October 13, 2014 Ethan Hawke Takes His Kids Out In Malibu
Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 - Ethan Hawke takes his kids, Maya (not pictured) and Roan out for lunch at Taverna Tony in Malibu. Their mother is Uma Thurman....  more »
September 8, 2014 Jerry Seinfeld Takes $1 Million Porsche Spyder Hybrid For A Spin In Malibu, Confronts Photog
Sunday, September 7, 2014 - Jerry Seinfeld takes his brand new $1 Million amazing Porsche Spyder Hybrid out to get lunch with friends in Malibu, CA. Before taking off, Seinfeld confronts a man who gets too close to the car...  more »
August 31, 2014 Cindy Crawford Enjoying Malibu With Family
Saturday, August 30, 2014 - Cindy Crawford playing paparazzi in Malibu, CA Saturday morning with her son Presley....  more »
August 31, 2014 Cindy Crawford Enjoying Malibu With Family Part 2
Saturday, August 30, 2014 - Cindy Crawford playing paparazzi in Malibu, CA Saturday morning with her son Presley. [second angle]...  more »
August 31, 2014 Brooke Burke Wears Hip Green Shoes
Saturday, August 30, 2014 - Brooke Burke showing her fancy sense of fashion in Malibu with jeans skirt and green shoes....  more »
August 25, 2014 Tori And Dean Spend Quality Time With Family In Malibu
Saturday, August 23, 2014 - Tori Spelling and her four children, Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn, accompanied dad, Dean McDermott, go out for some shopping in Malibu. Tori wore a spaghetti strap top, while Dean went with a hat, t-shirt...  more »
July 19, 2014 Paris Returns From Korea In Red, White And Blue Part 2
Friday, July 18, 2014: Reality star Paris Hilton returned from Korea wearing a blue and white striped dress with a red handbag. The star signed autographs and was asked about her brother Barron's fight at her Malibu beach house. [second...  more »
July 18, 2014 Paris Returns From Korea In Red, White And Blue
Friday, July 18, 2014: Reality star Paris Hilton returned from Korea wearing a blue and white striped dress with a red handbag. The star signed autographs and was asked about her brother Barron's fight at her Malibu beach house.  more »
July 18, 2014 Rick Salomon Sporting His Own Name
Thursday, July 17, 2014 - Rick Salomon was spotted in a hat and shorts, with a white t-shirt reading Salomon, in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 17, 2014 Denise Richards Out With Daughter Eloise Shopping In Malibu
Wednesday, July 17, 2014 - Denise Richards out with daughter Eloise and a male friend shopping in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 7, 2014 Paris Hilton Almost Drives Off With Her Designer Dress Hanging Out
Monday, July 7, 2014 - Paris Hilton and Nicky shopping in matching green dresses at Malibu Colony in Malibu, CA. When Paris enters her car to drive away a foot of her dress is hanging out of the door....  more »
July 6, 2014 Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Celebrate 4th Of July Weekend with Rachel Zoe And Family
Saturday, July 5, 2014 - Gavin Rossdale and Rodger Berman take their children for some fun on the beach while Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani stay on the balcony while celebrating the Fourth of July weekend in Malibu, CA....  more »
June 30, 2014 Pamela Anderson Goes Casual For Lunch In Malibu
Sunday, June 29, 2014 - Pamela Anderson beats the heat in a casual blue dress as she meets a friend for lunch at Coogies Beach Cafe in Malibu, CA....  more »
June 22, 2014 Jordana Brewster Gets Family Time In Malibu
Saturday, June 21, 2014 - Jordana Brewster and hubby, Andrew Form, take son Julian out for dinner in Malibu, CA. Both are in dark blue and baby Julian wears all white...  more »
June 22, 2014 Kourtney Kardashian Struts Her Pregnancy Fashion In Malibu
Saturday, June 21, 2014 - Three-months-pregnant Kourtney Kardashian looks amazing in bib overall cut-offs, a sheer button down shirt and knee-high gladiator sandals as she shops in Malibu, CA. The expecting mother is rumored to be wearing a fake baby...  more »
May 26, 2014 Tobey Maguire And Family Leaving Joel Silver's Party
Monday, May 26, 2014 - Tobey Maguire and family enjoy the California weather when leaving Joel Silver's party in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 26, 2014 Rita Wilson Leaves Joel Silver's Party
Monday, May 26, 2014 - Rita Wilson looks cheerful when leaving Joel Silver's party in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 26, 2014 Gwen Stefani And Family Leaving Joel Silver's Party
Monday, May 26, 2014 - Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and kids leaving Joel Silver's party in Malibu, CA....  more »
March 15, 2014 Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Bond Over Lunch
Friday, March 14, 2014 - Kim Kardashian left the recording studio for lunch with half sister Kylie Jenner at Nobu in Malibu, CA. The reality star was turning heads in her short red dress....  more »
September 1, 2013 Sexy Alessandra Ambrosio Having A Blast With Her Family In Malibu
Sunday, September 1, 2013 - Sexy Alessandra Ambrosio frolics in at the beach with her daughter Anja and husband Jamie Mazur near by. She looks fabulous while enjoying the beach in Malibu, CA....  more »
September 1, 2013 Alessandra Ambrosio Stuns In Bikini, Playing Volley Ball In Malibu
Sunday, September 1, 2013 - Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazing in her bikini as she plays volleyball with friends in Malibu, CA...  more »
July 11, 2013 Brody Jenner Amused By Paparazzi Drama
Thursday, July 11, 2013: Brody Jenner spoke with photographers about the Lamar Odom meltdown, while outside the Malibu Kardashian home. He sounded sincere when he said that it really was too bad that things had gotten so out of control....  more »
July 7, 2013 Alessandra Ambrosio Has A Blast With Hubby And Friends In Malibu
Saturday, July 6, 2013 - Alessandra Ambrosio has a blast with husband Jamie Mazur and friends as they go shopping in Malibu, CA over the Fourth of July holiday weekend....  more »
July 7, 2013 Benji Madden Steps Out In Malibu
Saturday, July 6, 2013 - Benji Madden steps out in Malibu, CA over the Fourth of July holiday weekend....  more »
July 6, 2013 Rachel Zoe Turns The Tables On The Paparazzi
Friday, July 5, 2013 - Rachel Zoe is passive aggressive with the dozens of paparazzi surrounding her and films them in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 29, 2013 Kourtney Kardashian And Family Get Quality Time In Malibu
Wednesday, May 29, 2013: Kourtney Kardashian was in white with Scott Disick, hanging at Malibu Country Mart with son Mason.  more »
April 29, 2013 Matthew McConaughey Still Looking Emaciated In Malibu
Saturday, April 27, 2013 - Matthew McConaughey's shocking weight loss for The Dallas Buyers Club seems to have left him looking very thin and gaunt. The actor joined Scarlett Johansson for a Dolce & Gabbana photoshoot on Malibu Beach. The...  more »
April 14, 2013 Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Jump-Roping Skills In Malibu
Saturday, April 13, 2013 - Heidi Klum has a blast at the beach in Malibu with boyfriend Martin Kristen, children Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou, and her parents. Klum channels her inner child while showing off her jump-roping skills....  more »
November 7, 2012 A.J. McLean And Wife Rochelle Expecting Their Baby 'Any Minute Now'
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - A.J. McLean and his very pregnant wife Rochelle leave their polling place after casting their vote in the presidential election in Malibu, CA . McLean asks photographers if they voted, and on an Obama victory...  more »
September 10, 2012 Denise Richards Takes Brooke Mueller And Charlie Sheen's Twins To The Farmers Market
Sunday, September 9, 2012 - Denise Richards takes baby daughter Eloise and Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen's twins Max and Bob to the Malibu Farmers' Market....  more »
September 10, 2012 Denise Richards And Brooke Mueller BFFs In Malibu!
Sunday, September 9, 2012 - Charlie Sheen's exes Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller look like best friends as they shop with all of their children at Cross Creek in Malibu, CA. Brooke sends twins Max and Bob off with Denise...  more »
September 3, 2012 Alessandra Ambrosio And Family Attend Malibu Chili Cook-Off
Sunday, September 2, 2012 - Alessandra Ambrosio arrives at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off & Carnival with husband Jamie Mazur, daughter Anja and infant son Noah. When asked if she's excited about Brazil hosting the next Olympics, Ambrosio responds, "Yes, I...  more »
September 3, 2012 Pink And Carey Hart Take Willow To The Malibu Chili Cook-Off
Sunday, September 2, 2012 - Pink and hubby Carey Hart celebrate Labor Day by taking adorable daughter Willow to the Malibu Chili Cook-Off, Carnival & Fair....  more »
August 13, 2012 Lindsay Lohan Gets Close To Mystery Man While Hitting The Beach With Dina And Cody Lohan
Sunday, August 12, 2012 - Lindsay Lohan is seen giving extra attention to a dark handsome mystery man while spending the day with mother Dina, brother Cody and friends at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA...  more »
August 9, 2012 Mel Gibson at Dines at Boa With The Ecclestones
August 8, 2012: Catch a glimpse of actor Mel Gibson eating dinner with friends Tamara Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt at Boa on Wednesday....  more »
July 30, 2012 Fiancees Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Take A Stroll In Malibu
Sunday, July 29, 2012 - Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan look very much in love, holding hands as they take a stroll in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 16, 2012 Alessandra Ambrosio Has A Blast With Family At The Beach, Part 2
Sunday, July 15, 2012 - Alessandra Ambrosio has a fun day on the beach husband Jamie Mazur, daughter Anja and friends in Malibu, CA. Alessandra wears a sheer wrap over her thong bikini while showing off her volleyball skills....  more »
July 16, 2012 Alessandra Ambrosio Has A Blast With Family At The Beach
Sunday, July 15, 2012 - Alessandra Ambrosio has a fun day on the beach husband Jamie Mazur, daughter Anja and friends in Malibu, CA. Ambrosio shows off her beach volley-ball skills, while Jamie wipes out on his body-board....  more »
July 16, 2012 Pamela Anderson Not In The Mood In Malibu
Sunday, July 15, 2012 - Pamela Anderson rushes to her car when she sees photographers after doing some shopping and picking up coffee in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 9, 2012 Alessandra Ambrosio And Daughter Anja Swarmed By Photogs In Malibu
Sunday, July 8, 2012 - Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and daughter Anja Mazur are swarmed by photographers as they shop with friends in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 8, 2012 Rachel Zoe And Son Skyler Are A Well-Dressed Pair
Saturday, July 7, 2012 - Rachel Zoe wears a lovely floral gown and son Skyler sports a striped jumpsuit while spending the day in Malibu, CA....  more »
July 8, 2012 Kimberly Stewart Takes Baby Delilah Out In Malibu
Saturday, July 7, 2012 - Kimberly Stewart spends the day in Malibu with her adorable daughter Delilah, and mother Alana....  more »
July 6, 2012 Donald Sutherland at A July 4 Party in Malibu
July 4, 2012: Actor Donald Sutherland attends a July 4 celebration also attended by David Duchovny in Malibu....  more »
July 5, 2012 Alessandra Ambrosio And Baby In Malibu
Wednesday, July 4, 2012: Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and her infant daughter have a shopping day on Wednesday. Ambrosio wears a slightly patriotic red shirt with white stars, and blue denim cutoffs on Independence Day.  more »
July 5, 2012 David Duchovny attends a party in Malibu
July 4, 2012: Actor David Duchovny attends a party in Malibu wearing a patriotic red, white & blue plaid shirt....  more »
July 5, 2012 Christina Aguilera wears a star-spangled cardigan as she strolls in Malibu with boyfriend Matthew
July 4, 2012: Christina Aguilera wears a star-spangled cardigan as she strolled Malibu Beach with her longtime boyfriend Matthew Rutler and son Max on America's Independence Day....  more »
July 2, 2012 Taylor Armstrong Spends Quality Time With Daughter Kennedy, Talks TomKat Divorce
Sunday, July 1, 2012 - Taylor Armstrong spends the day with Kennedy and friends in Malibu, CA. When asked about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorcing, Armstrong responds, "I think it's sad. Katie and I had our kids around the...  more »
June 29, 2012 Justin Beiber Sends Assistant To In-N-Out Burger
June 28, 2012: After an exciting photo shoot in Malibu, Justin Beiber sends an assistant to grab snacks from In-N-Out Burger....  more »
June 28, 2012 Pink and Baby Willow Shopping Malibu Country Mart
June 27, 2012: A shock pink haired pop star Pink carries Toy Crazy shopping bags and her baby, Willow in Malibu on Wednesday....  more »
June 24, 2012 Sam Ronson At Nobu With Hot Blond, Says 'Why Not?' To Justin Bieber Getting Tattooed
Saturday, June 23, 2012 - Samantha Ronson arrives at Nobu in Malibu with rainbow-colored hair and a hot blonde. When asked if it's okay for Justin Bieber to get a tattoo, Ronson responds, "Yeah! Why not?! Is he 18?"...  more »
May 29, 2012 Donald Sutherland's Malibu Memorial Day
May 28, 2012: Donald Sutherland attended Joel Silver's star studded Memorial Day party in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 29, 2012 Selena Gomez Questioned About Boyfriend Justin Bieber's Fight With Photographer - Part 2
Monday, May 28, 2012 - We asked Selena Gomez, as she entered producer Joel Silver's Memorial Day beach party in Malibu, about the incident the day before, in which her boyfriend Justin Bieber had an altercation with a photographer in...  more »
May 29, 2012 Barbara Streisand at Joel Silver's Memorial Day Party
May 28, 2012: Icon Barbara Streisand wore an all black outfit to Joel Silver's Memorial Day party in Malibu on Monday....  more »
May 29, 2012 Selena Gomez Questioned About Boyfriend Justin Bieber's Fight With Photographer - Part 3
