July 27, 2014 Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Take The Family Out For Some Farmers Market Fun
Sunday, July 27, 2014 - Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber take the kids out for some fun at the Farmers Market in Brentwood, CA. Their sons enjoy the petting zoo, bounce slide, and music tent. Watts picks up some coffee...  more »
June 15, 2014 Liev Schreiber Surfs With The Boys On Father's Day
Sunday, June 15, 2014 - Liev Schreiber spends Father's Day at the beach in Santa Monica with Naomi Watts and their two sons Sasha and Sammy. Liev teaches Sasha how to surf while Naomi watches on....  more »
June 12, 2014 Naomi Watts Effortlessly Fashionable In Brentwood
Thursday, June 12, 2014: Naomi Watts wore a monochrome designed dress under a black blazer, while shopping with a pale pink handbag, at the Brentwood Country Mart. The star was also in shades and wore her naturally curly hair combed...  more »
May 21, 2014 Naomi Watts Knocks Out Her Work Out
Wednesday, May 21, 2014: Actress Naomi Watts was spotted leaving the gym, flaunting the benefits of a regular workout schedule.  more »
May 19, 2014 Naomi Watts Leaving Her Kids School
Monday, May 19, 2014 - Naomi Watts looks fashionable when leaving her kids school in Brentwood, CA....  more »
May 12, 2014 Naomi Watts Sweats It Out At Burn 60
Monday, May 12, 2014 - Naomi Watts looks incredible after working out with friends at Burn 60 in Brentwood, CA.Watts smiles when asked how her Mother's Day weekend was....  more »
May 11, 2014 Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Shop At The Farmers Market On Mother's Day
Sunday, May 11, 2014 - Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber shop on Mother's Day with their kids at the Farmers Market in Brentwood, CA...  more »
March 26, 2014 Naomi Watts Is Asked About The Pressures Of Stardom On Marriage
Wednesday, March 26, 2014: Celebrated actress Naomi Watts was spotted in a leather jacket, leaving Los Angeles without her Hollywood husband, Liev Schreiber, or their boys, Sam and Sasha. The star was asked about the recent Vanity Fair 'take-down' article...  more »
January 30, 2014 Naomi Watts Has A Girl's Night Out
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - Naomi Watts dines at Mr. Chows with several gal pals in Beverly Hills, CA....  more »
January 15, 2014 Reese Witherspoon And Naomi Watts Are Yoga Buddies
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts pick up some juice after leaving a workout in Brentwood, CA with a couple girlfriends....  more »
March 9, 2013 Naomi Watts Arrives At LAX Amoung Dozens Of Paparazzi
Friday, March 8, 2013 - Naomi Watts arrives at LAX in Los Angeles, CA after enjoying Paris' fashion week. She is surrounded by photographers while walking to her car....  more »
February 14, 2013 Naomi Watts Celebrates Simon Baker's Star On The Walk Of Fame
Thursday, February 14, 2013: Naomi Watts introduced Simon Baker for his Walk of Fame induction, in Hollywood.  more »
January 6, 2013 Bradley Cooper Celebrates Birthday At Palm Springs Film Fest After Split From Zoe Saldana
Saturday, January 5, 2013 - Celebrities arrive at the 24th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival - Awards Gala at Palm Springs Convention Center. Seen here are Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Sally Field, Naomi Watts, Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Bryan...  more »
December 11, 2012 Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor Attend 'The Impossible' After Party In Hollywood
Monday, December 10, 2012 - Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor leave Summit Entertainment's 'The Impossible' after party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, CA after attending the premiere earlier in the evening at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome....  more »
November 3, 2011 Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Come Out For J. Edgar
Thursday November 3rd, 2011: Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts were on the red carpet for Leonardo DiCaprio's new film, J. Edgar, directed by Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood.  more »
November 3, 2011 Leonardo DiCaprio Is J. Edgar For Clint Eastwood
Thursday November 3rd, 2011: Leonardo DiCaprio signed autographs on the red carpet of his new film, J. Edgar, directed by Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood. Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts were also on hand for the premiere.  more »
March 10, 2011 Liev Schreiber And Naomi Watts Asks Paps For Privacy While Taking Sons On A Family Day Out
