May 9, 2014 Dean McDermott Swings By Macy's In Tarzana
Thursday, May 9, 2014 - Dean McDermott got out of the house, dressed casual in jeans and a gray t-shirt. He gassed up his truck and stopped by Macy's, in Tarzana, CA. The reality star was recently reported to be...  more »
September 29, 2013 Lana Del Rey And Boyfriend Get Gas With A Car-Full Of Luggage
September 26, 2013 - Lana Del Rey and boyfriend Barrie James O'Neil stop for gas in Los Angeles with a car-full of luggage. Lana Del Rey wears a big rock on her wedding ring finger and keeps it a mystery...  more »
July 24, 2013 Ben Affleck's Vintage Chevelle Breaks Down With Violet In Tow
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - Ben Affleck's vintage Chevelle breaks down after Affleck stops for gas and Krispy Kreme Donuts with daughter Violet. Ben sports a 'Team Jesus' T-shirt and does his best to get the classic car started to...  more »
December 12, 2012 LeAnn Rimes Looking Lovely Getting Gas
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 LeAnn Rimes looking healthy dressed down and getting gas with her black AMEX card and her ring on in Studio City.  more »
March 10, 2012 Kim Kardashian Pumps Her Own Gas
March 09, 2012: Kim Kardashian shows a lot of humility in this clip from Friday. She pumps her own gas and admits to not always looking gorgeous. Who knew?...  more »
February 1, 2012 Paris Hilton Stops By The Gas Station In Her Garter Tights
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - Paris Hilton stops by the gas station for some candy, wearing a mini skirt and garter tights in Beverly Hills, CA...  more »
January 15, 2012 Pregnant Hilary Duff And Her Mom Stop For Gas In Beverly Hills
Friday, January 13, 2012 - Pregnant Hilary Duff stays occupied while her mom, Susan, pumps gas in Beverly Hills, CA....  more »
October 20, 2011 Is Katherine Heigl A Style Biter?
Thursday, October 20th, 2011 - Katherine Heigl gets gas in Beverly Hills wearing the same poncho recently worn by Paris Hilton at the airport on her way to Poland and a pair of leopard booties that look similar to the...  more »
July 26, 2011 Maria Shriver's New Nome!
July 26, 2011: Maria Shriver gets gas and heads to her new Brentwood home that is under construction and getting a high security system. purchased a $10 million home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles just a few miles...  more »
July 26, 2011 Vanessa Hudgens Gets Gas
July 26, 2011: Vanessa Hudgens gets gas in Century City then heads to a meeting on Tuesday....  more »
July 25, 2011 Paris Hilton Shops For Snacks And Gets Gas
July 25, 2011: Paris Hilton shops for snacks and gets gas in Malibu on Monday....  more »
May 31, 2011 Janice Dickinson Pumps Gas
May 31, 2011: The self-proclaimed world's first supermodel Janice Dickinson was seen making a show of pumping her own gas at the 76 Gas Station in Brentwood on Tuesday. Make love to the camera, Janice! WORK!...  more »
May 23, 2011 Shauna Sand Doesn't Pump Gas
May 23, 2011: Watch as charmer Shauna Sand is rescued by a handsome gentleman who offers to pump her gas for her at the 76 Gas Station on Monday in Beverly Hills....  more »
April 21, 2011 Janice Dickinson Keeping Busy
Thursday, April 21st, 2011 - Janice Dickinson was spotted getting gas in Beverly Hills....  more »
March 7, 2011 Nick Cannon Gets Gas, Asked About Baby Shower
Monday, March 7, 2011 - Nick Cannon was spotted getting gas Monday afternoon. The photographers asked him if he had a good baby shower and whether or not they got lots of gifts, to which Nick gave the thumbs-up while...  more »
October 13, 2010 X17 XCLUSIVE - Tom Hanks at the pump
X17 XCLUSIVE - Wednesday, October 14th, 2010 - Tom Hanks was looking cool in shades, filling up his eco-friendly Honda Element in Beverly Hills...  more »
April 5, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Rachel Bilson Gives Thumbs Up To Legalizing Marijuana
X17 Xclusive - April 5th, 2010: Rachel Bilson was spotted filling up at the gas station Monday afternoon and the photographers asked her what she thought of California possibly legalizing pot. She gave the proposition a big thumbs up. We...  more »
March 27, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Ashley Greene Fuels Up And Goes Casting
X17 Xclusive - March 27, 2010: We spotted "Twilight" actress Ashley Greene fueling up on Diet Pepsi and gas and visiting Colbert/Mento Casting Casting Agency today in Los Angeles....  more »
February 19, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Scott Disick Gets Gas In A Three Piece Suit
X17 Xclusive - February 18, 2010: We spotted Scott Disick getting gas in Calabasas wearing a three piece pin-striped suit. When asked how baby Mason was doing he nodded his head and said, "good."...  more »
February 15, 2010 Mischa Barton Gets New Car, Part 2 - Talks About Getting License Back
February 15th, 2010: Mischa Barton was spotted again after getting her new car, a 1970 Cadillac convertible. She told the photographer that her car's name is Maud and that she was happy to get her license back. The photographer had...  more »
February 15, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Mischa Barton Buys Cadillac Convertible, Immediately Breaks Down
X17 Xclusive - February 15th, 2010: Mischa Barton reportedly bought a Cadillac convertible for $15,000. Almost immediately, she ran out of gas and pulled into a gas station. After putting some gas in the car, she said in reference to...  more »
December 12, 2009 Scott Disick Is Mr. Cool
December 11, 2009: We spotted Scott Disick with his hair slicked back and wearing a black leather jacket when he stopped to get some gas. The coolness didn't end with the clothing. We also saw him bro-hug a friend on...  more »
