mike Tyson-Photog Knockout Was Funny
November 13, 2009: When we spotted Scrubs actor Donald Faison at Crown Bar, he said, "Hey yo, did you all see Mike Tyson knock that dude out?... Yeah that sh*t was funny!" When told that violence is bad, he responded,...  more »
November 7, 2009 Kellan Lutz Is Smoking With The Ladies
November 7, 2009: We spotted heartthrob Kellan Lutz getting five of his lady friends into Crown Bar. Then we spotted him smoking cigs at the back entrance. Also spotted here are Lady Victoria Hervey, Joey Fatone and Sara Paxton with...  more »
November 7, 2009 Brittny Gastineau Celebrates Birthday At Beso And Crown Bar
November 6, 2009: The stars were out to help Brittny Gastineau celebrate her 27th birthday at Beso and Crown Bar. Spotted here are Joe Francis, Taryn Manning, Jill Zarin, DJ Qualls and more!...  more »
November 7, 2009 Kim Kardashian Asked About Baby Names At Crown Bar
November 6, 2009: Kim Kardashian was tight lipped when we asked her if she had any baby names picked out, and if she was considering a boxing career. We spotted her at Crown Bar where Brittny Gastineau was celebrating her...  more »
November 7, 2009 Lindsay Lohan Continues The Party At Crown Bar
November 6, 2009: Lindsay Lohan is definitely living the song, "Up all night (sleep all day)." After partying around town Thursday night upon her return from Morocco, we spotted Lindsay going to Crown Bar on Friday with a car full...  more »
October 24, 2009 Brittny Gastineau, Stacy Keibler And Camille Guaty At Crown Bar
October 23, 2009: We caught up with several celebs at Crown Bar. Brittny Gastineau told us that she loves X17. We updated Camille Guaty on the latest celebrity robberies. And we spotted Stacy Kiebler arriving with a friend....  more »
October 10, 2009 Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy At Crown Bar
October 9, 2009: We spotted "Pros vs. Joes" host Michael Strahan with fiance Nicole Murphy, also Eddie Murphy's ex-wife. He talked about the Obama Nobel Peace Prize, his sitcom and Michael Crabtree....  more »
October 3, 2009 Justin Timberlake Leaves Crown Bar With Friends
October 2, 2009: Justin Timberlake was spotted leaving Crown Bar, driving a car-full of friends....  more »
September 12, 2009 WYWS: Friday Night At Crown Bar
WYWS - September 11th, 2009: The stars were d=out at Crown Bar Friday night! Shanna Moakler, James Van Der Beek, Derek Hough were caught on camera by the paps, to name just a few!...  more »
September 5, 2009 Gerard Butler At Crown Bar Wearing A Newsboy Cap
September 4, 2009 - Actor Gerard Butler was spotted leaving Crown Bar wearing a newsboy cap. When he spotted photogs he waved to them. Butler left alone....  more »
September 5, 2009 'Twilight' Beauty Ashley Greene Leaves Crown Bar
September 4, 2009 - Ashley Greene was spotted sneaking out the back entrance of Crown Bar in West Hollywood....  more »
September 5, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Under-aged Ali Lohan Dashes Out Of Crown Bar
X17 Xclusive - September 4, 2009: 16-year-old Ali Lohan was spotted remaining in the car after Lindsay Lohan entered Crown Bar. But she must have gotten in somehow because we spotted her later making a mad dash to the car...  more »
September 5, 2009 Lindsay Lohan Enters Crown Bar, Her Sister Ali Stays In The Car
September 4, 2009 - Lindsay Lohan was spotted entering Crown Bar through the back entrance with her assistants. Her under-aged sister Ali stayed in the car....  more »
August 22, 2009 Woman Whacks Photog As Charlize Theron Leaves Crown Bar
August 21, 2009 - As Charlize Theron leaves Crown Bar a woman goes after photogs shouting that they are on private property. One daring photog tries to get a close-up of Theron and the woman smacks him on the head....  more »
August 22, 2009 Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Arrive At Crown Bar
August 21, 2009 - JT and Jessical Biel were spotted arriving in their car to the back entrance of Crown Bar in West Hollywood....  more »
December 11, 2008 WYWS: Stars On The Run
