September 16, 2014 Pierce Brosnan Looks Hip At LAX, Asked If NFL Commish Should Be Fired
Monday, September 15, 2014 - Pierce Brosnan looks hip at LAX wearing a blue blazer and dark sunglasses and pushing his own luggage. His new film "The November Man" is due out this month. Brosnan declines to comment when asked...  more »
September 2, 2014 Robert Davi On Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak, Says 'Your Personal Life Is Your Personal Life'
Monday, September 1, 2014 - "Expendables 3" actor Robert Davi dines with a friend in Los Angeles, CA. When asked about the latest celebrity cloud account hacking, which targeted Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other celebs, Davi comments, "Your personal...  more »
August 27, 2014 Henry Winkler Arrives At LAX, Says Robin Williams Was An 'Amazing Presence In The Universe'
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - Actor Henry Winkler takes the time to greet fans after touching down in Los Angeles. He says Robin Williams was an "amazing presence in the universe," and that "I'm so so sorry for the family,...  more »
August 18, 2014 Pierce Brosnan Clowns Around At LAX, Says November Man Is 'Not Bad'
Monday, August 18, 2014 - Pierce Brosnan makes funny gestures as he catches a flight at LAX. When a fan tells him that he can't wait to see his latest film, "November Man," Brosnan responds, "You should man, it's not...  more »
June 9, 2014 Forest Whitaker Smiles At LAX As He Meets Fellow High School Alumn
Monday, June 9, 2014 - Forest Whitaker jets out of LAX and smiles when a photographer shares that he also went to Palisades Charter High School....  more »
February 3, 2014 Philip Seymour Hoffman's Body Removed From Apartment By NYC Medical Examiner
Sunday, February 2, 2014 - Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's body was removed from a Greenwhich Village apartment Sunday evening after the 46-year-old was found early in the day by a friend, dead with a syringe in his arm and bags...  more »
February 3, 2014 Philip Seymour Hoffman's Body Removed From Apartment By NYC Medical Examiner, Part 2
Sunday, February 2, 2014 - Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's body was removed from a Greenwhich Village apartment Sunday evening after the 46-year-old was found early in the day by a friend, dead with a syringe in his arm and bags...  more »
January 25, 2014 Actor Eriq La Salle Could Care Less About The Grammy Awards
Saturday, January 26, 2014 - ER actor Eriq La Salle is in a hurry as he arrives at LAX. When asked if he's ready for The Grammy Awards, La Salle responds, "No, I don't... take care man."...  more »
August 24, 2013 Justin Long Fills His Car Up With Balloons
Friday, August 23, 2013 - Actor Justin Long goes to the grocery store and leaves with a car-full of balloons in Los Angeles, CA....  more »
July 24, 2013 Robert Pattinson At LAX, Asked About Kristen Stewart
Tuesday, July 23, 2013: Robert Pattinson arrives at LAX wearing an Adidas hoodie, jeans and shades. Pattinson stays mum when asked about ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart....  more »
May 13, 2013 Michael Madsen At LAX, Says 'Reservoir Dogs' Movie Was 'One Of The Best Of It's Time'
Sunday, May 12, 2013 - Actor Michael Madsen arrives at LAX headed to Texas. When asked if "Reservoir Dogs" is one of the most violent movies of all times, Madsen responds, "I think it's probably one of the best of...  more »
February 19, 2013 Jon Cryer At LAX, Asked If He Wants To Return To The Big Screen
Monday, February 18, 2013 - Actor Jon Cryer waits for his luggage at LAX and stays mum when asked if he ever wants to return to the big screen....  more »
February 6, 2013 Taye Diggs Parties After Home Burglary Incident
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - Actor Taye Diggs parties with friends at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, CA. The man who attempted to burglarize Diggs home the night of 2013 SAG Awards was charged with first-degree burglary a few days...  more »
December 11, 2012 Elliott Gould Dines At Madeo, Asked About Bad Apple Maps
Monday, December 10, 2012 - Elliott Gould dines at Madeo Ristorante in West Hollywood, CA. When asked about Apple maps latest fail, which has led people to get stranded in the Australian desert, Gould responds, "somebody ought to straighten it...  more »
June 29, 2012 Clever Actor Hill Harper in Hollywood
June 28, 2012: Actor Hill Harper talks about what it was like to take classes at Harvard with President Barack Obama, his newest novel on the New York Times Bestseller List, and why he agrees with Albert Einstein on Thursday...  more »
June 13, 2012 Tom Selleck Runs Errands In Beverly Hills