November 13, 2009 Justin Timberlake Gets Gas
November 13th, 2009: The photographers caught up with Justin Timberlake at the Mobil gas station Friday. He was seen pumping his own gas, and despite numerous attempts to make conversation, Justin remained tight-lipped....  more »
October 12, 2009 Britney Goes To The Pump And Returns To Peninsula Hotel
October 11, 2009: We caught Britney Spears going to get gas and then returning to The Peninsula Beverly Hills, where she was spotted entering with Jason Trawick on Saturday....  more »
September 2, 2009 Benji Madden Helps Out Another Motorist Who Has Run Out Of Gas
September 2nd, 2009: The paps caught up with Benji Madden in the middle lane of a busy street Wednesday morning, putting gas into a friend's car. She apparently ran out of gas and luckily Benji was there to save the...  more »
August 23, 2009 Kate Gosselin Buys Cosmetics And Gets Gas
August 22, 2009 - Kate Gosselin was spotted buying cosmetics and getting gas in Pennsylvania....  more »
August 21, 2009 Sophie Monk Pumping Gas
Friday August 21st, 2009 Photographers caught sight of Sophie having lunch at Chateau Marmot and then got a brief interview while she filled up at the gas station....  more »
July 2, 2009 Jermaine Jackson On Michael's Funeral
July 1, 2009 - When asked about the funeral proceedings for his brother, Jermaine Jackson said, "I'm trying to put it together." He pumped gas and accepted a CD from a fan....  more »
June 2, 2009 Octomom Pumping Gas
June 02, 2009: Our photogs caught up with Nadya Suleman pumping her own gas with her manicured nails at an Arco Station in Whittier on Tuesday morning. It looks like Ms. Suleman is really slimming down!...  more »
May 12, 2009 Liv Tyler Leaving Stylist's House, Pumping Gas
May 11th, 2009: Liv Tyler was spotted leaving her stylist's house Monday afternoon. We later caught up with her pumping gas, and asked her about Mother's Day but she remained tight-lipped....  more »
April 13, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Lindsay, Ali, And A Friend Run Out Of Gas
X17 Xclusive - April 13th, 2009: Lindsay, Ali, and a friend ran out of gas Monday. Luckily, two paps came to their rescue and got them enough gas to get to the nearest gas station. After that mess was resolved,...  more »
January 28, 2009 John Mayer Goes To Jen's For A Late Night Rendez-vous
Monday, Jan. 26, 2009 - John Mayer gasses up his Audi R8 before heading to Jennifer Aniston's Hollywood Hills home for a late night booty call!...  more »
November 23, 2008 Pink Rides A Motorcycle
November 20th, 2008: The paps caught up with Pink Thursday night, and low and behold, she was traveling by motorcycle. She looks cool on it, but she needed to fill the gas tank ASAP because she was nearly on empty....  more »
April 3, 2008 Kate Bosworth Got Gas
April 3rd, 2008: 21 star Kate Bosworth filling up the ole gas tank in Hollywood. She appears to be a bit healthier-looking these days, not quite as skinny as in the past....  more »
February 13, 2008 David's Daddy Duty
Feb. 12, 20008: David Beckham gasses up his ride before going to pick up the kids....  more »
January 30, 2008 Megan Goode Pumping Gas
January 29, 2008: "Eve's Bayou" actress Megan Goode waved at our photogs and then asked to see the images....  more »
January 14, 2008 Kim Kardashian Gets Gas
Friday, January 11, 2008: Kim Kardashian fills up at the pump (full service, of course), talks about her NYE in MIami ("cold"!) and her new ad campaign with her sisters for a line of swimwear! Bet she fills out those...  more »
December 28, 2007 Britney Gets Coffee, Gas, Denied at Virgin Megastore
Thursday, December 27th, photogs spotted Britney making her usual rounds of Starbucks and a couple gas stations in her Mercedes, where they say she was "driving like a maniac." Then, she headed over to Virgin Megastore around 12:45am. When she...  more »
October 16, 2007 Britney's Tickled Pink!
Britney Spears went out for gas this evening (though no one appeared to be pumping it for her!) with her dog London. Seems the little pup really loves Britney -- pink wig and all!...  more »
October 1, 2007 X17 Xclusive! Briney Runs Out Of Gas Again!
X17 Exclusive! Saturday September 29th: Our girl obviously hasn't learned her lesson from the last time she ran out of gas in Beverly Hills. We spotted Britney entering a Ralph's Supermarket last night and ran out of gas driving down...  more »
August 28, 2007 BREAKING NEWS: Britney Out Of Gas - X17 To The Rescue
While traveling from home into Beverly Hills with her two boys in the backseat, our girl accidentally ran out of gas on Beverly Drive... but no, she wasn't driving! Her bodyguard was, and he asked one of our X17 photogs...  more »
May 19, 2007 Rosario Pumps Her Own Gas
Rosario Dawson talks to the paps about some her humanitarian projects while she pumps gas on May 19, 2007....  more »
April 16, 2007 Ashlee and Pete Hit Parc and Refuel
Ashlee Simpson joined her playmate Pete Wentz for a night out on the town Monday, April 16. The singer ventured out to Parc and met up with her older sister Jessica at the nightclub. Near the end of the evening...  more »
January 18, 2007 Britney In A Grandma Sweater
A disheveled Britney stops for gas and then heads out for a night on the town with friends. Wonder where she's going, looking like just Grandma? Those recent gas prices must be getting to her....  more »
December 23, 2006 A Day In The Life Of Jessica Alba
Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba gets gas on Sunset, goes to Equinox gym (and covers her face), then makes a stop at Jinky's Cafe before heading home. Ah, to be a famous actress!...  more »