Monday, May 28, 2012 - We asked Selena Gomez, as she entered producer Joel Silver's Memorial Day beach party in Malibu, about the incident the day before, in which her boyfriend Justin Bieber had an altercation with a photographer in...  more »
May 29, 2012 Donald Sutherland's Malibu Memorial Day
May 28, 2012: Donald Sutherland attended Brett Ratner's star studded Memorial Day party in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 29, 2012 Courteney Cox at Brett Ratner's Star Studded Memorial Day Party
May 28, 2012: Courteney Cox peered out of the door with a bemused expression as she witnessed the throng of photographers lining the entrance to Joel Silver's star studded Memorial Day Party in Mailbu, CA, Monday....  more »
May 29, 2012 Selena Gomez Questioned About Boyfriend Justin Bieber's Fight With Photographer - Part 2
Monday, May 28, 2012 - We asked Selena Gomez, as she entered producer Brett Ratner's Memorial Day beach party in Malibu, about the incident the day before, in which her boyfriend Justin Bieber had an altercation with a photographer in...  more »
May 29, 2012 Brian Grazer at Brett Ratner's Memorial Day Party
May 28, 2012: Producer Brian Grazer and his family at director Brett Ratner's Memorial Day Party in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 29, 2012 Jillian Michael's Frolicks in Malibu With New Adopted Daughter
May 28, 2012: The former “Biggest Loser” trainer and her partner, Heidi Rhoades, welcomed 2-year-old adopted daughter Lukensia and newborn son Phoenix in the same week earlier this month. The budding family frolicked on Malibu beach on Memorial Day with...  more »
May 28, 2012 Bethenny Frankel Quiets Divorce Rumors With Family Day At The Farmers Market
May 27, 2012: Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy took their daughter Brynn to the farmers market in Malibu on Sunday, and we're so happy that the adorable couple is still very much together, despite murmurs to the contrary....  more »
May 14, 2012 Sam Elliott Drops F-Bombs On Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2012 - Sam Elliot shops for groceries on Mother's Day in Malibu, CA and asks photogs, "How come you guys aren't with your mothers," followed by several f-bombs when asked if he gets pedicures....  more »
April 30, 2012 Denise Richards Spends The Day With Her Daughters In Malibu
Sunday, April 29, 2012 - Denise Richards spends the day in Malibu with daughters Lola, Sam and adopted Eloise. When asked if she's going to be a regular on Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management," Richards responds, "No, I'm not... we had...  more »
April 28, 2012 Amanda Seyfried Shows Off Her Legs
April 28, 2012 : Amanda Seyfried was spotted doing a bit of grocery shopping in short shorts, in Malibu on Saturday....  more »
April 4, 2012 Beautiful Couple LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian In Malibu
Wednesday, April 4, 2012: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes were spotted after dinner at Nobu, in Malibu.  more »
February 12, 2012 Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Have Family Fun In Malibu
Saturday, February 11, 2012 - Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott have one big, happy family -- baby Hattie, 4 months, Stella, 3; Liam, 4; and McDermott's son from a previous marriage, Jack, 13 -- all enjoyed some lunch and...  more »
January 30, 2012 Gwen Stefani Asked About Pregnancy, Has Fun With Family In Malibu
Sunday, January 29, 2012 - Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale show off some PDA while taking Kingston And Zuma to Malibu Country Mart after fishing earlier in the day. The couple stays mum when asked if they are expecting, but...  more »
October 17, 2011 Aerial Views Of Shannen Doherty's Malibu Wedding
Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 - Aerial views of Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko's wedding hidden in the trees of Malibu Canyon....  more »
October 3, 2011 Sharon Osbourne in Malibu
October 03, 2011: Sharon Osbourne seems to be in high spirits when she encounters one of our photographers as she's walking outdoors on a sunny day in Malibu, CA....  more »
September 28, 2011 Camille Grammer steps out with hunky new lawyer boyfriend
September 27, 2011: "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer steps out with hunky new boyfriend who is Dallas-based lawyer Dimitri George Charalambopoulos. They have dinner in Malibu and Camille shares her thoughts on what makes a man...  more »
September 21, 2011 LeAnn Rimes at Nobu Malibu
September 20, 2011: LeAnn Rimes & husband Eddie Cibrian were spotted at Nobu in Malibu on Tuesday night with friends....  more »
August 28, 2011 LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Share Drinks At The Beach With Friends
Saturday, August 27, 2011 - LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian spend the day at the beach in Malibu with Eddie's sons and friends. The hot couple kept cool in the almost 100 degree weather with a few drinks, and Eddie...  more »
August 24, 2011 Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Look Like A Happy Couple Despite Breakup Reports
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith look like a happy couple despite breakup rumors as they shop for furniture in Malibu and art supplies in West LA. When a photographer tells them they are "the...  more »
August 17, 2011 Lindsay Lohan Surfs in Malibu, Part 2
Tuesday, August 16, 2011: Lindsay Lohan wearing full make up and surfing on the beach in a Cynthia Rowley wet suit!...  more »
August 16, 2011 Lindsay Lohan Surfs in Malibu
August 16, 2011: Lindsay Lohan wearing full make up and surfing on the beach in a Cynthia Rowley wet suit! She changes wetsuits and has a wipeout on her board!...  more »
August 15, 2011 Kourtney Kardashian Spends The Day In Malibu With Baby Mason And Scott Disick
Sunday, August 14, 2011 - Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick spent the day with baby Mason in Malibu, CA. The happy family did some shopping, got lunch, and had fun at the park....  more »
August 7, 2011 David Beckham And His Sons Hit The Waves In Malibu
Sunday, August 7, 2011 - David Beckham and his sons Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn go body boarding in Malibu, CA....  more »
August 6, 2011 Paula Abdul Signs Autographs For Fans At Fox All Star Party 2011 In Malibu
Friday August 5th, 2011: Paula Abdul walked the red carpet and took pictures and signed autographs for fans at the Fox All Star Party 2011 In Malibu, CA....  more »
August 6, 2011 Odette Annable And Many Others At The 2011 Fox All Star Party In Malibu
Friday August 5th, 2011: Odette Annable and some of Fox's other stars were seen at the Fox All Star Party 2011 In Malibu, CA....  more »
August 1, 2011 The Beckham Boys Hit The Waves In Malibu
Sunday, July 31, 2011 - David Beckham and his sons, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, hit the waves on boogie boards in Malibu, CA....  more »
August 1, 2011 Diane Kruger in Malibu
July 31, 2011: Actress Diane Kruger was seen exiting Nobu Restaurant in Malibu on Sunday night....  more »
July 31, 2011 Paris Hilton Parties With Lindsay Lohan And Other Celebs At Malibu Beach House
Saturday, July 30, 2011 - Celebrities party at Paris Hilton's Malibu beach house shortly before sunset. Paris, seen giving a little kiss to Tiger Hunters, was joined by sister Nicky Hilton, Brandon Davis, Izabella Miko, Caroline D'Amore and Lindsay Lohan,...  more »
July 30, 2011 Lindsay Lohan Parties With Paris Hilton In Malibu
Friday July 29, 2011: Lindsay Lohan and Paris have rekindled their friendship and the two were seen parting together at a couple of hotspots in Malibu....  more »
July 28, 2011 Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham Go Boogie Boarding
Thursday, July 28th, 2011 - Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham have fun on boogie boards, playing in the waves, in Malibu....  more »
July 25, 2011 Paris Hilton Shops For Snacks And Gets Gas
July 25, 2011: Paris Hilton shops for snacks and gets gas in Malibu on Monday....  more »
July 25, 2011 Things Fall Apart At Paris Hilton's House
July 24, 2011: The pretty white beach tents from Paris Hilton's July 4th Party have been destroyed by high tides. Ms. Hilton did not let that stop her from throwing a little soiree this weekend, however. Paris generally doesn't mind...  more »
July 25, 2011 Nicolette Sheridan Shopping in Malibu
July 24, 2011: Nicolette Sheridan was spotted talking on her cell phone in the Ralph Lauren store in Malibu....  more »
July 25, 2011 Tori, Dean & Co. in Malibu
July 24, 2011: Tori Spelling, husband Dean and their two daughters were seen in Malibu after a family lunch on Sunday....  more »
July 18, 2011 Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick with Baby Mason
July 17, 2011: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick were seen with baby Mason and Kendall Jenner on Sunday in Malibu at the Country Mart. One happy family...  more »
July 17, 2011 Little Liam Gets A Fohawk At The Salon With Mom Tori Spelling And Family
July 16, 2011 - Pregnant Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have a family day in Malibu with daughter, Stella and son, Liam. First, they stroll through the park, and then later stop by McMillan Canale Salon where Tori gets...  more »
July 6, 2011 Reese Witherspoon In Malibu on July 4th
July 05, 2011: Reese Witherspoon walks Malibu beach orbited by her daughter Ava on July 4th....  more »
July 6, 2011 David Spade and His Motley Malibu Crew
July 05, 2011: Actor David Spade is flanked by a motley crew of friends in Malibu on July 4th....  more »
July 5, 2011 Jack Osbourne & His Girlfriend in Malibu
July 5, 2011: Jack Osbourne & his girlfriend were spotted in Malibu enjoying the 4th....  more »
July 5, 2011 January Jones Spends Fourth Of July With Mystery Man And His Son
July 4, 2011 - Pregnant January Jones was seen spending some quality time with a mystery man and his son at a beach house in Malibu on the Fourth of July holiday....  more »
July 5, 2011 Paris Hilton Stalker Arrested Again!
Monday, July 4, 2011 - A man who was looking into the Malibu beach house of celebrity Paris Hilton was arrested Monday on suspicion of violating a judge's order to stay away from the hotel heiress, sheriff's deputies reported. James...  more »
July 4, 2011 Gerard Butler, Nicky Hilton And Jeremy Piven Attend House Party In Malibu
Sunday, July 3, 2011 - Celebrities attend a house party in Malibu, CA on Fourth of July weekend. Seen here are Gerard Butler, Nicky Hilton, Jeremy Piven and Brandon Davis. Piven stays mum when asked about ex-girlfriend Ashley Chantos' sexual...  more »
July 4, 2011 Linda Thompson Swarmed By Photogs In Malibu
Saturday, July 2, 2011 - Brody Jenner's mom, Linda Thompson gets swarmed by photographers on the beach in Malibu, CA during Fourth of July weekend....  more »
July 4, 2011 Paris Hilton Hangs With Her Besties On The Beach In Malibu
Saturday, July 2, 2011 - Paris Hilton sports some sexy sailor threads and hangs with besties Allison Melnick and Jennifer Rovero at her rented beach home in Malibu during the Fourth of July weekend....  more »
July 3, 2011 Celebs Celebrate Fourth Of July Weekend in Malibu: Nicky Hilton And Cisco Adler
Saturday, July 2, 2011 - Celebrities party on the beach in Malibu during Fourth of July weekend. Seen here are Nicky Hilton and Cisco Adler with girlfriend Barbara Stoyanoff....  more »
July 3, 2011 Ashley Tisdale Dancing Sexy On Her Birthday In Malibu
Saturday, June 2, 2011 - Ashley Tisdale celebrates her 26th birthday at a beach party in Malibu, CA. In her Mara Hoffman bikini, the sexy starlet shows off her hot dance moves for a few male friends....  more »
June 6, 2011 Matthew Mcconaughey and Family Eat at Cholada
June 5, 2011: Matthew Mcconaughey, Camila, Levi and Vida leave church dressed up then eat at Cholada in Malibu....  more »
June 5, 2011 Matthew Mcconaughey and Family Eat at Cholada
June 5, 2011: Matthew Mcconaughey, Camila, Levi and Vida leave church dressed up then eat at Cholada in Malibu....  more »
May 31, 2011 Tori Spelling And Her Brood In Malibu
May 31, 2011: Nothing but sunny days for the pregnant Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and growing family. They are spotted looking as carefree as ever on a Tuesday afternoon in Malibu....  more »
May 31, 2011 Celebrities Attend Joe Silver Memorial Day Party In Malibu
Monday, May 30, 2011 - Celebrities leave the Joel Silver Memorial Day party in Malibu. Seen here are Robert Downey Jr., Sean Penn, Sly Stallone, Gabrielle Reece, Kenny G, and more....  more »
May 31, 2011 Courteney Cox Has A Different Opinion
May 30, 2011: Actress Courteney Cox responded favorably when asked whether she and estranged husband David Arquette had been partying together at Joel Silver's Memorial Day Party... This is slightly different from what our paps heard from David, but we'll...  more »
May 31, 2011 David Arquette Parties In Malibu
May 30, 2011: Donning a bad boy veneer, David Arquette, estranged husband of Courteney Cox denies a reconciliation with his former love at the Joel Silver Memorial Day party in Malibu...  more »
May 31, 2011 Pregnant Tori Spelling On Malibu Beach
May 30, 2011: Tori Spelling was spotted showing off belly on Malibu Beach for Memorial Day. She's wearing little except for a black bikini, sarong and the glow of motherhood! Pregnancy is a good look for her, no?...  more »
May 31, 2011 Gwen And Gavin Party in Malibu
May 30, 2011: Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale are spotted as they leave the Joel Silver Memorial Day party in Malibu....  more »
May 30, 2011 Ashley Greene Parties In Malibu On Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday, May 29, 2011 - Twilight actress Ashley Greene (grey shirt) parties on the beach in Malibu at a Memorial Day weekend house party....  more »
May 30, 2011 Patrick Schwarzenegger At Malibu Country Mart
May 29, 2011: Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick was spotted by photographers on Sunday afternoon in Malibu....  more »
May 29, 2011 Pregnant Tori Spelling And The Family In Malibu