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - Emmy-winning actor Tom Selleck Runs errands in Beverly Hills. When asked if modern day actors are softer than classic actors like himself, Selleck responds, "I think they're okay."...  more »
May 23, 2012 Mark Curry Chats In Beverly Hills
Wednesday, May 23, 2012: Comedian Mark Curry laughed with fans and talked about being a daredevil as a kid.  more »
May 6, 2012 James Caan Dines At Mr. Chow
Friday, May 4, 2012 - Actor James Caan dines at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA....  more »
April 4, 2012 Nick Swardson Reveals His Creepy Hobby In Beverly Hills
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - "Reno 911!" actor Nick Swardson takes a walk in Beverly Hills, CA and discusses his creepiest hobby....  more »
March 24, 2012 Ice Cube and His Family at the Lakers Game
March 23, 2012: Director, actor and rapper Ice Cube seemed to enjoy Friday night's LA Lakers game at Staple Center with his wife and kids....  more »
March 21, 2012 Ernest Borgnine Looking Good For His Nineties
Wednesday, March 21, 2012: Ernest Borgnine was showing off some powerful eyebrows, in Beverly Hills.  more »
February 22, 2012 Oscar Nominee Max Von Sydow In Beverly Hills
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - Oscar nominated actor Max von Sydow steps out in Beverly Hills and tells photogs, "I'd be happy with a little privacy." He is nominated this year for his supporting role in "Extremely Loud and Incredibly...  more »
February 11, 2012 Ernest Borgnine Has A Few Laughs With Paparazzi In BH
Friday February 10th, 2012: Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine chatted a bit before going inside a building in Beverly Hills...  more »
January 10, 2012 Channing Tatum On Shooting Sex Scenes: 'It's Fun!'
Monday, January 9, 2012 - Channing Tatum greets fans after appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". When asked about filming sex scenes, Tatum responds, "It's fun!"...  more »
November 18, 2011 Pierce Brosnan Chats With Paparazzi While Leaving Mr. Chow In Beverly Hills
Thursday November 17th, 2011: Legendary actor, Pierce Brosnan was spotted leaving a dinner with his wife at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills....  more »
October 30, 2011 Actor Sam Worthington And Mystery Woman At LAX
Friday, October 28, 2011 - "Avatar" actor Sam Worthington arrives at LAX airport with a mystery woman....  more »
September 28, 2011 George Clooney at The Ides of March Premiere
September 27, 2011: Actor George Clooney attends the Premiere of Columbia Pictures' 'The Ides Of March' held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Samuel Goldwyn Theatre on in Beverly Hills, California....  more »
August 2, 2011 Sissy Spacek Honored On The Hollywood Walk of Fame
August 01, 2011: Actress Sissy Spacek was honored with her own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front of the El Capitan Theatre. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Marty Shelton presented the award. Director David Lynch gave...  more »
April 23, 2011 Josh Holloway Goes To Breakfast In Hollywood
Saturday April 23 2011 "Lost" actor Josh Holloway was seen going to breakfast at a popular eatery in Hollywood, CA....  more »
March 22, 2011 EXCLUSIVE Chris O'Donnell grabs takeout
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Chris O'Donnell was spotted in Beverly Hills, picking up lunch in jeans and sunglasses....  more »
February 23, 2011 X17 EXCLUSIVE - Adam Shulman Stuffs His Face
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - Adam Shulman and friends getting lunch at Toast in West Hollywood....  more »
February 2, 2011 Hugh Jackman Dines At Grand Havana Room, Asked About Extreme Weather In Australia
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - We caught up with Aussie actor Hugh Jackman as he left the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills, CA and asked him what he thinks of the extreme weather sweeping his homeland....  more »
January 29, 2011 X17 Exclusive - Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted At Medical Building In Beverly Hills
Friday, January 28th, 2011 The ever brooding actor, Jake Gyllenhaal was seen entering an Medical Building in Beverly Hills, CA....  more »
December 5, 2010 Actor Will Arnett Shops At Barney's
Saturday, December 4, 2010: We spotted "Arrested Development" actor Will Arnett shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills....  more »
October 20, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Arnold Schwarzenegger making his way in the world today
X17 Xclusive - Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - Actor/Governor/Muscle-head Arnold Schwarzenegger mumbles his way through the American Dream...  more »
October 20, 2010 Eric Bana Breaks The Social Scene!