Wednesday, March 9th, 2011: Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts were seen taking their sons, Alexander and Samuel on a family day out in Brentwood. Liev walked over to paparazzi and asked them to stop filming before he taking the family...  more »
February 25, 2011 Naomi Watts At The Park With Her Son
Thursday, February 23, 2011: Naomi Watts at the park with two sons Sasha and Sammy in Santa Monica where they feed the ducks and later they went to whole foods for a bite to eat....  more »
February 24, 2011 Naomi Watts And Her Boys
Thursday, February 24th, 2011: Naomi Watts did some shopping at Whole Foods and also stopped by the park with two sons Sasha and Sammy in Santa Monica where they fed the ducks....  more »
January 23, 2011 Naomi Watts Takes Her Son To Citibabes
January 20th, 2011: The photographers caught up with Naomi Watts Thursday afternoon is New York City. She was spotted walking and chatting with a friend while pushing one of her sons in a stroller, and taking him to Citibabes....  more »
July 20, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Naomi Watts Returns Home With Kids
X17 Xclusive - July 20th, 2010: Naomi Watts was spotted returning home in Brentwood Tuesday afternoon. She was seen pushing the kids in their stroller. Liev Schreiber was spotted getting out of his ride separately....  more »
February 19, 2010 Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth And Whoopi Goldberg at Fashion Week
February 18th, 2010: The photographers caught up with Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth and Whoopi Goldberg in New York City Thursday. They all made appearances at Fashion Week....  more »
February 19, 2010 Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth And More At Calvin Klein Fall 2010 Show
February 18, 2010: Calvin Klein drew an all-star front row for his Fall 2010 Show on the last day of NYC (Mercedes Benz) Fashion Week. Spotted here arriving are: Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth, Whoopi Goldberg, Helena Christensen, Kerry Washington and...  more »
December 23, 2009 Naomi Watts Finishes Her Holiday Shopping
Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - Naomi Watts takes both Samuel and Alexander for some last-minute holiday shopping. Perhaps to buy a gift for daddy Liev Schreiber....  more »
December 23, 2009 Naomi Watts Leaves Cold New York For A Holiday Vacation
Tuesday, December 22,2009 - Naomi Watts packed up the car with her kids Samuel and Alexander and nanny to head to the airport -- perhaps for a warmer climate? Maybe she and the boys were to meet up with Liev...  more »
November 6, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber In Soho, Liev Gets Upset With Photographer
X17 Xclusive - November 6th, 2009: Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, and their child walked the dog in Soho Friday afternoon. Liev was very upset with a photographer for not having a long lens. He was complaining because he felt they...  more »
May 17, 2009 Naomi Watts & Simon Baker Playdate
May 16, 2009: Naomi Watts and her sons play in a Lower East Side park while chatting with actor friend Simon Baker and his wife on Saturday....  more »
May 11, 2009 Naomi Watts Takes Baby Sammy For A Stroll In NYC
Naomi Watts takes her youngest son for walk in the stroller down the streets of New York City before heading to their apartment on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10th....  more »
February 11, 2009 Naomi Watts & Clive Owen At The International Premiere
Naomi Watts and co-star Clive Owen walked the red carpet at premiere of "The International" in New York City on Tuesday, February 10th....  more »
February 9, 2009 Naomi Watts Visits The David Letterman Show
Naomi Watts promotes her new film "The International" at The David Letterman Show on Monday, February 9th....  more »
February 9, 2009 Naomi Watts In NYC For "The International" Premiere
February 9th, 2009: Naomi Watts was spotted in New York City Monday afternoon. She is in town for the premiere of her movie "The International."...  more »
February 1, 2009 Naomi Watts With Family At Brentwood Country Mart
January 31st, 2009: Naomi Watts was spotted with her family Saturday afternoon. The couple were out for a bike ride, and they fashioned some kinda rickshaw for the baby....  more »
January 13, 2009 Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Attend “Defiance” Premiere In NYC
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber was seen attending the premiere of "Defiance" in New York City of Monday, January 12th....  more »
November 16, 2008 Naomi Watts With Family In New York City
November 16th, 2008: Naomi Watts was spotted with her husband and son in the stroller Sunday morning. The group was out walking their dogs in New York City....  more »
September 30, 2008 Naomi Watts Looking Preggers And Cute!