Saturday, May 28th, 2011 - Pregnant Tori Spelling was spotted in Malibu at Tra di Noi, with hubby Dean McDermott their children, Liam and Stella, and Dean's son Jack....  more »
May 22, 2011 Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Hangs Out In Malibu
Friday, May 20, 2011 - Pro surfer Kelly Slater hangs out with friend after hitting the waves in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 16, 2011 Orlando Bloom With Family
May 15, 2011: Actor Orlando Bloom visits with family at Malibu Country Mart on Cross Creek Rd on Sunday. He rides of on his trusty motorcycle into the sunset....  more »
May 16, 2011 Minnie Driver And Young Son Spot The Photogs First
May 15, 2011: Minnie Driver and her young son were spotted at the Malibu Country Market, but Driver's son saw the photographers first and shouted, "Paparazzi!" Minnie responded, "You know, it's a great shameful thing that my kid knows about...  more »
April 10, 2011 Rihanna Shows Off Her Cropped 'Do
Rihanna sports her pixie cut outside of Giorgio Baldi in Malibu on Saturday night and later, Las Palmas Club....  more »
March 20, 2011 Kate Hudson Is A Baseball Mom
Saturday, March 20, 2011 - Pregnant Kate Hudson is a baseball mom, taking son Ryder to a Little League game in Malibu....  more »
March 19, 2011 Kate Hudson At Son Rider's Little League Game In Malibu
Saturday, March 19th, 2011: Kate Hudson watched her son, Rider, play baseball at his Little League Game in Malibu....  more »
March 19, 2011 Sean Penn Has Lunch With Friends In Malibu
Saturday March 19, 2011: Sean Penn was seen leaving a lunch we had with a small group of friends in Malibu....  more »
March 19, 2011 Jason Statham Spotted With His Girlfriend Shopping In Malibu
Saturday March 19, 2011: Jason Statham was spotted out with his girlfriend enjoying the day shopping in Malibu, CA....  more »
February 10, 2011 Mischa Barton Takes Her Dogs Shopping In Malibu
Thursday, February 9th, 2011: Mischa Barton let her hair down, shopping and dog-walking simultaneously, in sandals and jeans....  more »
January 23, 2011 X17 Exclusive - Lindsay And Her Legs Shop With Former BFF Patrick Aufdenkamp
Saturday, January 22, 2011: Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping in Malibu at Cross Creek with Patrick Aufdenkamp, the friend she once accused of stealing sketches from her 6126 leggings line....  more »
January 17, 2011 Howie Mandel Discusses Ricky Gervais
January 17th, 2011: The photographers caught up with Howie Mandel in Malibu Monday afternoon. They asked him about Ricky Gervais' controversial hosting of the Golden Globes, to which Howie replied, "He's a comedian, what do you want?! ...He's a funny...  more »
October 19, 2010 X17 EXCLUSIVE - David Arquette Leaves Home With Daughter After Separation From Courteney Cox
Tuesday, October 19, 2010: David Arquette was spotted leaving his West Hollywood home with daughter Coco this morning, while estranged wife, Courteney Cox is residing in Malibu....  more »
October 4, 2010 Adam Sandler Dines With Family At Nobu In Malibu
Sunday, October 3, 2010: Adam Sandler was spotted leaving Nobu in Malibu with his wife, Jackie, and daughters Sadie and Sunny, after they enjoyed a nice Sunday dinner....  more »
September 8, 2010 Justin Timberlake Rides The Waves - Part 2
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010: First of all, yes, Friends with Benefits is still shooting! Secondly, star Justin Timberlake finally got to hit pause on all the talking scenes so he could be filmed jet skiing around the Malibu set earlier...  more »
September 8, 2010 Justin Timberlake Rides The Waves - Part 1
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010: First of all, yes, Friends with Benefits is still shooting! Secondly, star Justin Timberlake finally got to hit pause on all the talking scenes so he could be filmed jet skiing around the Malibu set earlier...  more »
September 6, 2010 X17 EXCLUSIVE - Heather Locklear Shops In Malibu On Labor Day Weekend
Sunday, September 5, 2010: Heather Locklear was spotted at Malibu Country Mart, shopping with a friend on Labor Day weekend....  more »
July 25, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Robert Pattinson Gets Angry At Photographers Before Catching "Inception"
X17 Xclusive - July 24, 2010: Robert Pattinson was not in the mood to be photographed when he went to catch a screening of "Inception" in Malibu, CA on Saturday afternoon. He confronted photographers and later was involved in a...  more »
July 23, 2010 Baby Lucia Taken Away From Oksana's Home By Nanny And Mel Gibson's Bodyguard
July 23, 2010: While Oksana Grigorieva was away from home this morning, her nanny was seen taking baby Lucia away in a white BMW, followed by Mel Gibson's bodyguard, en route to Gibson's home in Malibu, CA. Oksana arrived home...  more »
July 19, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE! Alessandra Ambrosio Looks Radiant With Baby Anja
Sunday, July 18th, 2010: Alessandra Ambrosio looked radiant as she and her fiance Jamie Mazur carried and played with their daughter Anja at the Malibu Country Mart....  more »
July 19, 2010 Ryan Seacrest Dines With Friends At Taverna Tony In Malibu
Sunday, July 18th, 2010: Ryan Seacrest ignored questions about Juliane when he was seen leaving with a large dinner party at Taverna Tony In Malibu over the weekend....  more »
July 19, 2010 Christoph Waltz "Is Not Having It" With The Paparazzi In Malibu
Sunday, July 18th, 2010: Christoph Waltz was yelling at the paparazzi to get of his way as he walked down the promenade at Malibu Country Mart....  more »
July 19, 2010 Jermaine Jacskon Talks With Paparazzi About Dr. Conrad Murray
Saturday, July 17th, 2010: While leaving a starbucks in Malibu Jermaine Jackson talked with paparazzi about Dr. Conrad Murray before leaving....  more »
July 18, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Vida And Levi McConaughey Go For A Walk
X17 Xclusive - July 17, 2010: Vida and Levi McConaughey get walked by their nanny on Saturday afternoon in Malibu....  more »
July 11, 2010 Rachel Zoe On Paparazzi: "Some Are Really Cute"
July 10, 2010: We spotted Rachel Zoe shopping at Malibu Country Mart with a friend on Saturday and asked her, "Do you have any fashion advice for the paparazzi, or do we all look like studs to you." Zoe replied,...  more »
July 6, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE - Lisa Rinna Seen Shopping In Malibu
Monday, July 5th, 2010: Lisa Rinna was seen doing a little shopping the day after the Independence Day....  more »
July 6, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE - Jeremy Piven Shopping In Malibu
Monday, July 5th, 2010: Jeremy Piven was seen leaving a mall in Malibu....  more »
July 5, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Brittny Gastineau And Courtenay Semel Celebrate The 4th of July Together
X17 Xclusive - July 4, 2010: Partygirls Brittny Gastineau and Courtenay Semel hit the Malibu Country Mart on the 4th of July. Brittny was in a catty mood when our Brazilian photographer asked her who she thought would win the...  more »
July 5, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Adam Sandler Grouchy And Cursing On The 4th of July
X17 Xclusive - July 4, 2010: Adam Sandler was in a grumpy mood and cursing when we spotted leaving Tra di Noi Restaurant in Malibu after he dined there on the Fourth of July....  more »
July 5, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Avril And Brody Get Wet On The 4th Of July
July 4, 2010: Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner were seen surfing and paddling in Malibu on the 4th of July....  more »
June 21, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Sting Confronts Photographer In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - June 20, 2010: We spotted singer Sting looking over-dressed for the beach as he took a stroll with his wife, Trudie and daughter, Mickey in Malibu, CA on Sunday. Sting was much less than enthused about having...  more »
June 1, 2010 Gwen Stefani, Kingston & Zuma Enjoy The Holiday In Malibu With Dad Gavin Rossdale
Monday May 31, 2010: Gwen Stefani, Kingston and baby Zuma were seen having leaving lunch in Malibu with dad Gavin Rossdale on Memorial Day....  more »
May 30, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Jeremy Piven's Lady Friend Wears A Nude Bra To The Beach
X17 Xclusive - May 29, 2010: Looks like Jeremy Piven's mystery woman forgot to bring her bathing suit to Malibu! We spotted the happy pair walking on the beach on Memorial Day weekend showing off their fit physiques, Jeremy with...  more »
May 30, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Malibu Sheriff's Advice For Photogs Trying To Get A Shot Of Brad Pitt: "Rent A Kayak"
X17 Xclusive - May 29, 2010: A Malibu sheriff went beyond the call of duty yesterday when he confronted a swarm of photographers walking on the shore, seeking photos of Brad Pitt. He pointed to their long lenses and said,...  more »
May 17, 2010 Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Take Baby Mason To Lunch
Sunday, May 16th: Kourtney Kardashian and partner Scott Disick were seen leaving a a double date lunch with Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne at a restuarant in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 10, 2010 Ashley Tisdale & Boyfriend Scott Speer Do Lunch With Ashley's Mother For Mother's Day
May 9th, 2010: Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Scott Speer have lunch with Ashley's Mom for Mothers Day in Malibu....  more »
May 10, 2010 Hilary Swank Shopping In Malibu
May 8th, 2010: Hilary Swank was spotted shopping in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 10, 2010 Ashley Tisdale & Her Boyfriend Scott Speer Spotted In Malibu
May 8th, 2010: Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Scott Speer were seen at the Malibu Country Mart on Saturday....  more »
May 10, 2010 "Iron Man 2" Star Robert Downey Jr. Shopping In Malibu
May 8th, 2010: The star of "Iron Man 2" Robert Downey Jr. was spotted shopping at the Malibu Country Mart with a friend....  more »
May 9, 2010 Kourtney And Scott Take Baby Mason To Malibu With Aunt Kendall
May 8, 2010: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted dining at Taverna Tony and shopping at Malibu Country Mart with new baby Mason and Kourtney's sister Kendall....  more »
May 9, 2010 Morgan Freeman Dines At Taverna Tony In Malibu
May 8, 2010: Morgan Freeman was seen on Saturday afternoon, getting lunch with friends at Taverna Tony in Malibu, CA....  more »
May 9, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Levi McConaughey Loves The Beach!
X17 Xclusive - May 8, 2010: We spotted Levi McConaughey spending the day at the beach with his nanny, sister Vida and their dogs. He had a blast throwing rocks and swinging sticks around....  more »
May 2, 2010 Ashley Tisdale And Boyfriend Scott Speer Spend Time In Malibu
Sunday, May 2nd: Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Scott Speer enjoy the sunshine at the Malibu Country Mart on a Sunday afternoon....  more »
April 25, 2010 Ashley Tisdale Enjoys Some Ice Cream With Her Sisters In Malibu
Sunday, April 25th: Ashley Tisdale was spotted at the Malibu Country mart enjoying some ice cream with her sisters on a sunny day in California....  more »
April 25, 2010 Jack Osbourne Riding A Motorcycle In Malibu
Sunday, April 25th: Jack Osbourne was spotted at the Malibu Country Mart riding his motorcycle....  more »
April 18, 2010 Simon Cowell Takes His Mother To Lunch In Malibu
Sunday, April 18th: Simon Cowell takes his mother and her friend to lunch in Malibu at the Malibu Country Mart. Throughout the lunch, Simon mostly feed a strangers' dog his lunch before leaving....  more »
April 4, 2010 Forest Whitaker Takes His Family Shopping For Easter
Sunday, April 4th: Forest Whitaker and his family was seen shopping at the Malibu Country Mart....  more »
April 4, 2010 Rachel Zoe Plays Mommy In Malibu
April 3, 2010: We spotted Rachel Zoe shopping for clothes with a young girl and a female friend at Malibu Country Mart. When asked how her day was going, Zoe responded, "Great." The same girl had a very lucky day...  more »
April 4, 2010 Jeremy Piven Shows Some Easter Spirit In Malibu
April 3, 2010: We spotted Jeremy Piven leaving Malibu Village Wines. When our camera-woman wished him a happy Easter, he responded, "Happy easter to you." Then he drove off in his vintage Bronco jeep with the top down....  more »
April 4, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Dine At Nobu In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - April 3, 2010: We spotted Ozzy Osbourne wearing a gold crucifix as he dined with wife Sharon at Nobu in Malibu....  more »
April 4, 2010 Gwen And Gavin Shop In Malibu Without The Kids
April 3, 2010: We spotted rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale spending some quality time together without the kids in Malibu on Saturday afternoon. They took a break from shopping to stop and chat with Rachel Zoe's hubbie Rodger Berman...  more »
March 22, 2010 The Osbourne's Shop At Malibu Country Mart: Sharon Say's Jeese James Needs His Member Cut Off!
Sunday, March 21st: Seems everybody has an opinion about the Jeese James Affair. Sharon Osbourne told our photographer that Jeese James needs his private member removed while shopping with her husband Ozzy and daughter Kelly Osbourne at the Malibu Country...  more »
March 15, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE - Simon Cowell Tells X17 His True Feelings About Ellen DeGeneres
Sunday, March 14th: Simon Cowell and his finace Mezhgan Hussainy went to the Malibu Country Mart to do some shopping at John Varvatos boutique. Simon joked with paparazzi most of the time but he was very candid when questioned about...  more »
February 19, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Micahel Lohan Talks Moving, Marriage, and More!
X17 Xclusive - February 19th, 2010: We caught up with Michael Lohan Friday afternoon and we jumped at the chance to ask him a number of questions. He said he has plans to move back to LA, Malibu specifically. He...  more »
February 11, 2010 Robert Downey Jr. Trendsetter? Not Likely.
