December 6, 2012 Kanye West Goes To The Movies Alone
Wednesday, December 5, 2012: Feeling adventurous, Kanye West hit the Landmark movie theater in Westwood to peep some new flix all by his lonesome.  more »
March 13, 2008 X17 Xclusive! Jamie Lynn Spears Is A Thief!
X17 Xclusive! March 12th 2008: Jamie Lynn Spears steals the car keys from a pap in Louisiana! She walks off leaving him stranded, but then later returns revealing it all to be a big prank. She spends the day running...  more »
October 9, 2007 Isla Goes to the Movies Alone?
Monday, October 8th: Isla Fisher arrives at the ArcLight movie theatre alone and uses some people along the way for cover. She ducks and hides behind people while entering and when Isla walks to her car, we're still not sure...  more »