Tuesday, October 19, 2010: Aussie hunk Eric Bana was spotted signing autographs outside of Wiltern Theatre after catching Broken Social Scene's concert with friends, including actor William Fichtner, who looked a little bummed about not getting any attention....  more »
September 3, 2010 Leo DiCaprio And Kevin Connolly Party At Voyeur
Thursday, September 2, 2010: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly were spotted arriving to the back entrance of Voyeur nightclub....  more »
July 8, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Melrose Place's Shaun Sipos Asked About Canadian Weed
X17 Xclusive - July 7, 2010: Canadian actor Shaun Sipos was caught off guard, looking a bit dazed and confused while shopping on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. He was nice enough to give a shot out to his fans...  more »
July 2, 2010 Channing Tatum Arrives At LAX
July 1, 2010: We spotted Channing Tatum, who is attached to star in the new sci-fi film "Ion", arriving to LAX and taking a moment to sign autographs....  more »
February 17, 2010 Samuel L. Jackson Arriving Back From London At LAX
Tuesday, February 16th: Samuel L. Jackson was seen arriving in Los Angele at the LAX airport yesterday. The usually stand-offish actor was quite talkative before leaving....  more »
January 19, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE! Linday Lohan Makes Out With Mystery Guy At Church Party - Full Version
Monday, January 18th: At a boutique named Church Lindsay Lohan partied with family and friends but later in the evening she is seen making out with Mystery Guy. After leaving the party Lindsay and the mystery guy secretly rendezvous again...  more »
November 22, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Scott Caan Gets Intense On His Cell While Getting Burgers With Friends
X17 Xclusive - November 21, 2009: We spotted actor Scott Caan having a long, intense conversation on his cell phone while his friends continued their lunch at a burger joint in Hollywood. He was visibly frustrated as he yacked on...  more »
November 16, 2009 Actor James Cromwell Spotted In The Streets Of Beverly Hills
Monday, November 16th: Actor James Cromwell was spotted while running errands in Beverly Hills....  more »
October 22, 2009 Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor At Chateau Marmont
October 21, 2009: We spotted British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (American Gangster, Children of Men) leaving Chateau Marmont with a friend....  more »
October 22, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Terrence Howard Leaves The Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC
X17 Xclusive - October 21, 2009: Actor Terrence Howard was friendly with photographers as he left the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC....  more »
October 9, 2009 Peter Gallagher At Playhouse
October 8, 2009: We spotted "The O.C." actor Peter Gallagher at Playhouse in Hollywood. He was nice enough to stop and sign a few autographs....  more »
October 4, 2009 Actor Jon Voight At Cafe Med
October 3, 2009: Legendary actor Jon Voight was spotted walking to his car after dining with a friend at Cafe Med....  more »
October 4, 2009 Actor Zachary Quinto At Bardot
October 3, 2009: Zachary Quinto ("Heroes","Star Trek") was spotted making a mad-dash to his car after partying at Bardot....  more »
September 3, 2009 Jerry O'Connell Buys Beer At CVS
X17 Xclusive: September 2, 2009 - Actor Jerry O'Connell was spotted buying beer at a CVS in Calabasas, CA....  more »
August 7, 2009 Scott Caan And Friend Leave Mozza
August 6, 2009 - Actor Scott Caan and his date were dressed in matching white tops and blue jeans as they left Osteria Mozza....  more »
August 7, 2009 Actor Michael Vartan Leaves Boa Steakhouse
August 6, 2009 - "Alias" actor Michael Vartan was spotted leaving Boa Steakhouse in his sports car. He definitely likes the cars that go VVVRROOOMMM!...  more »
May 17, 2009 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger At Lunch
May 16, 2009: Governor Schwarzenegger has lunch with the homies on Saturday. Actor John Lovitz was among the mixed company present....  more »
May 11, 2008 Brian Grazer In Malibu
May 10, 2008: Actor/Producer Brian Grazer of American Gangster fame politely smiles while our photogs pitch him an idea for a new movie in Malibu. The Paparazzi Movie!...  more »
July 30, 2007 Last Of A Dying Breed
Classy Stars. Kelsey Grammer, known for his mentorship of young actors, politely does not comment on the Lindsey Lohan DUI in Malibu Plaza on Saturday, July 28....  more »