February 10, 2010: Robert Downey Jr. is spotted taking a lonesome walk down the beaches of Malibu, displaying some very questionable fashion choices....  more »
January 29, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Matthew McConaughey Plays Football On The Beach
X17 Xclusive - January 29th, 2010: Matthew McConaughey was spotted playing football with some friends on the beach in Malibu Friday afternoon. He was seen throwing and catching like the true jock that he is....  more »
January 29, 2010 Matthew McConaughey Treats Camila Alves To A Birthday Dinner
January 28, 2010: Matthew McConaughey treats Camila Alves to a Mediterranean dinner at BeauRivage Restaurant in Malibu on her 28th birthday....  more »
November 20, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Jennifer Garner Takes Violet And Seraphina To The Park
X17 Xclusive - November 20th, 2009: Jennifer Garner was spotted with Violet and Seraphina at Malibu Lake Friday afternoon. She remained tight-lipped with the photographers as she put everything in the car to leave....  more »
October 19, 2009 Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg & Nick Nolte At Nobu In Malibu
Saturday, October 17th: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg had dinner together with their wives and Nick Nolte was later seen dining at Hollywood's fav Nobu restaurant In Malibu....  more »
October 17, 2009 Is Leonardo Dicaprio Texting Whitney Port?
October 16, 2009: We spotted Leonardo filming on location at the beach in Malibu. He spent a lot of time texting between takes. Could Whitney port be on the receiving end?...  more »
October 8, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Matthew McConaughey, Parakeet Whisperer
X17 Xclusive - October 7, 2009: Actor Matthew McConaughey was spotted on location in Malibu with a parakeet on his back....  more »
September 25, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Kristin Cavallari Works Up A Sweat In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - September 24, 2009: Despite soaring temperatures, Kristin Cavallari was spotted working out on the beach in Malibu with her personal trainer....  more »
September 7, 2009 Sharon And Ozzy Exchange A Kiss At Nobu
September 7th, 2009: The paps caught up with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at Nobu in Malibu Monday evening. They kissed for the cameras and Sharon spoke with us a bit about Kelly being on Dancing With The Stars....  more »
September 7, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Lindsay And Ali Lohan Dine At Taverna Tony
X17 Xclusive - September 6, 2009: Lindsay Lohan was spotted with her sister Ali dining at Taverna Tony in Malibu....  more »
September 7, 2009 Adam Sandler Takes A Stab At Surfing In Malibu
September 6, 2009: Adam Sandler was spotted in Malibu with friends on Labor Day weekend learning how to surf. Looks like he is going to need a few more sessions before he can stand on the board!...  more »
September 5, 2009 Cher Gets Excited At The Malibu Fair
September 4, 2009 - Cher was spotted with her family and friends at the Malibu Fair. She could barely stand the suspense as she played carnival games....  more »
September 5, 2009 Kate Beckinsale Hides Behind Her Nanny At Malibu Fair
September 4, 2009 - Kate Beckinsale tried to hide behind her nanny when we spotted her at the Malibu Fair with her family....  more »
September 4, 2009 "The Hills" On Location In Malibu, Part 2
September 3, 2009 - The cast of "The Hills" has fun in the ocean while filming an episode in Malibu....  more »
September 4, 2009 "The Hills" On Location In Malibu, Part 1
September 3, 2009 - Stephanie Pratt, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth and the rest of "The Hills" crew were spotted filming an episode on the beach in Malibu. In this clip they hang out, drink beer, play with pets and Stephanie...  more »
August 30, 2009 Rachel Zoe's Dangerous Ride
August 29, 2009 - Rachel Zoe shops with her husband Roger and a friend at Malibu Country Mart. They get some Starbucks and Rachel sits in the small back space of Roger's 2-seater convertible and let's her friend sit in...  more »
August 30, 2009 Jesse Metcalfe At Malibu Country Mart With Friends
August 29, 2008 - Jesse Metcalfe grinned when we asked him if he'd been in any fights lately. We spotted the "Desperate Housewives" actor shopping with friends at Malibu Country Mart. He was looking so buff, we doubt if anyone...  more »
August 10, 2009 Byron Allen With His Surfer Girls
August 9, 2009 - Comedian Byron Allen was spotted having a stroll with his wife, Jennifer Lucas and baby daughter, Chloe in Malibu....  more »
August 10, 2009 Helena Bonham Carter At The Malibu Country Mart
Sunday, August 9th: Actress Helena Bonham Carter and her son Billy was seen at the Malibu Country Mart were she breifly talked with the paparazzi before leaving....  more »
August 8, 2009 Reggie Miller Asked About Chasing Married Malibu Woman
August 7, 2009 - Retired NBA player Reggie Miller seems surprised when asked about chasing after a married Malibu woman. Recently, the husband of the woman rented a plane to fly over Miller's beach house with a banner reading “Reggie...  more »
July 23, 2009 Gary Busey Goes Cigar Shopping
July 22, 2009 - Gary Busey was spotted going cigar shopping at Mr. Bones Cigars in Malibu. Meanwhile he had an employee give his car a wash....  more »
July 20, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Alessandra Ambrosio At Pinkberry And Party With Daughter Anja
X17 Xclusive - Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted at Pinkberry Sunday afternoon. Later we caught back up with her at a beach party in Malibu with her daughter Anja....  more »
July 18, 2009 Denise Richards And Family Shopping In Malibu
July 17, 2009 - A casually dressed Denise Richards was spotted shopping with her family at Cross Creek Country Mart in Malibu. She was friendly and wished photogs a nice weekend....  more »
July 18, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Lindsay's Friends Won't Let Her In!
X17 Xclusive: July 17, 2009 - Lindsay seems to be rejected by friends again. The actress spent 30 minutes outside of a friend's house at night. She called repeatedly, but no one let her in. She was trigger happy, spraying...  more »
July 12, 2009 Ali Landry's Favorite Flavor
July 11, 2009 - As she left the beach in Malibu, 'The Superstars' & 'Doritos Girl' Ali Landry tells X17 how she got back into shape after her pregnancy. She said her favorite flavor of Doritos was Smokey Red Hot...  more »
July 12, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Lindsay Lohan Multitasking In Malibu
X17 Xclusive: July 11, 2009 - Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the Boat House in Malibu at night, carrying shopping bags, a heavy handbag AND two bottles of water while looking for her car. Lohan needs to learn how to...  more »
July 10, 2009 X17 Helps Tori Spelling Move Her Big Ford Truck
July 9, 2009 - Tori Spelling was spotted at Country Mart in Malibu with her baby, Stella. An X17 photolog helps Tori move her big Ford truck out of tight spot in the parking lot. She thanks him for his...  more »
July 6, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Jason Statham & Gal Pal's Sheer Slacks
X17 Xclusive: July 5, 2009 - Jason Statham's gal pal keeps it cool on a hot day by wearing sheer pants. The two were spotted at Cross Creek Shopping Plaza in Malibu....  more »
July 5, 2009 Slash Having Fun In The Sun With Family
July 4, 2009 - Slash joined the throngs of celebs celebrating the 4th of July on the beach in Malibu....  more »
July 5, 2009 Ryan O'Neal Plays Frisbee, Takes A Tumble
July 4, 2009 - Ryan O'Neal plays Frisbee on the beach in Malibu on the 4th of July. He loses his balance and takes a tumble. A friend rushes over to help him up....  more »
July 5, 2009 Janice Dickinson's Annoying Beach Behavior
July 4th, 2009 - Janice Dickinson disrupts what was otherwise a calm day at the beach in Malibu with her unruly behavior. Dickinson tries to pull a female friends shorts down, and then appears to show the friend her fake-looking...  more »
July 5, 2009 Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Cuddle Up At 4th of July Bash
July 4, 2009 - Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy spent the holiday with friends at Malibu Colony. They were very cuddly and looked like they were having a good time....  more »
July 5, 2009 Cash Warren Takes A Walk On The Beach
July 4, 2009 - Our videographers caught up with Cash Warren taking a leisurely stroll on the beach in Malibu. He wished them a happy 4th....  more »
July 5, 2009 Adrian Grenier Looking Hot On His Boogie Board
July 4, 2009 - Adrian Grenier spends his 4th of July holiday catching a few waves in Malibu, and passing time with friends....  more »
July 5, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Nicky Hilton Parties With Friends On The 4th
X17 Xclusive: July 4, 2009 - Nicky Hilton was spotted going to a daytime party with friends in Malibu. Hilton was casually dressed and thanked our videographers for wishing her a happy 4th....  more »
July 5, 2009 X17: Xclusive - Jason Statham And Friends In Malibu
X17: Xclusive: July 4, 2009 - Jason Statham running a few errands with friends during the holiday. He was spotted leaving CVS and at a magazine stand in Malibu....  more »
July 3, 2009 Jason Statham Dines at Nobu
July 2, 2009 - English actor Jason Statham dines with a friend at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu....  more »
June 29, 2009 Denise Richards And Her Daughter In Malibu
Sunday, June 28th: Denise Richards and Lola go shopping in Malibu. She looks really nice in red!...  more »
June 23, 2009 David Duchovny Spends Time With His Family At Malibu Beach On Father's Day
David Duchovny and Tea Leoni celebrated Father's Day in Mailbu on Sunday, June 22nd, David and Tea seemed to be having a lot of fun with their kids....  more »
June 22, 2009 Phoebe Price gets more then she bargained for in Malibu!
Phoebe Price wears an Ed Hardy bikini in Malibu. She goes shopping, eats ice cream with her dog and poses with several different hats. She poses with a fan then someone rips his pants down. Phoebes reaction is priceless! June...  more »
June 21, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Lindsay Lohan At Taverna Tony
X17 Xclusive - June 20th, 2009: The paps caught up with Lindsay at Taverna Tony in Malibu Saturday evening. When the paps tried to take photos of her back at her house she called the police....  more »
June 16, 2009 LeAnn Rimes & Dean Cain Together At Nobu In Malibu!
New couple, LeAnn Rimes and Dean Cain were seen dining together at Nobu restuarrant in Malibu....  more »
June 7, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Matthew McConaughey Gives The Paps A Strong Talking To
X17 Xclusive - June 6th, 2009: The paps caught up with Matthew and Camilla Saturday afternoon leaving a parking lot in Malibu. Later they caught up with him working out on the beach. Once he spied the paps, though, he...  more »
June 6, 2009 On The Set Of Nip/Tuck Filmed In Malibu
June 05, 2009: The stars of your favorite show Nip/Tuck, were spotted on the beach filming a scene on lovely Malibu Beach....  more »
June 4, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Tony Danza Boxing In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - June 4th, 2009: We caught up with Tony Danza outside of his Malibu home.The greying actor was spotted hitting the punching bag. Hey, just because you're hair says aging actor doesn't mean the body has to!...  more »
June 3, 2009 Jessica Simpson Leaving Nobu In Malibu
Jessica Simpson was seen leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu on Tuesday, June 2nd....  more »
June 2, 2009 Usher At The Malibu Colony Company
June 2nd, 2009: The paps caught up with Usher in Malibu Tuesday afternoon. He was spotted leaving the Malibu Colony Company. The paps tried to ask him several question, but Usher remained tight-lipped throughout....  more »
May 31, 2009 Denzel Washington In Malibu
May 30th, 2009: Denzel Washington was in Malibu with a friend. They were hanging out on a beach near Stephen Spielberg and Mel Gibson's beach homes....  more »
May 29, 2009 EXCLUSIVE - Kelly & Sharon Osbourne In Malibu
May 28, 2009: Kelly Osbourne shines in Malibu with hat and red lipstick, with mom Sharon on Thursday....  more »
May 26, 2009 Avril Lavigne And A Friend At A Party In Malibu, Getting Gas, Leaving Restaurant
May 25th, 2009: Avril Lavigne was at a Memorial Day party at a private home in Malibu on Broad Beach and then she went to the Malibu Country Mart. Later we caught up with her doing dinner at a restaurant....  more »
May 25, 2009 Robert Downey Jr. With Susan And Indio
May 25th, 2009: The paps caught up with Robert Downey Jr. in Malibu Monday afternoon. He was spotted with his wife Susan and son Indio in a parking lot walking to there car....  more »
May 25, 2009 Party On Matthew McConaughey!!!!
