July 24, 2014 Sylvester Stallone Takes His Girls To Paris
Thursday, July 24, 2014: Action star Sylvester Stallone was spotted at LAX with his wife, Jennifer Flavin and daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. The family was leaving LA for Paris, just a few weeks before the release of Expendables 3....  more »
December 20, 2013 Sarah Jessica Parker's Girls Help Get Ready For The Holidays
Thursday, December 19, 2013 - Sarah Jessica Parker's daughters Marion and Tabitha helped mom set up their home for the holidays after returning from school in New York, NY....  more »
May 8, 2013 Denise Richards Is Asked How Charlie's Boys Are Doing
Wednesday, May 8, 2013: Denise Richards was spotted doing a bit of shopping in Beverly Glen. She and daughters, Eloise and Lola, were checking out some new clothes at Glen Kids.  more »
October 7, 2012 Ben Affleck Has A Blast Shopping With Violet And Seraphina In Santa Monica
Saturday, October 6, 2012 - Ben Affleck looks like one happy dad as he takes a stroll with daughters Seraphina and Violet in Santa Monica, CA after treating them to McDonald's and shopping at Barnes & Noble....  more »
May 5, 2012 Jen Garner Picks Up the Girls From Ballet Practice
May 05, 2012: Jen Garner picks up her daughters from ballet practice in Hollywood, CA on Saturday....  more »
March 31, 2011 Charlie Sheen's Ex-Wife Denise Richards Takes Daughters To The Commons In Calabasas
Wednesday March 30, 2011: Denise Richards takes her daughters, Sam and Lola Sheen to The Commons for some free pizza and candy and a little shopping....  more »
February 27, 2011 X17 EXCLUSIVE - Denise Richards Shops With Her Girls While Charlie Sheen Parties In The Bahamas
Saturday, February 26, 2011 - Denise Richards was spotted with her daughters, Sam and Lola, shopping in Calabasas, while their father Charlie Sheen has allegedly been partying in the the Bahamas with three lady loves after CBS shut down production...  more »
January 5, 2011 X17 Exclusive - Denise Richards Returns From Maui With Daughters Sam And Lola
Tuesday, January 4, 2011: Denise Richards was spotted arriving to LAX with daughters Sam and Lola, all tan-faced after their holiday in Maui. She wished her fans a "Happy New Year" and stayed mum on questions about new beau, Nikki...  more »
December 31, 2010 Lorenzo Lamas Makes His Renegade Milkshake With Help From His Daughters
December 30, 2010: Lorenzo Lamas was spotted getting some help from daughters Isabella, Victoria and Alexandra as he created his Renegade Milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood, CA. His fiance Shawna Craig was there to support....  more »
December 5, 2010 Lisa Rinna And Family At Beverly Glen Mall
December 5th, 2010: Lisa Rinna was spotted at Beverly Glen Mall Sunday afternoon. She was with her husband and daughters and they joked that they were just now getting started with Christmas shopping....  more »
October 17, 2010 Soleil Moon Frye Takes Her Little Pumpkins To The Patch!