December 10,2008: Ryan Phillipe and Paris Hilton both make hasty exits from the Crown Bar on Wednesday night. Hillary Duff and Tobey Maguire's wife Jennifer Meyer run happily away from shopping at Kitson earlier that evening....  more »
December 11, 2008 WYWS: A Feisty Night Out
December 10, 2008: Zoe Saldana at Jerry's and Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, Queen Latifa at Crown Bar....  more »
December 4, 2008 WYWS: The Definition of A Bust Down
December 03, 2008: We're trying something new today. Sometimes, when you listen to your favorite rapper Kanye West's music, you think, "What is he talking about?" Especially when he uses new fangled slang words like "Bust Down." Luckily for you,...  more »
December 4, 2008 Keeping Up With Kourtney
December 03, 2008: Paps have a friendly chat with Kourtney Kardashian outside of Crown Bar on Wednesday night....  more »
November 13, 2008 Seth MacFarlane Chats While At Crown Bar
Wed. Nov. 12th, 2008 - Seth MacFarlane Chats with paps outside Crown Bar...  more »
November 6, 2008 Courtenay Semel At Crown Bar
Wed. Nov. 5th, 2008 - While talking with Paps Courtenay realizes she'd missed seeing Tila inside....  more »
November 6, 2008 Daryl Hannah's Driver Barely Misses Paps
Wed. Nov. 5th, 2008 - Daryl Hannah slipped by, already inside her car. As her driver pulled out he gunned the car, narrowly missing a couple photographers, frightening everyone involved....  more »
November 6, 2008 Tila Tequila At Crown Bar
Wed. Nov. 5th, 2008 - Tila signed autographs and talked with photographers and fans....  more »
October 30, 2008 Adam Levine Leaving Crown Bar
Wed. Oct. 29th, 2008 - Adam Levine slips out the back...  more »
October 30, 2008 David Spade At Crown Bar
Wed. Oct. 29th, 2008 - David Spade crosses the street outside Crown Bar after asking a police officer if it was okay....  more »
October 23, 2008 Daveigh Chase With Friends At Crown
Wed. Oct. 22nd, 2008 - Daveigh Chase hung out at Crown last night...  more »
October 23, 2008 Owen Wilson Will Not Bee Seen Tonight
Wed. Oct. 22nd, 2008 - Owen Wilson leaves Crown Bar or does he?...  more »
October 23, 2008 Mark McGrath Chats Outside The Crown Bar
Wed. Oct. 22nd, 2008 - Mark McGrath took a few moments to sign autographs and smile for photos...  more »
October 23, 2008 Brittny Gastineau "Where's X17!"
Wed. Oct. 22nd, 2008 - Brittny Gastineau calls out her favorite photogs by name upon arriving at Crown Bar...  more »
October 7, 2008 RocknRolla Premiere After Party At The Crown Bar
Guy Ritchie's latest film "Rocknrolla" held there Los Angeles premiere after party at the Crown Bar on October 6, 2008 in West Hollywood. Thandie Newton, Gemma Arterton, Tyressse and many other stars were in attendance....  more »
September 18, 2008 Crown Bar Still Brings Them In
Here’s your celeb roundup for Wednesday night September 17th: Crown Bar’s guest list, Jack Osbourne, Joe Francis, Eve, Jesse McCarrtney, Sean Stewart and Will.I.AM....  more »
September 11, 2008 Stars Party At Night
Wednesday September 10th: Stacy Keibler parties at Crown Bar and autograph seekers can't get enough. Other celebs out at Crown Bar Jesse McCartney, Mischa Barton, & Danny Devito at a red carpet affair....  more »
September 4, 2008 Hollywood Likes To Party!
September 3rd: Here's Wednesday Club life Round up! Kim Kardashian flashes those pearly whites, and talks about Dancing With The Stars. Grab a quick peak of Aaron Eckert exiting Besos, while Obama is on everyone’s mind, Kathy Griffin and Mark...  more »
August 31, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Michelle Trachtenberg At Crown Bar
X17 Xclusive - August 30th, 2008: We caught up with Michelle Trachtenberg Saturday night. She was leaving Crown bar, and was doing her best to cover her face with her bag....  more »
August 29, 2008 Another Night At Crown Bar
Wednesday August 27th: A-listers can’t get enough of Crown Bar! Alexis Arquette shows off her curves, Lauren Conrad and Lo try to get past the paps, Pharrell and many more…...  more »
August 21, 2008 Crown Bar The Place To Be!