May 24, 2009: Matthew McConaughey has a beach party in Malibuwith none other than Carson Daly and Cole Hauser! Camila and Levi join him on the beach and take a walk on Sunday....  more »
May 12, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Ryan O'Neal At House In Malibu, Playing Tennis In Bel Air
X17 Xclusive - May 12th, 2009: Ryan O'Neal was spotted at his house in Malibu Tuesday afternoon. After, he went to play tennis at a private club in Bel Air....  more »
April 27, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Stephen Dorff In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - April 26th, 2009: The paps caught up with Stephen Dorff in malibu Monday afternoon. He was spotted first in his car and later outside of James Perse clothing store....  more »
April 24, 2009 Denise Richard At Ron Herman
April 24, 2009: Reality TV star Denise Richard emerges from Ron Herman sportswear store in Malibu with a few bags and a huge smile....  more »
April 8, 2009 Doutzen Kroes Does Photo Shoot In Malibu
April 8th, 2009: Dutch model and Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes was spotted in Malibu Wednesday afternoon. She was there on a photo shoot, and she also took time out to photograph the paps and joke around playfully with them....  more »
April 7, 2009 Alessandra Ambrosio Shooting On The Beach In Malibu
April 7th, 2009: The paps caught up with the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio Tuesday afternoon. She was spotted doing a photo shoot on the beach in Malibu....  more »
April 6, 2009 EXCLUSIVE - Lauren & Kyle Catch A Good Flick
April 04, 2009: The Hills' Lauren Conrad is spotted with Kyle Howard leaving a movie theater in Malibu on Saturday night....  more »
April 6, 2009 Travis Barker On Daddy Duty
April 05, 2009: Rocker Travis Barker was in Malibu on Sunday with his kids. The paps asked him about his relationship with Shanna Moakler. Check out his response after the jump!...  more »
April 5, 2009 Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves Baby Levi Enjoy The Beach
Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves take baby Levi to enjoy the beautiful California sunshine at Malibu Beach on Sunday, April 5th....  more »
March 23, 2009 Natasha Bedingfield's Wedding
March 21, 2009: Aerial views of singer Natasha Bedingfield's wedding at the Vineyard Estate Church in Malibu....  more »
March 21, 2009 Maria Shriver In Malibu
March 20, 2009: California Gubernatorial First Lady, Maria Shriver was spotted as she left Tra Di Noi Italian Restaurant in Malibu with her kids on Friday evening after dinner. She had no comment when asked about President Obama's recent comments...  more »
March 15, 2009 Matthew McConaughey Takes The Family To The Beach
March 14th, 2009: The paps caught up with Matthew, Camilla, and baby Levi at the beach in Malibu Saturday afternoon. Matthew was seen doing some surfing while Camilla and Levi watched from the shore....  more »
March 1, 2009 Travis Barker With Family At Nobu
February 27th, 2009: Travis Barker was spotted after having dinner with the family at Nobu in Malibu Friday evening. We tried to talk to him, but Travis remained tight-lipped....  more »
February 24, 2009 Mira Sorvino Goes Grocery Shopping In Malibu
Mira Sorvino was seen grocery shopping in Malibu on Monday, February 23rd....  more »
February 18, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Beyonce Films Music Video In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - February 18th, 2009: The paps caught up with Beyonce Knowles on a video shoot Wednesday. The shoot took place in Malibu, on the beach, and Beyonce frolicked in a flowing dress and with a male actor/model....  more »
February 13, 2009 Katie Price In Malibu
February 12, 2009: British import Katie Price and her husband dine at Nobu in Malibu Country Mart on Thursday....  more »
February 5, 2009 Katie Price Fuels Up
February 04, 2009: Katie Price makes a stop in Malibu to fuel her car and stock up on bottled water at the Chevron station on Wednesday afternoon....  more »
February 2, 2009 Katie Price Shops At Ralphs In Malibu
Jordan (Katie Price) were spotted shopping at Ralphs in Malibu on Sunday, February 1st....  more »
January 19, 2009 Gwen Stefani and Family In Malibu
January 18, 2009: After shopping on Sunday, Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin took their young sons to a Malibu beach house for more fun in the sun. Kingston really seemed to enjoy himself playing in the sand....  more »
January 19, 2009 Super Sexy Mom Pammy At The Beach
January 18, 2009: Pamela Anderson escorted her son to Malibu Beach on Sunday to enjoy the unusually warm (hot) January weather. Her son surfed with his friends while she sunbathed....  more »
January 19, 2009 Jeremy Piven Tells Paps To "Get A Life"
January 18th, 2009: The paps met up with a perturbed Jeremy Piven in Malibu Sunday. He was on the beach and decided to confront the photos after he noticed them filming him. He was full of a number of wonderful...  more »
January 17, 2009 Jamie Spears Welcomes His Girlfriend In Malibu
January 16, 2009: What? You thought it was all work and not play for Daddy Spears? Britney's dad, Jamie Spears needs love too! He welcomes his girlfriend on Friday at his Malibu home....  more »
January 14, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Julia Roberts Walks Her Dogs In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - January 14th, 2009: Julia Roberts was spotted walking her dogs in Malibu Wednesday evening. Upon first seeing her, she waived and even said hello, but by the end of the encounter she did the creepiest thing... As...  more »
December 19, 2008 EXCLUSIVE - Owen Wilson Bike Riding With Friends
December 18, 2008: Owen Wilson takes a scenic bike ride in Malibu with friend Woody Harrelson and a Rick Rubin-eqsue body double....  more »
December 15, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE Tara Reid In Rehab!
Tara Reid was seen making some new friends in rehab on Sunday, December 14th....  more »
December 14, 2008 Matthew McConaughey Jogging In Malibu
December 13th, 2008: The paps caught up with Matthew McConaughey jogging in Malibu Saturday afternoon. He's not a man, he's a machine....  more »
December 14, 2008 Daniel Moder Takes The Kids And Dog Walking In Malibu
December 13th, 2008: Julia Roberts' husband Daniel Moder was spotted in Malibu Saturday afternoon. He was seen walking with his kids and his dog before getting in the car to leave....  more »
December 13, 2008 Paris, Nicky Breeze On By
December 13, 2008: Catch a glimpse of the renowned Hilton sisters. They breeze by our photogs in Malibu on Saturday afternoon...  more »
December 12, 2008 Scott Caan Goes Surfing
December 11th, 2008: Scott Caan was spotted surfing in Malibu Thursday. He actually did a great job of staying on the board. Hang 10!...  more »
October 27, 2008 Charlize Theron At The Beach
Actress Charlize Theron was seen at the beach on Sunday playing fetch with her dogs....  more »
October 20, 2008 Charlize Theron Walking Down The Beach With Her Mother
Charlize Theron was seen at Malibu beach walking down the shoreline with her mother on Sunday, October 19th....  more »
October 20, 2008 John Mayer: Malibu Nights
John Mayer was spotted in Malibu over the weekend. John was seen leaving his car and retreating for the night into his home with a special friend....  more »
October 14, 2008 Matthew McConaughey Moves His Trailer
October 14th, 2008: While Ben and Jen prepare for their big move from one mansion to the next, Matthew McConaughey shows celebs how its really done. Here we see Matthew fiddling around, doing some "outdoorsy" stuff in preparation for his...  more »
October 5, 2008 X17 Xclusive: David Spade And Mother In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - October 4th, 2008: We caught up with David Spade and his mother in Malibu Saturday afternoon. They were on their way to spend the day at the music extravaganza at Legacy Park. We asked him how Heather...  more »
October 5, 2008 Jennifer Aniston At Courtney Cox's Malibu Home
October 4th, 2008: The paps caught up with Jennifer Aniston Saturday afternoon. She was visiting her old friend from "Friends," Courtney Cox, at her Malibu home....  more »
October 4, 2008 Pierce Brosnan & Friends Go For A Ride In A New BMW Hydrogen Car
Sept 12, 2008 - On a pleasant afternoon in Malibu, Pierce invites a friend to go for a ride in the new hydrogen car from BMW. Earlier one of the Paps asks Pierce about Kanye's arrest for assaulting a photographer....  more »
September 29, 2008 Eva Longoria & Tony Parker At Nobu
Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker were seen dining at Nobu's restaurant in Malibu on Friday, September 25th....  more »
September 18, 2008 Redmond O’Neal Comments On Arrest: “It’s A Big Misunderstanding”
Thursday September 18, 2008: Redmond O’Neal emerged from his family’s Malibu house in a fiery mood as paps questioned about his arrest yesterday with dad Ryan O’Neal for possession for meth. Redmond threaten to call cops as he pleaded with...  more »
September 18, 2008 Pizza Delivered to Ryan O'Neal's Malibu Home Extended Version!
September 17th, 2008: Following the Wednesday morning arrest of Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond, and subsequent release after posting $10,000 bail, reporters were seen at his home in Malibu. Later that evening, a pizza boy was seen making a delivery....  more »
September 12, 2008 Matthew McConaughey Trains For The Triathlon!
Thursday September 11Th: Matthew McConaughey continued his training for the Malibu triathlon watch him get into shape…...  more »
September 10, 2008 Matthew McConaughey Trains For Triathlon
Malibu’s hardest working actor Matthew McConaughey was seen training for a Triathlon at Malibu beach on Tuesday, September 9th....  more »
September 1, 2008 Al Pacino At Taverna Tony
August 31st, 2008: The paps caught up with Al Pacino outside of Taverna Tony Sunday afternoon. He was tight-lipped, and even jogged to the car to avoid the photogs! Why so shy, Al?...  more »
September 1, 2008 Cougar Alert: Sharon Stone Out With A Younger Guy
Sunday August 31st: Sharon Stone always keeps it interesting and where do we begin in this video…Sharon was definitely looking for some attention with that headband or should we say bandage, either way Sharon can still keep the opposite sex...  more »
September 1, 2008 Brad Garnett Out With His Family
August 31st: Brad Garnett and his wife and kids were spotted enjoying there Sunday in Malibu....  more »
August 31, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Hilary Duff At Malibu House Party
X17 Xclusive - August 30th, 2008: Hilary Duff was at the same house party in Malibu as Pink. She came with her boyfriend, and they mixed and mingled and seemed to have a good time....  more »
August 31, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Pink At House Party In Malibu
X17 Xclusive - August 30th, 2008: Pink was at the same house party in Malibu as Hilary Duff. Pink lounged on the beach and seemed to have a good time....  more »
August 29, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Matthew McConaughey & Camila In Baby Bliss
Thursday August 28th: X17 spotted Matthew McConaughey & Camila with a covered baby Levi enjoying a nice afternoon stroll with friends. Later Camila went to Planet Blue and picked up dinner at Nobu....  more »
August 25, 2008 The Good “Gossip Girl”
Sunday August 24th: Malibu Cross Creek Mall was the place to be on Sunday! “Gossip Girl” star Michelle Trachtenberg was shopping with new mystery man. He’s a keeper Michelle we likey! Michelle didn’t want to comment on the recent mishaps...  more »
August 25, 2008 Camila & Her Jeans
Sunday August 24th: Malibu…Could we all be this lucky to look this fab after having a baby? Supermodel Camilla Alves had dinner at Malibu Nobu no sign of Matthew McConaughey this time....  more »
August 24, 2008 Paris Hilton Has Party In Malibu To Introduce Line Of Hair Extensions
August 23rd, 2008: Paris Hilton through a beach party in Malibu to debut her new line of hair extensions that involve a type of velcro mechanism. She strutted her stuff on the runway and gnashed her teeth for the paparazzi....  more »
August 24, 2008 Paris At Nobu
August 23rd, 2008: After working it all day at her party in Malibu, the paps caught up with Paris recharging her batteries over dinner with the other Hilton girls at Nobu Saturday night....  more »
August 24, 2008 Pink Shows Us Her Backside, Literally!
Sunday August 24th: Pink tried to make an incognito entrance into Nobu quietly passing the paps on her bike. Did she think we wouldn’t see her? How could me miss that physique? Better luck next time!...  more »
August 18, 2008 Romantic Night Out! Cindy & Rande
Sunday August 17th: Malibu resident MILF Cindy Crawford had a romantic dinner out with her husband of ten years Rande Gerber at Nobu....  more »
August 17, 2008 A Pregnant? Eva Longoria At Malibu Beach
"Desperate Housewive's" star Eva Longoria was spotted at Malibu Beach looking rather pregnant as she took a long walk with friends to her car....  more »
August 17, 2008 Richard Dean "MacGyver" Anderson In Malibu
Richard Dean Anderson was spotted at the Malibu Country Mart petting his dog before getting a bite to eat at Marmalade Cafe....  more »
August 15, 2008 Eva Incognita
August 14, 2008: Eva Longoria shields her face with a wide brim straw hat while leaving Malibu Beach with friends on Thursday....  more »
August 14, 2008 Chelsea Handler and Kris & Bruce Jenner At Nobu
August 13th, 2008: It was E! day at Nobu in Malibu Wednesday afternoon. Chelsea Handler said hello to Bruce Jenner before walking in. And not long after, Kris Jenner also showed up! Not only that, but Mustache Girls were there...  more »
August 11, 2008 Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty At Taverna Tony In Malibu
Sienna Miller and actor Balthazar Getty were spotted having lunch on Sunday in Malibu at Taverna Tony's Greek Restaurant, one of Hollywood's favorite eateries. Sunday, August 10th....  more »
August 3, 2008 X17 Xclusive: BFF’s Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox In Malibu
X17 Xclusive: August 1st: Best Friends Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox attend a part in Malibu. They even have their own personal shot blocker from the paparazzi!...  more »
August 2, 2008 Jennifer Aniston On The 101
August 1st, 2008: The paps saw Jennifer driving on the 101 towards Malibu Friday afternoon. It's impossible to know the reasoning, but she appears to be wiping her eyes. Strange, could it be an eye infection or did she and...  more »
July 25, 2008 Matthew & Camilla's Special Package
July 25, 2008: Proud papa Matthew McConaughey and mom Camilla Alves tote a special package down a Malibu road on Friday. The couple introduce baby Levi Alves McConaughey to a friend of the family. Matt carries a load of baby...  more »
July 18, 2008 Mariah & Nick at Nobu
July 17th: Newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took time out from loving to eat at Nobu in Malibu. Nick is already getting brownie points look at how attentive he is to Mariah and we know that’s not easy....  more »
July 14, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!! Matthew Mcconaughey Jogging At Malibu
X17 XCLUSIVE!! Matthew Mcconaughey goes for a nice quiet morning jog in Malibu on Sunday, July 13th....  more »
July 12, 2008 Fatherhood Makes Matthew Sweat
Friday July 11th: Matthew McConaughey took a break from fatherhood to go for a run in Malibu. Well we can tell one thing Camilla won’t be joining him just yet? Paps asked Matthew how baby Levi was but he just...  more »
July 11, 2008 Miley Cyrus Video Shoot, Day Two
July 10th, 2008: The paps were at Miley's video shoot for a second day Thursday. She was back on the beach in Malibu, but today with a different hairdo. Her people were adamant about trying to protect paps from covering...  more »
July 7, 2008 While You Were Sleeping...
Saturday July 5th: Look who we spotted around Malibu Nicky Hilton, Danny Devito, & the always lovely Suzanne Summers....  more »
July 5, 2008 Nicole Richie In Malibu For The Holiday
July 04, 2008: Nicole Richie took a break from filming to celebrate the Fourth with a posse of friends on the beach in Malibu....  more »
July 5, 2008 Always The Jokester...
