December 30, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Christina Aguilera And Jordon Bratman At Houston's
X17 Xclusive - December 30th, 2009: Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman were spotted leaving Houston's Wednesday night. Christina was carrying the baby, and the photographers wished them a happy New Year's....  more »
May 17, 2009 Christina Aguilera And Max At Houston's
May 16, 2009: Christina Aguilera takes her son Max to Houston's for lunch on Saturday....  more »
May 3, 2009 Heidi And Spencer Do Lunch At Houston's
May 2nd, 2009: The paps caught up with Heidi and Spencer Saturday afternoon. You won't believe this, but they were surprisingly shy... Heidi even hid her head behind her bag! I know, are pigs flying or what? The pap tried...  more »
January 31, 2009 EXCLUSIVE - Kimora And Djimon At Houston's
January 30, 2009: Our photogs captured Kimora Lee Simmons having dinner with her soon to be baby's father Djimon Honsou at Houston's with her two daughters on Friday....  more »
January 31, 2009 EXCLUSIVE - Xtina And Family At Houston's
January 30, 2009: Christina Aguilera, husband Jordan and son Max were seen dining at Houston's on Friday night....  more »
January 16, 2008 Ashley Tisdale Meets MGM
Ashley Tisdale had a big day ahead of her on January 15, 2008. First she went to Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills to make sure that her hair was just right. Then she had a power meeting at MGM...  more »
January 4, 2008 Christina Aguilera Loves Houston's
January 3rd, Our photographers spotted Christina Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman entering their favorite restaurant Houston's in Santa Monica....  more »
November 19, 2007 Another Lovely Day With Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan starts the day off right on Saturday November 17, by visiting her local Starbucks. Later she paints the town red by sweeping through XIV Karat LTD, Chris McMillan Salon, and to Houston's and Byron Williams Salon by nightfall....  more »
November 19, 2007 Christina Still Furniture Shopping!
Saturday November 17th: Christina Aguilera never runs out of things to shop for! Chris and Jordan shop for furniture at Woodson and Rummerfield's House of Design before grabbing a bite to eat at Houstons....  more »
November 11, 2007 Christina Aguilera At Houston's
Friday november 9th, Christina Aguilera was seen with her husband Jordan Bratman entering Houston's in Santa Monica for a nice family dinner....  more »
October 9, 2007 Christina Aguilera At Houston's
Exclusive! Monday, October 8th: Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman dine at Houstons in Santa Monica....  more »
October 4, 2007 X17 Xclusive: K-Fed Goes To Houston’s After Court
Wednesday October 3, 2007: Kevin Federline enjoys a smoke as he waits in the garage of his lawyer’s office Mark Vincent Kaplan. After his big day in court K-Fed dined at Houston’s in Century City to celebrate with one of...  more »