Wednesday August 20th: Crown Bar is still the It spot for Hollywood’s A-listers. Lindsay Lohan got a little camera shy, with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, Adrian Grenier, Joe Francis, Brittny Gastineau, Evan Ross, Sean Stewart, and many...  more »
August 14, 2008 While You Were Sleeping…
Wednesday August 13th: Don Johnson showed paps who’s the boss while exiting Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Our favorite Miami Vice star chatted up photogs before leaving. Veteran actor Sidney Poitier made a graceful exit with his daughters. Other stars...  more »
August 7, 2008 While You Were Sleeping…
August 6th, 2008: Rachel Bilson checked out Crown Bar and the paps checked her out. SamRo makes a quick exit from Crown Bar is Lilo hiding in the back seat? Last but not least we see you Dane Cook…...  more »
July 17, 2008 While You Were Sleeping
Wednesday July 16th: Nick Lacey and Vanessa Minnillo partied at Crown Bar, Heidi Montag and Spencer at Mr. Chow, checkout that publicity kiss, Cristiano Ronaldo on crutches…...  more »
July 3, 2008 Crown Bar Keeps Them Coming!
Wednesday July 2nd, 2008: A, B, and C-listers can’t get enough of Hollywood’s Crown Bar where you never know if you will really get in example Cheryl Burke! Checkout who was there: Lauren Conrad, Lo, Nicky Hilton, Evan Ross, Kevin...  more »
June 12, 2008 Friends Again At Least For Tonight
Wednesday June 11th: Nothing like a little publicity stunt to stir up interest in MTV’s scripted sensation “The Hills”. On again off again BFFs Lauren Conrad and Adurina Patridge had all the paps worked up as they made a grand...  more »
June 5, 2008 Paris & Benji’s Romantic Night Out With The Paparazzi
Wednesday June 4th: There’s nothing like having a romantic evening out and having the paps drag along for fun. Paris, Benji and her new BFF made the Hollywood rounds to Besos, The Social, and Crown Bar. Is Paris hiding a...  more »
June 5, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...
Wednesday June 4th: Crown Bar is the place to be. Audrina Patridge, Brittny Gastineau, Coco, Dave Navarro, Devon Akoi, Ice-T, Lauren Conrad, Lo, Matthew Perry, Nicky Hilton were all out....  more »
May 29, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...Crown Bar
Wednesday May 28th: Crown Bar still brings out the hot ones! Nicole Richie and Joel Madden pull themselves away from diaper duty to checkout Hollywood’s newest hot spot. Bret Ratner, Mary Carey with David Weintraub, Robin Thicke, Evan Ross, Sean...  more »
May 15, 2008 Everyone’s Falling For Lauren
Wednesday May 14th: Lauren Conrad's exit from Crown Bar turned disastrous not for one but two paps that got caught in photog gridlock. Lauren’s friend quickly picked up the down pap and everyone enjoyed a good laugh. Thanks for the...  more »
May 15, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...Crown Bar
Wednesday May 14th: Crown Bar’s Guest List Included: New parents Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, Dave Navarro and his ladies, Lauren and Lo blinded by the lights, Meagan Good in her short shorts, Fred Durst, Brody Jenner, Michael Rapaport, Scott...  more »
May 8, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...
Wednesday May 7th: Hollywood’s newest it spot is hard to get in even if you were on a hit TV show past or present. Two of Hollywood's stars got stopped in their tracks as VIP doesn’t mean VIP at Crown...  more »
May 6, 2008 Lindsay & Sam Party At Crown Bar!
Monday May 5th, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were seen leaving the Crown Bar. Lindsay seems very happy inside the car, wearing a big grin on her face, she must of had a good time inside the bar....  more »
May 1, 2008 Christina Parties Hard!
Wednesday April 30th: New mother Christina Aguilera partied hard last night with friends and hubby Jordan Bratman. Christina was all smiles going into the Crown Bar in West Hollywood but she need to lean on her husband upon exiting....  more »
May 1, 2008 Lilo Exits Crown Bar Gets Camera Shy
Wednesday April 30th: Lindsay Lohan was part of the VIP guest list at the new West Hollywood Crown Bar, but Lilo got camera shy when exiting. She went to great length to cover her face and her friend even covered...  more »
May 1, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...
Wednesday April 30th: X17 photogs spotted Lauren Conrad and Constantine at Crown Bar. At Villa we spotted Frank Leboeuf chatting it up with the ladies....  more »