July 04, 2008: Jenny McCarthy seems to be very understanding of Jim Carrey's mischievously ways... So much so, that she loaned Jim one of her swimsuits to stretch out in this publicity stunt in Malibu on Friday. Catch a glimpse...  more »
June 24, 2008 X17 Lets Malibu Locals Speak
April 23rd, 2008: X17 visited Malibu today to get the word on the street from locals regarding the recent attack on photographers at the beach. You might find what they had to say surprising - plenty of surfers we spoke...  more »
June 23, 2008 The Surfers Vs. Paps Melee Over Mcconaughey
Sunday, June 22nd: After having a skirmish yesterday with some surfers in Malibu, the paparazzi try again to capture the ever elusive Mcconaughey. But the surfers are not having it, and aggressively attack the paparazzi with an all out assault....  more »
June 23, 2008 Surfers Attack Paps Over Matthew McConaughey
Saturday June 21st: A nice sunny day at Malibu beach turned violently wrong for some unlucky paps shooting Matthew McConaughey. A group of surfers approached the photogs and seriously out numbered them. One of the surfers wants to fight for...  more »
June 22, 2008 Courteney Cox And Sheryl Crowe At Nobu
Friday June 20th: Courteney Cox, Sheryl Crowe and Laura Dern have a girls night out at Nobu Malibu. We already know Nobu is Courteney’s favorite place to dine in Malibu but this time she brought some girl power along for...  more »
June 22, 2008 Minnie Driver At Malibu Country Mart
Minnie Driver was seen in Malibu Friday and Fran Drescher were spotted at the Malibu Country Mart with her family over the weekend. Friday, June 20th....  more »
June 21, 2008 Dean Cain Does A Little Swimming With His Son
Actor Dean Cain was seen over the weekend putting in a little bit of quality time with his son Christopher over weekend at Malibu Beach....  more »
June 20, 2008 Fashionista Courtney Love In Malibu
Thursday June 19th: The always entertaining and unpredictable Courtney Love shopped at Planet Blue in Malibu. Courtney wearing an “interesting” ensemble chatted with paps about Russell Brand and why she thinks he deserved the Shag Award. Courtney also revealed that...  more »
June 20, 2008 Brooke Burke Celebrity Mom Malibu Style
Thursday June 19th: Brooke Burke was spotted with her girls in Malibu just being a mom. Looks like Brooke’s girls are little models in the making....  more »
June 16, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Kelsey Grammer Doing Well!
X17 Xclusive Saturday June 14th: Kelsey Grammer was spotted with his family in Malibu but he took time out to let us know he is doing well. Kelsey was recently hospitalized earlier this month after he suffered a mild heart...  more »
June 15, 2008 Pam & Tommy Back Together Again!
Saturday June 14th: Just in time for Father’s Day Tommy Lee and ex-wife Pamela Anderson get cozy as they watched their boys' little league game in Malibu. Reunited? Pam has allegedly moved back in with Tommy....  more »
June 15, 2008 Hot Body Alert: Matthew McConaughey
Saturday June 14th: Matthew McConaughey showed off his summer bod this weekend in Malibu and he also chilled with buds (as in Bud Light). He stepped away from Camilla's side but not for to long, he heads home after a...  more »
June 14, 2008 Shocker: Courteney Cox Chats With Paps!
Friday June 13th: Courteney Cox was unusually friendly while exiting Guido’s Malibu restaurant, she even chatted about the cancellation of her show “Dirt”. Courteney just smiled when photographers ask her about BFF Jennifer Aniston's new relationship with John Mayer....  more »
June 13, 2008 Cindy Crawford And Family At Nobu Malibu
June 6th, 2008: Cindy Crawford and her family gathered to dine out at Nobu Malibu Thursday afternoon. Our photog asked some questions, but they remained tight-lipped, eliciting only a polite chuckle before entering the restaurant....  more »
June 12, 2008 X17 Xclusive Pink Out With Friends
X17 Xclusive Wednesday June 11th: X17 spotted a dressed down Pink in Malibu enjoying lunch with friends....  more »
June 12, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Michael Bolton In Malibu
X17 Xclusive Wednesday June 11th: The always charming Michael Bolton was spotted having lunch in Malibu....  more »
June 7, 2008 X17 Xclusive David Duchovny Doesn’t Want To Talk To Us
X17 Xclusive: Friday June 6th: We spotted David Duchovny out and about in Malibu we wanted to chatted with him about electric cars but David wasn’t haven’t it…Too bad David we wanted to go green just like you....  more »
June 3, 2008 John Mayer Drives A Ford GT Through The Streets Of Malibu
Monday June 2nd, John Mayer was seen driving a super charged Ford GT sports car through the whinny roads of Malibu. Later that night, we spot John in a Land Rover heading over to Jennifer Aniston's house....  more »
June 3, 2008 Jen And John Heat Up Malibu!
Sunday June 1st: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer got cozy in Malibu and even spent sometime with Jen’s BFF Courteney Cox. The paps couldn’t get enough us this dynamic duo and John is fitting in perfectly with Jen’s crew. Looks...  more »
June 2, 2008 The GodFather Pacino At Nobu
Sunday June 1st: X17 photogs spotted acting legend Al Pacino enjoying dinner at Malibu’s Nobu, he was gracious enough to pose with fans and signed lots of autographs....  more »
June 2, 2008 Téa Leoni Malibu Style
Sunday June 1st: Tea Leoni was spotted looking fashionably chic walking around Malibu at the celebrity hotspot the Country Mart. Tea just breezed past the paps with ease....  more »
June 2, 2008 Pregnancy Bliss For Matthew And Camilla Alves
Sunday June 1st: Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey were spotted at their favorite hang out spot the Country Mart in Malibu. It must be getting close to baby time with all that walking, Camilla has been at Country Mart several...  more »
June 2, 2008 Hally Berry At Malibu Country Mart
May 30, 2008: Halle Berry, accompanied by her mother browses almost every single store at Malibu Country Mart on Friday....  more »
June 2, 2008 Action Star! Jason Statham In Malibu
Mega Action Star Jason Statham was spotted leaving the Malibu Country Mart last night. Sunday June 1st....  more »
May 31, 2008 The Crawford Family
May 30, 2008: Cindy Crawford and her lovely family exit Nobu Restaurant in Malibu on Friday evening....  more »
May 31, 2008 Rock Star Alert
May 30, 2008: Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was spotted in Malibu leaving the Coffee Bean & Co. on Friday. He covered his face with a black bandana before boarding his motorbike....  more »
May 31, 2008 Cuba Gooding Jr. In Malibu
May 31, 2008: Cuba Gooding Jr. and his son enjoy the sunshine at Malibu Country Mart on Saturday....  more »
May 25, 2008 Dean Cain In Malibu
Sunday May 25th: Resident nice guy Dean Cain was spotted at the Malibu Country Mart and he was gracious to chat with paps about his football game with his son. What a way to spend Sunday…...  more »
May 25, 2008 Luke Wilson At The Colony Mart In Malibu
Saturday May 24th, Actor Luke Wilson was seen leaving the Colony Mart in Malibu. When asked about his brother Owen. Luke just shook his head and got into his car and drove off....  more »
May 25, 2008 Rosario Dawson Doesn't Want To BE Bothered!
Saturday May 24th, Rosario Dawson didn't like the attention she was getting from the paparazzi this weekend, when spotted leaving the Malibu Country Mart....  more »
May 25, 2008 Pink Hangs Out With Friends In Malibu
Saturday May 24th, Pink was spotted leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu with a small group of friends. Khloe Kardashian was also spotted entering the restaurant moments after Pink left....  more »
May 25, 2008 Ray Romano And His Family In Malibu
Comedian Ray Romano and his family was seen leaving the Malibu Country Mart, Saturday evening, May 24th....  more »
May 24, 2008 Malcolm McDowell And A Friend At Planet Blue
May 23rd, 2008: The paps caught up with Malcolm McDowell and a friend exiting Planet Blue in Malibu on Friday. They chat casually before sharing a goodbye hug....  more »
May 20, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!!! Pink And Her Impala
Monday May 19th, Pink was spotted in Malibu with family getting into her vintage chevy Impala again. Pinks loves to show off her ride!...  more »
May 19, 2008 Pink Takes The Folks Out To Lunch!
Pink was spotted in Malibu taking her parents out for lunch in her vintage lime green convertible Chevy Impala....  more »
May 19, 2008 Brooke Burke At Malibu Beach
Our photographers spotted Brooke Burke and a small tribe of kids leaving Malibu beach and walking to the car on Sunday afternoon, May 18th....  more »
May 19, 2008 Britney Gastineau: All Bandaged Up!
Model and aspiring actress Britney Gastineau was spotted in Malibu dining at Taverna Tony restaurant. Britney Gastineau was tight lipped when asked about some mysterious bruising on her left arm. Sunday May 18th....  more »
May 18, 2008 Victoria Beckham At Dukes In Malibu
Our photographers caught Victoria Beckham and her sons coming and going out of Duke's Moana Room restuarant in Malibu over the weekend. Sunday May 18th....  more »
May 17, 2008 Pink’s Kayaking Workout
Thursday May 15th: Pink’s workout mystery has been solved the sexy songstress was spotted on Malibu Beach kayaking with friends. Will you checkout her biceps? Pink makes kayaking look sexy…...  more »
May 17, 2008 Kelsey Grammer Gives Us An Earful
Friday May 16th: Malibu Kelsey Grammer was out and about enjoying the good life…He was in a very good mood and even chatted with paps on his show “Back To You” and the wonderful fan support. Also listen for his...  more »
May 17, 2008 Melissa George At Nobu
Friday May 16th: “30 Days of Night” star Melissa George exited Nobu and was taken back by all the paparazzi coverage. She was very polite and talked with photogs about her love of acting....  more »
May 17, 2008 Noah Wyle Family Guy
Friday May 16th: Noah Wyle dined out at Nobu with his wife Tracy and cute daughter Auden; he let us know production begins Monday on his new controversial film “W” by director Oliver Stone....  more »
May 13, 2008 Your Favorite Stoner And Mine, Cheech Marin..
May 13, 2008: X17 photogs spotted actor Cheech Marin in Malibu this afternoon....  more »
May 13, 2008 Pink In Malibu
May 12, 2008: Pink is seen in Malibu eating at Nobu restaurant with an as yet unidendified man on Monday....  more »
May 11, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Pamela Spends Mother’s Day With Her Boys
X17 Xclusive: Sunday May 11th: Hot mama Pamela Anderson spent her Mother’s Day at the Sport Authority, yep getting her two boys Brandon and Dylan bats. I thought moms were supposed to get the presents on Mother’s Day? Pam’s boys...  more »
May 11, 2008 Camilla And Her Baby Daddy, Matthew
May 10, 2008: The cutest Hollywood couple, celebrate Mother's Day with Camila's parents Camilla Aviles and Matthew McConaughey at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu. He buys her flowers and also asks the paps to turn off their lights. Their evening ends...  more »
May 11, 2008 Dean Cain A Mama’s Boy At Heart
Sunday May 11th: Dean Cain took his mother Sharon Thomas to Nobu in Malibu for Mother’s Day. Sharon was delighted by paparazzi and even answered some questions about Dean’s childhood....  more »
May 11, 2008 Jake Weber In Malibu
May 10, 2008: Actor Jake Weber puffing a square outside of Nobu in Malibu. I wanted to say “smoking a cigarette,” but his swag and demeanor says he's "puffing a square". Who am I to argue with the essence of...  more »
May 11, 2008 Brian Grazer In Malibu
May 10, 2008: Actor/Producer Brian Grazer of American Gangster fame politely smiles while our photogs pitch him an idea for a new movie in Malibu. The Paparazzi Movie!...  more »
May 11, 2008 Jeffrey Tambor Dines At Taverna Tony Restaurant
May 10th, 2008: Jeffrey Tambor dines at Taverna Tony Restaurant in Malibu Saturday afternoon. He met with some friends and talked to the paps about his Mother's Day plans....  more »
May 9, 2008 Pink Shows Off Her Retro Style
Thursday May 8th: Malibu edition Pink shows us her retro style in that cute sexy chic haircut and mini dress that just happens to match her car. We likey!...  more »
May 4, 2008 Phoebe Price Pitching Her Reality Show!
Phoebe Price and her stylist made a splash at Malibu this weekend when they decided to go out for some fun in the sun. Phoebe savored every opportuinty to show off her cartwheel skills and pose for the paparazzi....  more »
May 4, 2008 Steven Spielberg Shopping In Malibu
May 3rd, 2008: Steven Spielberg was shopping in Malibu. He was all sorts of no comment with the paps. He was smiling though, so secretly I think he likes the attention. It makes him feel pretty again....  more »
May 3, 2008 X17 Xclusive: It’s Sexy Time Pamela Anderson Takes Us For A Bike Ride!
X17 Xclusive: Friday May 2nd: Sometimes Pamela surprises us we caught this bombshell getting coffee at Starbucks in Malibu with the cutest and tiniest white shorts on. Is it us or is it getting hot in here! Pamela reminds us...  more »
May 1, 2008 Pierce Brosnan Not A Fan Of The Paps
Tuesday April 29th: Pierce Brosnan was enjoying a casual stroll through the park and then he spotted the paps....  more »
May 1, 2008 Jenny McCarthy And Her Mom Go Shopping, And To The Beach
April 29th, 2008: Jenny McCarthy and her mom go shopping in Malibu and seem to be having a great time, giggling like schoolgirls. Jenny is sweet as usual, answering questions about her trip to the White House. After, they spend...  more »
April 30, 2008 Pink Goes For A Beach Jog
Tuesday April 29th: The very toned Pink went for a jog yesterday with her dogs, Pink wasn’t feeling the paps and she let us know…...  more »
April 28, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!!! Ryan O'Neal & Farah Fawcett Play Frisbee At Malibu Beach!
