February 24, 2013 Heidi Klum Helps Daughter Leni Sell Girl Scout Cookies
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - Heidi Klum supports daughter Leni as she sells Girl Scout cookies in Brentwood, CA. Klum's boyfriend Martin Kristen is along for the fun....  more »
March 2, 2008 Vanessa Williams And Daughter Sasha Sell Girlscout Cookies
Saturday March 1st: Vanessa Williams and her daughter help out troop 109 by selling cookies. Both mother and daughter are graceful and pleasant, and the paps buy some cookies as well. Fun times!...  more »
March 1, 2008 Lynne Spears Picks Up Cookies And Frapps For Brit Brit!
Saturday March 1st: Standing by her daughter's side Lynne Spears sends Britney’s assistant to pick up some Girl Scout cookies then their off to Starbucks on Ventura Blvd. Looks like she picked up Britney’s favorite! Mothers do know best....  more »