Naomi Watts stopped at Fred Segal West Hollywood yesterday for a little shopping. Perhaps the children's store for some baby clothes?...  more »
September 26, 2008 Naomi Watts At Nail Salon Without Makeup
September 25th, 2008: Naomi Watts went with her baby and a friend to Montana Nail Thursday afternoon. She didn't bother with makeup and the difference is pretty remarkable, see for yourself. She left the salon with some cops that she...  more »
September 25, 2008 Naomi Watts At The Right Start
September 24th, 2008: Naomi Watts was at The Right Start Wednesday afternoon. She was picking up some supplies for the new baby. In complete contrast to our disastrous run-in with her previously, she was on her best behavior and somehow...  more »
September 23, 2008 A Very Pregnant Naomi Watts Goes “Kanye “ On Paparazzi
Naomi Watts was quite infuriated by the presence paparazzi on Wednesday, September 23rd, resulting in Naomi delivering a couple of body shots to one photographer when he got too close....  more »
July 31, 2008 Naomi Watts With Her Baby In NY
Wednesday July 30th: Naomi Watts was spotted in Soho with her adorable son Alexander Peter....  more »
July 30, 2008 Naomi Watts With Her Son Alexander In New York
Actress Naomi Watts was seen in New York on Tuesday walking with her nanny pushing her son Alexander in the stroller. Tuesday July 29th....  more »
July 5, 2008 EXCLUSIVE!! -- Naomi Watts In Paris
July 04, 2008: Actress Naomi Watts decided to spend American Independence Day abroad in Paris with her family. How sweet!...  more »
March 16, 2008 X17 XCLUSIVE!!! Naomi Watts And Her Son Alexander Have A Full Day
Our photographers spotted a busy Naomi Watts taking her son Alexander to church and later a restaurant. Sunday March 16th....  more »
February 9, 2008 Naomi Watts Picks Up Prescriptions!
Friday February 8th: Naomi Watts was spotted picking up prescriptions at Longs Drugs....  more »
January 30, 2008 Naomi Watts In Brentwood
Naomi Watts was leaving the Brentwood Country Mart Tuesday January 29th....  more »
January 26, 2008 Liev Schreiber At LAX
Monday January 27th, Liev Schreiber was seen entering the LAX Airport. When asked if he was going to Australia to attend Heath Ledger's funeral, Liev made no comment....  more »
August 28, 2007 Naomi Watts + 2
Generations, that is... Naomi Watts goes to Lily's Restaurant for lunch with her mother and grandmother on August 27, 2007....  more »
August 26, 2007 X17 Xclusive: Naomi, Liev, And Baby Alexander
X17 Xclusive: Saturday August 25th, new parents Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber showed off their bundle of joy Alexander at Lilly’s French Café. Dad took his time and care while strapping his young lad into the car seat....  more »
August 19, 2007 Naomi Having Fun At The Beach
Sunday August 19th, Naomi Watts was spotted with a two friends walking up and down the shoreline....  more »
August 19, 2007 Naomi Watts Has Her Hands Full
Saturday August 18th, Naomi Watts is seen carrying her baby boy Alexander with the Nanny at her side....  more »
August 13, 2007 New Mom Naomi Watts Buys Flowers
New mom Naomi Watts buying flowers at market in Brentwood. The star was escorted by police August 12, 2007. X17 Xclusive!...  more »
July 13, 2007 Naomi Watts: About To Burst
There is nothing more beautiful than the glow of motherhood. Witness a very bright Naomi Watts ending a peaceful lunch date at Sur Restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday....  more »
July 6, 2007 Naomi And Hubby Go Bike Shopping
Naomi Watts, waits patiently and pregnantly for her longtime boyfriend, actor Liev Schreiber (Manchurian Candidate) , to test drive bicycles in Hollywood on Thursday....  more »
May 7, 2007 Naomi Watts Shops
Here’s a shot of Naomi Watts leaving Fred Segal after a long day of shopping....  more »