Sunday April 27th, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal shared a quiet evening on the beach in Malibu. They even can be seen playing a game of Frisbee before sitting down to enjoy the rest of their evening....  more »
April 28, 2008 Sharon Poses For The Camera
Saturday April 26th: Sharon posed with a fan after shopping at Planet Bleu. Sharon was in a great mood and joked with the paps....  more »
April 27, 2008 Denise Richards Exits Malibu Stage Left!
Sunday April 27th, Our photographers spotted Denise Richards leaving Malibu. She was perfectly pleasant, even advising our paps to watch where they were going, and to "be careful."...  more »
April 26, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!! Suri Cruise's New Playground!!!
April 26, 2008: X17 XCLUSIVE!!!! Watch the video here to see Suri Cruises NEW super-swanky playground!...  more »
April 21, 2008 Denise Richards Having "Mommy And Me" Time
April 20, 2008: X17 photogs caught up with busy mom Denise Richards playing with her adorable girls in Malibu this weekend....  more »
April 20, 2008 Pink Shows Off ThaT Hot Body
X17 photogs spotted the newly single Pink taking a jog on he beach, is it us or is Pink looking extra sexy? Whatever she’s doing it’s working for her!...  more »
April 20, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!!! David Duchovny Hiking In Malibu
Actor David Duchovny was seen hiking in Malibu Saturday April 19th. David was very reserved as he quietly walked to his car....  more »
April 20, 2008 "Scrubs" Star John McGinley Was Out In Malibu
"Scrubs" Star John McGinley was spotted shopping at the Malibu Country Mart Saturday April 19h....  more »
April 15, 2008 Pink Is Pimpin' In Her Impala
April 14, 2008: X17 photogs spotted "Ms. Understood" herself, Pink in Malibu this lovely Monday afternoon. A classic 1954 Chevy Impala - how very Snoop Dogg of you. What a ride! She is also seen with her nameless pal that's...  more »
April 14, 2008 Keenan Ivory Wayans In Malibu
Keenan Ivory Wayans was spotted out and about with girlfriend Brittany Daniels in Malibu on Saturday April 12, 2008...  more »
April 5, 2008 Pam Anderson Is A Good Mom!!!
April 05, 2008: X17 photogs spotted Ms. Pamela Anderson supporting her son during his little league game this afternoon....  more »
April 3, 2008 Kate Moss In Malibu -- EXCLUSIVE!!!
April 02, 2008: Kate Moss was photographed leaving Nobu in Malibu with some friends after a couple of drinks on Wednesday night....  more »
March 31, 2008 Kate Moss Eats Greek
Sunday March 30th: A much calmer Kate Moss dined out at the Greek restaurant Taverna Tony in Malibu, Kate sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air that goes perfect with her cigarette. Check it out!...  more »
March 31, 2008 Pam’s Afternoon With The Boys!
Sunday March 30th: Sexy mama Pamela Anderson was spotted in Malibu with her two boys Brandon and Dylan....  more »
March 24, 2008 Denise Richards At Malibu Country Mart
Saturday March 22nd, Denise Richards was seen shopping at Lisa Kline among many other shops at the Malibu Country Mart this past weekend....  more »
March 23, 2008 Kate Beckinsale Shops With Her Family In Malibu
Kate Beckinsale was seen shopping with her family in Malibu. Kate and her husband Len Wisemen and their daughter Lily visited the pet store and did a little clothes shopping before leaving the Malibu Country Mart on Saturday March, 22nd....  more »
March 19, 2008 Britney Goes Out For Seafood With Parents
March 18th 2008: Britney went to the Malibu house and after went to dinner at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe with her mom and dad. Her mother tries to cover her with a cloth to prevent photogs from taking her picture....  more »
March 15, 2008 Pretty Pregnant! Halle Berry Looks Like She Is About To Pop!
March 15, 2008: X17 photogs spotted the VERY pregnant Halle Berry shopping at The Malibu Colony Company this afternoon. From the looks of this video, that woman may have the baby on the way home!...  more »
March 15, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Heather Remerges!
X17 Xclusive: Friday March 14th: Heather Locklear remerged from her alleged “suicide watch” and looked fabulous as ever. Heather dined at Tradinoi in Malibu with boyfriend Jack Wagner....  more »
March 10, 2008 Janice Dickinson In Malibu
Monday, March 10th: Janice Dickinson hangs out with some friends in Malibu. They visit Planet Blue and later Pet Headquarters, where Janice plays with some puppies. She must have seen our Mischa Barton post from yesterday and decided she needed...  more »
March 10, 2008 Courteney Cox Sheilds Her Face In Malibu
Monday, March 10th: Courteney Cox and a friend are in Malibu. Upon seeing the paps, Courteney hides her face, declaring that she would not if she looked better. Maybe this is in response to magazines printing comparison photos of her...  more »
February 24, 2008 X17 Xclusive! David Hasselhoff Does Lunch In Malibu!
X17 Xclusive! Saturday February 23rd: David Hasselhoff does lunch in Malibu at Marmalade Café. He’s all smiles as usual, so cordial and friendly with the photogs. If only every celeb was so gracious!...  more »
February 19, 2008 Sharon Stone Goes For Sushi With Her Little One
February 18, 2008: X17 photogs spotted Sharon Stone and her handsome little boy having a nice dinner at the popular Sushi Unico House in Malibu last night. Too bad they were caught up in the Britney paparazzi whirlwind!!...  more »
February 9, 2008 Matthew And Camila Check Out Their New Pad!
Friday February 8th: Matthew McConaughey and mommy-to-be Camila Alves went to their Malibu house currently under construction. Matthew was extra projective of Camila as she entered a hotel Santa Monica. Check out her baby bump!...  more »
January 11, 2008 Mel Sits Down For Lunch!
Thursday January 10th: Mel Gibson sits down for lunch in Malibu....  more »
December 29, 2007 Surly Shirley McClaine "Hates" Us
December 27, 2007: Hollywood screen legend Shirley McClaine showed X17 photogs no love while visiting Nobu restaurant in Malibu Thursday night. She also expressed her God-given senior citizen right to lash out at us exclaiming while photogs took pictures of...  more »
December 26, 2007 While You Were Sleeping In Malibu
December 26, 2007: X17 photogs spotted a hungry Brooke Burke, an evasive Rhona Mitra, and the always entertaining Sharon and Kelly Osbourne carrying about there respective days in Malibu....  more »
December 22, 2007 Pam And Rick Are Working It Out
December 21, 2007: X17 photogs spotted the pair in Malibu walking the dog and catching a casual lunch together, as all healing couples should. Best of luck guys!!...  more »
December 20, 2007 X17 Xclusive Pam Gets Camera Shy
X17 Xclusive! Wednesday December 19th: On again off again Pam who recently filed for divorce from short term husband Rick Salomon have recently reunited to work things out. Pam was seen in Malibu and she wasn’t in the mood to...  more »
December 20, 2007 X17 Xclusive: Naveen Andrews On Daddy Duty!
X17 Xclusive Wednesday December 19th: Lost star Naveen Andrews was proudly out and about in Malibu yesterday with his son Jaisal. These two are picture perfect....  more »
November 27, 2007 Lindsay's Back From New York
Monday November 26th, Our photographers spotted Lindsay Lohan shopping around town from Marmalade Cafe in Malibu to Fourteen Karats in Beverly Hills. Lindsay makes a quick stop at Pinkberry, while leaving she is escorted by two zealous employees, who risk...  more »
November 26, 2007 Fires Strike Malibu Again!
November 26, 2007: X17 photogs captured the intensity and devastation of yet another fire in Malibu. Cher's home was threatened yet again, and the owners of Casa Escobar doled out free burritos to the firefighters as a small token for...  more »
November 25, 2007 X17 EXCLUSIVE! Brooke Burke In Malibu
Sunday November 25th, TV Personality, Brooke Burke was spotted with her boyfriend David Charvet shopping at Toy Crazy in Malibu....  more »
November 14, 2007 Britney's In The Clear
Tuesday November 13th, Our photographers spot Britney Spears at a gas station in Malibu. Our photographers, asked Britney's bodyguard Sam what he thought about Britney's autographed Blackout CD on ebay auction climbing pass $7,000....  more »
October 30, 2007 Pierce Bronson, No Comment
When questioned about his behavior toward a photographer on Friday, Pierce Bronson declined comment while riding his bike in Malibu on October 30, 2007....  more »
October 29, 2007 A Happy Brit Brit!
Sunday October 28th: X17 caught up with our girl Britney Spears as Sam pumped some gas at the Chevron in Malibu. Brit waved, smiled and posed for the paps, as Sam attempted unsuccessfully to get the paps to wash Brit’s...  more »
October 26, 2007 LG House After the Fire
Celebrity party spot, the LG House, was amongst the $1 billion dollars of damages from the wildfires which ravaged through Southern California, forcing 1 million people from their homes and killing 5. Here is a fresh look of the damages...  more »
October 22, 2007 Malibu Fire Threatens Stars' Homes
Sunday, October 21st, among dry and windy conditions, the Malibu fire threatened several stars homes among the exclusive Malibu/Carbon Beach communities. The fire was moving toward Courteney Cox's PCH home (firemen can be seen entering the gates to hose it...  more »
October 14, 2007 Britney Wants To Go!
Friday October 12th, Britney Spears was spotted leaving a Malibu Beach parking lot....  more »
October 7, 2007 Reunited Brit & Jamie: Girls Just Want Some Taco Bell
Saturday October 6th: Brit reunited this weekend with mom and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears. The two giggled while catching up first at The Stinking Rose (LA), but it’s obvious they just want the guilty pleasures of Taco Bell....  more »
October 2, 2007 While You Were (Still) Sleeping
This weekend, the last of September, X17 photographers caught our favorite partying stars Macy Gray, Rick Fox and Andy Milonakis (special suprise ending) at Les Deux; Michelle Trachtenberg, Brandon Davis, and Fred Durst at Koi; Superman Dean Cain Nobu; and...  more »
September 30, 2007 Britney Gets Police Escort To Starbucks
Friday September 28th, We spotted Britney Spears at a shopping center in Malibu. The paparazzi crowd is so intense she needs a police escort to walk with her to Starbucks. Britney gets her Ice Blended Coffee Frappuccino and leaves....  more »
September 26, 2007 Xclusive: Britney Remains Mum on Her New Album
X17 Exclusive! Tuesday, September 25th: Britney and her friend go tanning at the Desert Sun Tanning salon in Malibu and when asked, Brit stayed mum about her new album and if she had anything to say to her fans. Come...  more »
September 17, 2007 Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon?!
Lovebirds Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon (of Paris Hilton sex tape fame) chill at Malibu with friends and family on Saturday, September 16, 2007. We know Pam's trying to kick her continually on again/off again relationships with exes Tommy Lee...  more »
September 14, 2007 Matthew McConaughey And Camila Do Lunch
September 14th, 2007: Matthew McConaughey and Camila were spotted in Malibu Sept. 14th. They did lunch together and were seen walking around....  more »
September 6, 2007 Brit And Alli Head For Malibu!
Wednesday September 5th, After a full day of shopping in Beverly Hills Brit and cousin Alli hit Malibu and make a pit stop for Brit at a gas station. Later, the duo stopped off at a Ralph’s grocery store....  more »
September 2, 2007 Cindy Crawford At Nobu Malibu
Saturday September 1st, Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber were spotted leaving Nobu Malibu restaurant with a couple of friends....  more »
August 30, 2007 The Hills Are Alive in Malibu
Lauren, Audrina and Whitney spent a day at the beach yesterday with a still-healing Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado. The girls tanned, cavorted in the waves, played volleyball and showed off some awesome bikini bodies. Lauren also showed some major...  more »
August 21, 2007 Tori Reunites With Mom Candy
Tori Spelling reunited with her mother Candy Spelling, after the two had a very public and nasty feud just after the death of Tori's father Aaron earlier this year. Tori was with her husband Dean and their son Liam in...  more »
August 20, 2007 Alli Sims At The Paris Hilton Beach House
Okay. Alli Sims is getting into some serious power plays here. X17 photographers catch the aspiring pop singer hobnobbing with the stars at Paris' beach party on Saturday, August 18....  more »
August 20, 2007 Paris And Her New Friend Adrian Support Documentary "Taxi To The Darkside"
X17 Xclusive! Paris Hilton and Adrian Grenier create quite a scene by posing for pictures at her Malibu Beach House. It was all an effort to drum up publicity for a documentary about the violence in the Iraq War called...  more »
August 13, 2007 Paris Turns CVS Into Kitson’s
Sunday August 12th, 2007 Not an everyday site but the hotel heiress ex-con socialite did the unthinkable, she shopped at CVS. A typical Malibu outing turns into a paparazzi catwalk, with her fury accessory in hand....  more »
August 9, 2007 Paris Does Some Charity Work?
Wednesday night, August 8th Well not exactly but she gave hope to a simpleton at the In & Out Burger Stand who slipped the ex con heiress his number. He actually believes he has a chance. Paris made her usual...  more »
August 8, 2007 Paris Heats Up The Shopping Center
Heads turn as Paris Hilton turns up the heat in a zebra print cut-out swimsuit while shopping for accessories in Malibu on Tuesday, August 07....  more »
August 5, 2007 Paris Has A Little Beach Party
Paris lounges back in a her beach chair and enjoys conerstioon with her guests. Later, Paris seems to be enjoying herself even more when she spotted on her balcony standing on the lawn chair takeing pictures and posing for the...  more »
August 5, 2007 Travis With His Family At Nobu
Saturday August 4h, Travis Barker was spotted dining with his family at Nobu Malibu restaurant in Malibu....  more »
August 1, 2007 Paris Spends The Day With Tinkerbell And Friends
Paris Hilton affirms her love for the small furry creatures at her Malibu Beach residence on Tuesday, July 31....  more »
August 1, 2007 Matthew And Camilla Have Lunch
Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves were spotted having lunch at Taverna Tony in Malibu....  more »
July 27, 2007 Paris' Pin-Up Photo Shoot
Paris Hilton poses for some sexy frames during a pin-up promotional photo shoot at her Malibu beach house on Thursday July 26....  more »
July 27, 2007 Why Did The Matthew Cross The Road?
