July 9, 2010 Lionel Richie At James Perse
July 9th, 2010: Lionel Richie was spotted leaving James Perse Friday afternoon and he was a ray of sunshine as always. Always in the best mood, Lionel joked casually with the photographers and asked, "Who was around the corner?" to...  more »
May 27, 2010 Jennifer Love Hewitt Shops On Robertson, Says She's "Working On A Bunch Of Stuff"
May 27th, 2010: Jennifer Love Hewitt and a friend were spotted shopping at Kitson and Lisa Kline on Robertson Blvd. Thursday afternoon. The photographers asked her a bunch of silly questions and she was in a good mood and joked...  more »
May 26, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Adrian Grenier Photographs The Paparazzi
X17 Xclusive - May 26th, 2010: Adrian Grenier was busy filming Wednesday when he noticed he was being shot by the paparazzi. Having directed a documentary following a paparazzo, Adrian began shooting the photographers like and old pro. When they...  more »
May 18, 2010 Sinbad Jokes With The Paparazzi
May 18th, 2010: The paparazzi caught up with the comic Sinbad briefly Tuesday afternoon. He joked with them, saying, "I have no drug problems right now." Oh that's okay Sinbad, we'll still give you a little tabloid love, enjoy!...  more »
April 21, 2010 Kid Rock Smokes A Cigar And Talks Trash Before Leaving Trousdale
Tuesday, April 20th: Kid Rock finish smoking his cigar and play a game of 'wits' with photographer before leaving Trousdale last night....  more »
April 16, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Jennifer Love Hewitt Claims To Be Dating Her Female Friend
X17 Xclusive - April 16th, 2010: Jennifer Love Hewitt went with a friend to a spa in Encino Friday afternoon. When the photographers caught back up with her again later, they asked her if she was single or dating and...  more »
March 16, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Russell Brand Visits Ashtanga Yoga
X17 Xclusive - March 16th, 2010: Russell Brand was spotted visiting Ashtanga Yoga Tuesday afternoon. The paps asked him if he felt the earthquake the night before and he joked with them about it as he walked inside....  more »
December 2, 2009 Jason Segel On Bedford
December 1st, 2009: Jason Segel was spotted on Bedford Tuesday afternoon. He walked and joked jovially with the paparazzi as he walked to his car....  more »
November 22, 2009 Carrot Top At LAX
November 21st, 2009: Carrot Top was spotted at LAX Saturday afternoon. He was carrying a sign with his own name on it. It was a prop for a show. He joked with the paps before heading to security....  more »
August 21, 2009 X17 Xclusive - John Mayer Gets Silly Outside Of Largo
X17 Xclusive: August 20, 2009 - John Mayer was spotted outside of Largo at the Coronet. He was in a silly mood and joked around with our videographer about his camera....  more »
August 10, 2009 Jessica Simpson And Ken Paves At The Airport
August 10th, 2009: The paps caught up with Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves at the airport Monday afternoon. The both were smiling and even somewhat talkative and jovial, making jokes as they made their way to security....  more »
May 20, 2009 Benjamin McKenzie At Gold's Gym
May 20th, 2009: The paps caught up with Benjamin McKenzie Wednesday afternoon. He was headed into Gold's Gym and joked lightheartedly with the paps on the way in....  more »
March 11, 2009 Chris Noth Jokes With Paps
March 11th, 2009: The paps waited for Chris Noth at his car while he crossed the street. He joked with them as he got in, using some expletives in the friendliest way possible. He's a man's man with a sense...  more »
January 26, 2009 Janice Dickinson Buys Gum, Kids With Paps
January 26th, 2009: Janice Dickinson was spotted out on the town Monday afternoon. She stopped at a gumball machine to buy gum. She popped a blue gumball in her mouth and double entendres started coming after that....  more »
December 17, 2008 Daveigh Chase Spotted Leaving A Party
December 16th, 2008: Daveigh Chase, star of upcoming S. Darko, was spotted walking with a friend Tuesday night. Apparently they were coming back from a party. Daveigh cracked some jokes and seemed to be in a good mood....  more »
December 16, 2008 Gary Valentine Shops And Jokes With Paps
December 16th, 2008: Gary Valentine was spotted out shopping Tuesday afternoon. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he joked, "That tape!" Oh Gary, such the kidder! How about we leave the joking to you, and you leave the video...  more »
December 14, 2008 Jennifer Meyer At Fred Segal
December 13th, 2008: The paps caught up with Jennifer Meyer at Fred Segal Saturday afternoon. She joked with the photogs that it "must be SUCH a slow day for you guys!"...  more »
December 10, 2008 Stacy Keibler At Lisa Kline
December 10th, 2008: The paps caught up with Stacy Keibler at Lisa Kline Wednesday afternoon. She joked lightly with the paps as she walked down the sidewalk. She also hit up Dylan George for some jeans!...  more »
April 13, 2007 Ryan Phillippe in Character
Ryan Phillippe put in a full day of work on the set of his latest movie filming on Friday, April 13. The actor seemed to be in great spirits, making jokes and having a few laughs with the crew. But...  more »