Saturday, October 16, 2010: "Punky Brewster" actress, Soleil Moon Frye was spotted with husband, Jason Goldberg, taking their daughters, Poet Sienna and Jagger Joseph to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, CA....  more »
August 30, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Marcia Cross Spends The Day With Cancer-Survivor Hubby and Twin Daughters
Sunday, August 29, 2010: Marcia Cross spent the day at a park in Los Angeles with twin daughters Eden and Savannagh and her husband, Tom Mahoney, who was looking healthy after recovering from his battle with cancer....  more »
July 3, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Mel B Takes Her Daughters To The Nail Salon
X17 Xclusive - July 3, 2010: Mel B was spotted taking daughters Phoenix and Angel to a nail salon in Studio City, CA....  more »
May 2, 2010 Marcia Cross Takes Her Twin Daughters Eden And Savannah Shopping
Saturday, May 1st: Marcia Cross and her husband Tom Mahoney and their twin daughters Eden and Savannah spent the shopping in Beverly Hills....  more »
April 30, 2010 Jesse James Asked If He Will Meet Sandra Bullock's Adopted Baby
April 30, 2010: We spotted Jesse James enforcing the paparazzi law as he dropped Sunny and Chandler off at school, where a couple of photogs were waiting in the parking lot. He was tight-lipped when asked if he would meet...  more »
April 21, 2010 Marcia Cross Shopping With Her Twin Daughters Eden and Savannah
Tuesday, April 20th: Marcia Cross went shopping at Mailbu Country Mart with twin daughters Eden and Savannah....  more »
March 18, 2010 Marcia Cross Takes Her Daughters To The Park
March 18th, 2010: Marcia Cross was spotted out with the kids in Santa Monica Thursday afternoon. She took her daughters for a day at the park and they were spotted playing and having a good time....  more »
January 5, 2010 Adam Sandler And Jacqueline Samantha Titone Take Sadie And Sunny Out For Dinner
January 5th, 2010: Adam Sandler and wife Jacqueline Samantha Titone were spotted out with the kids Tuesday evening. The couple was seen taking daughters Sadie and Sunny out for dinner....  more »
August 25, 2009 Shauna Sand Out With Her Daughters
August 25th, 2009: The paps caught up with Shauna Sand and her daughters at a nail salon Tuesday afternoon. After the three lovely ladies walked to Rite Aid....  more »
August 18, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Marcia Cross Takes Daughters To Dance Class
X17 Xclusive - August 18th, 2009: Marcia Cross was spotted with her daughter in Westwood Tuesday afternoon. The group attended Toddle Tunes, a music class for young children, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!...  more »
July 29, 2009 Marcia Cross At School With Daughters
July 29th, 2009: The paps caught up with Marcia Cross Wednesday afternoon. She was spotted at her daughter's school and they were seen getting into the car to leave....  more »
July 13, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Marcia Cross With The Twins At Coldwater Park
X17 Xclusive - July 13th, 2009: The paps caught up with Marcia Cross at Coldwater Park with the twins Monday afternoon. They can be seen chasing each other around and playing what appears to be a game of Duck, Duck,...  more »
July 9, 2009 Marcia Cross And Kids At Third Street Promenade
July 7th, 2009: The paps caught up with Marcia Cross at 3rd Street Promenade Wednesday afternoon. She was out with her kids and remained tight-lipped as the group got into the car to leave....  more »
June 17, 2009 Marcia Cross And Daughters At Brentwood Birthday Party
June 17th, 2009: The paps caught up with Marcia Cross and her daughters in Brentwood Wednesday afternoon. They attended a friend's birthday party and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves....  more »
April 13, 2009 Shauna Sand Takes Her Daughters To Beso
Shauna Sand takes her daughters with a friend to Beso restuarant in Hollywood on Friday, April 10th. Shauna had a lot to talk about and made sure to pose for our photographers....  more »
February 22, 2009 Shauna Sand Takes The Girls To The Grove
February 20th, 2009: The paps caught up with Shauna Sand in the car with her daughters Friday afternoon. They were on their way to the Grove, where we later caught up with the group as well....  more »
January 13, 2009 X17 Xclusive: Marcia Cross With Her Daughters
X17 Xclusive - January 13th, 2009: Marcia Cross was spotted Tuesday walking with her daughters. She seems like such a happy mother, and a fun one, too! At one point she puts one of them in the wagon they are...  more »
October 4, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Denise Richards Shopping With The Kids
Denise Richards took her daughters shopping at the Brentwood Market...  more »
July 15, 2008 Marcia Cross At The Park With Her Kids
Our photographers spotted "Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross at the park playing with her twin girls....  more »
May 30, 2008 X17 Xclusive: P. Daddy Plays With Daughters In The Park
X17 Xclusive - May 29th, 2008: P. Diddy and his two daughters went to Coldwater Park Thursday afternoon. He played with them, pushed them on the swings, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. P. Diddy will certainly...  more »