To get to the other side, of course! A tanned and ripped Matthew McConaughey crosses the PCH after another long day of fun in the sun in Malibu on Thursday, July 26....  more »
July 23, 2007 Lindsay Goes From Party Girl To Family Girl!
Sunday July 22nd Lindsay and her family can’t get enough of the Polaroid House in Malibu! This is day 2 at the Polaroid House with the kids, sunbathing, and long dresses that conveniently camouflage Lindsay’s trendy alcohol monitoring anklet. It’s...  more »
July 22, 2007 Lindsay On The Beach
Saturday July 21st, Lindsay Lohan was spotted partying at the polariod beach house in Malibu....  more »
July 21, 2007 Paris Goes To The Dogs!
Friday July 20th, Paris showed off her newest furry fashion accessories for the summer that are perfect for the beach! Her newest and smallest addition, Cinderella made a break for it only to be stopped by paps that returned the...  more »
July 19, 2007 Courteney Cox Loves Nobu!
July 18th seems every time X17 can catch up with Courteney Cox it’s at Malibu’s Nobu…The food must be to die for!...  more »
July 19, 2007 Dean Cain A Family Guy!
July 18th Dean Cain was out with his son, Christopher at Pacific Coast Greens in Malibu, great smile and he eats healthy too!...  more »
July 19, 2007 While You Were Sleeping...
July 18th Adrian Grenier (of HBO’s Entourage), “Scrubs” star John C. McGinley at Malibu’s Nobu Restaurant, Jamie Foxx at Les Deux, David Weintraub and Sean Stewart party in the Hills, and a very interesting SCI-FI Channel Superhero!...  more »
July 17, 2007 Tara's Bodacious Bikini Bod
Tara Reid has fun in the sun with pals at Malibu Beach on Monday. The girls toss around the pigskin and her puppy even tries to join in on the action....  more »
July 16, 2007 Paris Parties With New Guy
Paris spent Saturday at the Polaroid House in Malibu, where she was seen flirting with a new guy! He's very attentive to her new pooch, she gets his digits, and then they go upstairs where he gives her a huge...  more »
July 15, 2007 Paris Knows How To Tease!
Paris Hilton and friends tease the paparazzi from the balcony of her Malibu beach house....  more »
July 15, 2007 Paris Goes MTV
July 13th, Paris leaves her Malibu home for a meeting with MTV Network producers. But on the way she springs a flat tire and has to switch cars....  more »
July 15, 2007 Play Frisbee With Matt
Matthew McConaughey playing frisbee with friends at Malibu Beach....  more »
July 14, 2007 McConaughey And Company At El Floridita
Matthew and his girlfriend Camila Alves dine with close friend Rosie Perez at El Floridita in Malibu....  more »
July 14, 2007 Paps Give McConaughey Water
Matthew McConaughey was spotted jogging in Malibu, soon after the paparazzi offer him some water....  more »
July 12, 2007 Where’s Lindsay’s Head?
July 11, 2007 X17 caught up with the new and improved Lohan at Geoffrey’s in Malibu but she has been really camera shy these days. We wouldn’t want to see her neck stay in that permanent position it doesn’t look...  more »
July 11, 2007 Paris, Relax
Paris ends her day Ole Henriksen Face & Body Spa in West Hollywood. She got a massage and a Hawaiian sugar scrub. Paris was wearing a Andy Warhol-style T-shirt with her own face on it. The driver took Paris to...  more »
July 9, 2007 Mystery Solved
William Shatner enjoying his granddaughter on Saturday in Malibu....  more »
July 9, 2007 Matthew and Camilla Jog
Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Aviles take a Sunday morning jog in the mountains....  more »
July 7, 2007 Britney Flashes Us Again...
Cruising with her mysterious boyfriend through Malibu, Britney needs to find something in the backseat... and then it happens....  more »
July 5, 2007 Sean Stewart Talks Paris
X17 EXCLUSIVE! While walking the beach with his new girfriend, Sean Stewart tells us how he feels about Paris Hilton....  more »
July 5, 2007 Hilary and Brody Have Fun At The Beach
Hilary and Brody celebrate Fourth of July with fun in the sun at the Malibu Beach....  more »
July 4, 2007 Paris On The Road Again
Paris Hilton was seen leaving David Katzenberg's Malibu beach house. Paris has a hard time finding her keys once she's inside her Range Rover. She finds her keys and returns to her new home in Malibu....  more »
July 4, 2007 Paris At Malibu Beach House
Paris was spotted at at her new Malibu beach house. The paparazzi get a warm welcome from Malibu sheriffs....  more »
July 4, 2007 L. Lo's New Thing
Lindsay Lohan is transitioning from treatment routine at Promises, back into "normal" life. She stops by the Coffee Beanery, in Malibu, for a little pick-me up as she eases back into the shopping game....  more »
July 3, 2007 Happy Birthday, Linds!
Dina Lohan throws Lindsay Lohan a Blowout Birthday Beach House Party in Malibu on Monday. Evan Ross, Samantha Ronson, Calum Best and friends join the Lohans as they play beach tennis, water wars and Frisbee in the sun. A recovered...  more »
June 18, 2007 More Matthew Fun In the Sun
Matthew McConaughey began Father's Day with a brisk jog through the mountains. He then headed to Malibu beach with girlfriend Camilla Alves and other pals. From there he budgeted time between Frisbee and cooling off in the ocean....  more »
June 9, 2007 Nicky Shops In Paris's Memory
Nicky Hilton enjoyed a Saturday outing June 9th in Malibu with beau David Katzenberg. Just one day after her sister Paris was sentenced to return back to jail she had lunch and shopped at Madison but was silent of her...  more »
Cindy Crawford proves she can still strike a pose …well at least for Vogue. It was typical a day for Cindy Vogue, kids, sunbathing, stylist, couture, and paps. Cindy’s daughter is a diva in the making as she had several...  more »
June 4, 2007 Denise Richards Shopping in Malibu Plaza
Denise, the attentive mother, shops with daughters Sam J. and Lola Rose yesterday @ Planet Blue and Pet Headquarters in Malibu....  more »
June 1, 2007 Matthew McConaughey On The Set of Surfer Dude
Additional footage from the Malibu set of Matthew's film "Surfer Dude."...  more »
May 27, 2007 Matthew McConaughey - Beach Bum
McConaughey strolls down the beach... i mean, the set... to getting into character for his lastest film, Surfer Dude....  more »
May 27, 2007 Dude, Where's My Shirt?
Another shirtless day for Matthew McConaughey on the shores of Malibu on location for Surfer Dude. Highlights of the day include, seeing McConaughey towed by bike on his skateboard and riding the waves in the tight black wetsuit....  more »
May 24, 2007 Producers Pick a Mate for Matthew
“Surfer Dude” Matthew McConaughey’s new movie showcases the actor in his natural habitat – shirtless and on the beach. A very attractive female costar has been added to the production to increase the sex appeal of the picture. Take a...  more »
May 21, 2007 Habitat McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey plays on the beach and does what he does best in his new role in the upcoming film “Surf Dude.” Matthew rehearsed on location in Malibu, running up and down the beach (where he said to us "I'm...  more »
May 21, 2007 Mellow Matthew
Matthew McConaughey spends part of his day out at his trailer. After bidding farewell to Camilla he hangs with a friend for a while....  more »
May 21, 2007 McConaughey Documents His Love for the Beach
Check out this unique video of Matthew McConaughey filming scenes for his upcoming movie, “Surfer Dude.” Watch how Matthew runs around the sand, jumps into the water, and then bench presses his co-star....  more »
May 18, 2007 Matthew McConaughey Rehearses New Movie in Malibu
We've seen Matthew engage in some bizarre behavior in the past, but this time, it's all for his role in the upcoming film, "Surfer Dude". Matthew rehearsed on location in Malibu Friday, running up and down the beach (where he...  more »
May 17, 2007 Pre Game Pam
We found Pam Anderson out and about in Malibu as the former Baywatch star scheduled time to enjoy a little league game....  more »
May 14, 2007 Hilton Has a Scoop and a Boyfriend
Nicky was smiling and looking happy in Malibu, as she enjoyed some ice cream with her boyfriend, David Katzenberg....  more »
May 11, 2007 Jessica Jokes with Crew
We managed to get a few minutes of video as Jessica Alba participated in a photo shoot in Malibu. Jessica looked absolutely gorgeous and seemed to be having a great time, smiling and joking around with the crew....  more »
May 11, 2007 Onetime Supermodel Blends into Malibu
At the height of the 1980's Linda Evangelista was a household name. Now the former supermodel moves about Malibu relatively unnoticed....  more »
May 10, 2007 Brooke - Busy With the Girls
Brooke Burke spent sometime with her middle daughter as the pair enjoyed a lunch in Malibu. Later mama Burke ventured over to the beach with her eldest daughter. Looks like Brooke is trying to give the two oldest plenty of...  more »
May 3, 2007 Yoga Matt
We were with beach bum Matthew McConaughey as he attended a yoga class. The actor later set up his barbeque and grilling up some lunch for a buddy....  more »
May 2, 2007 Matthew McConaughey Stretches
Here’s some footage of Matthew McConaughey doing what he does best. The actor reclines, stretches, relaxes and takes in the cool ocean breezes outside his Malibu trailer. Two of McConaughey's confidantes are in the video; a buddy and Matt’s possible...  more »
April 30, 2007 Seal And Heidi Klum Out With The Family
In this clip we see Seal and Heidi Klum out for a day with thier kids around Malibu. They stop for a bite to eat and then decided do a little shopping. However Seal was less than pleased by the...  more »
April 29, 2007 Britney Visits Her Malibu Mansion, Loses Her Hat and Shops in a See-Thru Dress!
Britney made a stop at her Malibu Mansion Saturday, which is currently on the market. We asked her whether or not she's going to be performing at the HOB next week, but Brit just looked like she had no idea...  more »
April 23, 2007 Comedian Seinfeld has Sweet Ride
Jerry Seinfeld showed off his vintage Porsche over the weekend in LA. The comedian was parked outside a restaurant, near several other vintage cars. Jerry took time to pose for a few photos before heading off....  more »
April 23, 2007 McConaughey Cleans Teeth
Matthew McConaughey has the cleanest teeth on the beach. We found the actor brushing his choppers and talking with a buddy outside his Malibu trailer just before the star raced down to the beach to spend part of the day...  more »
April 20, 2007 Happy Trails for McConaughey
In this video Matthew McConaughey leaves his Airstream trailer and ventures off with a buddy....  more »
April 18, 2007 McConaughey Cleans Trailer
How about this video of Matthew McConaughey taken in Malibu outside Matt's ocean side trailer doing some household chores and trailer cleaning. Matthew had a few friends over to enjoy the cool breezes and Pacific Ocean views, but it’s not...  more »
April 14, 2007 Matthew McConaughey's Weekend
Calling all fans of Matthew McConaughey – this video is a must see! One of Hollywood’s most athletic stars stays fit and gets active in front of our cameras. We found McConaughey on Saturday, April 14 following a routine that’s...  more »
March 15, 2007 X17 XCLUSIVE - Britney Finds Happiness & Love(?) On The Tennis Court
ritney hit the courts today for a little exercise at Promises and she found a pretty HOT opponent! Our girl is lookin' good and she finally seems happy and back to her old self. Britney played around on the court...  more »
February 23, 2007 Kevin Visits Brit ...
February 23rd 2007: The estranged couple reunited yesterday when Kevin Federline went to visit Britney at Promises rehab center in Malibu. You can see security blocking photographers as Kevin's truck makes its way up Big Rock Road but X17 shooters...  more »
February 23, 2007 X17 XCLUSIVE - Britney Stays Put
February 23rd 2007: It looks like now that Britney may have made peace with Kevin, she can finally focus on getting healthy (save for a little smoke here and there). She's attending classes all day at Promises rehab in Malibu...  more »
February 11, 2007 Brooke's Back!
Once upon a time, you couldn't turn on your television without seeing Brooke Burke going Wild On some exotic location. These days, however, you're more likely to spot her kicking back in Malibu - and as the television vixen pointed...  more »
September 20, 2006 Beach Bod McConaughey
X17 photogs caught Matthew McConaughey giving you what you like-- His glistening tanned body shimmering in the clear Malibu water on September 20, 2006....  more »
September 9, 2006 Tom and Katie Protected By Kitchen Staff At Restaurant
Here's the thing ... Tom and Katie don't even mind being photographed, so why does old Giorgio Baldi himself have to leave the kitchen of his beautiful restaurant to go "protect" his famous guests from photogs? And correct me if...  more »
June 26, 2006 Britney And Family Eat At Nobu
June 06th 2006: Britney Spears with her dark locks ate lunch with husband Kevin Federline, Lynne Spears and baby sister Jamie Lynne Spears with boyfriend Casey Aldridge. A paparazzi circus was waiting for her as she exited Nobu in Malibu....  more »
May 29, 2006 Cindy Crawford Covers Up - ARCHIVE
May 29, 2006: Model Cindy Crawford walks arm-in-arm with her husband on a beautiful Malibu afternoon sporting a modest beach cover up....  more »
May 29, 2006 Robert Downey Jr. Takes A Stroll Down The Beach
May 29, 2006: Actor Robert Downey Jr. looks happy and healthy as he strolls down the beach in Malibu, CA with a female companion....  more »