September 8, 2014 Jerry Seinfeld Takes $1 Million Porsche Spyder Hybrid For A Spin In Malibu, Confronts Photog
Sunday, September 7, 2014 - Jerry Seinfeld takes his brand new $1 Million amazing Porsche Spyder Hybrid out to get lunch with friends in Malibu, CA. Before taking off, Seinfeld confronts a man who gets too close to the car...  more »
July 16, 2014 Ashley Greene Swarmed By Photogs At LAX After Attending 'Wish I Was Here' NYC Premiere
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - Ashley Greene arrives at LAX casually dressed after attending the 'Wish I Was Here' premiere in New York City. Greene graciously makes her way through the terminal as she is swarmed by photographers and fans....  more »
June 5, 2014 50 Cent Threatens To Hit Photographer [CENSORED]
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 50 Cent arrives at LAX in a blue Nike sweatshirt. When inundated with questions from photographers he plays around and threatens to hit him while saying "I'm f**k you up!"...  more »
May 20, 2014 Milla Jovovich's Assistant Assaults A Photographer
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - Milla Jovovich arrives at LAX in casual clothes and glasses. Her assistant is seen striking a photographer....  more »
April 1, 2014 Robert Pattinson Is A Natural Paparazzo!
Monday, March 31, 2014 - Robert Pattinson looks like a natural as he gets into character as paparazzo Dennis Stock while filming on location for "Life" at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA....  more »
November 15, 2013 Alec Baldwin Shoves Reporter, Knocks His Phone To The Ground
Friday, November 15, 2013 - Alec Baldwin shoved a reporter outside of his New York apartment this morning as the actor continues to struggle in court against a stalker. The reporter yells, "You assaulted me!" and Alec mocks him. Baldwin...  more »
August 18, 2013 Jennifer Aniston Swarmed At LAX, Asked About Wedding Date
Saturday, August 17, 2013 - Jennifer Aniston is swarmed by photographers as she arrives at LAX. Aniston stays mum when asked if she's going to get married before the end of the year....  more »
July 23, 2013 Brittny Gastineau Dines At STK, Comments On Kanye West Paparazzo Attack
Monday, June 22, 2013 - Brittny Gastineau dines at STK is West Hollywood, CA. When asked if she'd ever attack a paparazzo the way that Kanye West did, Brittny responds, "I hope not." Kim Kardashian's close friend says "I have...  more »
July 14, 2013 Khloe Kardashian Leaves Set Looking Glum After Lamar Odom's Outburst
Friday, July 12, 2013 - Khloe Kardashian appears unhappy as she leaves a set in Culver City after hubby Lamar Odom was caught on camera trashing a photographers equipment on Wednesday. Also seen here on set are Bruce Jenner and...  more »
April 2, 2013 Halle Berry Breaks Up Fight Between Olivier Martinez And Photographer At LAX
Monday, April 1, 2013 - Halle Berry and fiance Olivier Martinez arrive with Nahla at LAX after vacationing in Hawaii. While carrying Nahla, Martinez allegedly kicks and grabs a photographer. Then Halle gets caught in the cross-fire and has to...  more »
February 28, 2013 Kim Kardashian's Bodyguard Gets Into A Fight With A Photographer
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian spends the day shopping and filming her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians in Beverly Hills, CA. During filming a photographer gets into a altercation with her bodyguard....  more »
February 19, 2013 Alec Baldwin Asked About Alleged Racial Slurs, NY Post Audio Tape
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - Alec Baldwin is followed by the reporters as he steps out for his morning coffee in New York City. Baldwin stays mum when asked if he made racist slurs against a NY Post photographer. He...  more »
September 1, 2012 Michelle Williams Plea To Photographers
August 31, 2012: Actress Michelle Williams entreats New York City photographers to use long lenses and stay out of sight while she and her daughter go to the Bronx Zoo on Friday. "I don't want my daughter to see you......  more »
August 22, 2012 Fergie And Josh Duhamel Swarmed By Photogs At Craig's In West Hollywood
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - Fergie and Josh Duhamel are swarmed by photographers after they share a romantic dinner at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA....  more »
June 11, 2012 Justin Timberlake And Vince Vaughn Swarmed By Photogs At The ArcLight
Sunday, June 10, 2012 - Justin Timberlake drives aggressively out of the parking lot of ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, after getting swarmed by photographers. Vince Vaughn is also spotted leaving the movies with several pals....  more »
April 11, 2012 Salma Hayek Arrives In L.A. With Her Daughter And Mother
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - Salma Hayek arrives at LAX with her mother Diana and her adorable daughter Valentina, who snaps back at photographers with her camera....  more »
March 28, 2012 Esai Morales Gets Coffee With A Female Friend
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - Esai Morales cheers up when photographers interrupt him in the middle of what appears to be a heated discussion with a female friend at The Cafe in Beverly Hills, CA....  more »
December 7, 2011 George Clooney And Stacy Keibler Swarmed By Photographers After Romantic Dinner
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are swarmed by photographers after sharing a romantic dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood, CA. They both stay mum when asked about their upcoming holiday plans....  more »
October 25, 2011 Shenae Grimes Swarmed By Photogs Leaving Hyde Lounge
Monday, October 24, 2011 - Actress Shenae Grimes is swarmed by photographers as she leaves Hyde Lounge in West Hollywood. When asked if she's used to the attention, Grimes responds, "Unfortunately!"...  more »
September 18, 2011 Rachel Bilson at The Grove
September 18, 2011: Actress Rachel Bilson was spotted in a casual get up and laden with shopping bags as she shopped at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. Nearing the end of her trip, she spoke to photographers, "Come on,...  more »
July 15, 2011 Lindsay Lohan Shoots A Music Video - Part 1
Thursday July 14, 2011: Lindsay Lohan and a "Lindsay" stand-in were seen on two set locations in LA while shooting the music video Florida rock band MIGGS upcoming video....  more »
July 15, 2011 Lindsay Lohan Shoots A Music Video - Part 2
Thursday July 14, 2011: Lindsay Lohan and a "Lindsay" stand-in were seen on two set locations in LA while shooting the music video Florida rock band MIGGS upcoming video....  more »
February 20, 2011 Kelly Osbourne Not Loving The Photographer's Attention
Sunday, February 20, 2011 - Kelly Osbourne was spotted with her dog Sid and boyfriend Rob Sunday afternoon. She didn't feel like being photographed so her friends tried to block our camera and argued lightly with the photographer....  more »
January 24, 2011 Megan Fox Leaves Ken Paves, Photographer Comes To Her Rescue
Monday, January 24th, 2011 - Megan fox was seen leaving Ken Paves' salon Monday afternoon. As she's go to get into her car to leave, she asks for a little space, so a chivalrous photographer puts his shirt over his...  more »
December 14, 2010 James Marsden Wishes X17 A "Safe Holiday"
December 14th, 2010: We caught up with James Marsden doing some Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills Tuesday afternoon. He shook our photographers hand and told him to "Have a safe holiday!"...  more »
November 9, 2010 X17 Exclusive - Sean Penn Keeps His Cool At Sushi Roku
Monday, November 8, 2010: Sean Penn was spotted leaving Sushi Roku after dining with a friend. He was in a mellow mood despite getting swarmed by some photogs....  more »
October 11, 2010 Katy Perry Speeds Away From Photog Swarm At The Music Box
October 10, 2010: Photographers swarmed Katy Perry's car as she left a private event at The Music Box in Hollywood on Sunday night. A fight almost broke out, but Katy took the wild attention in stride, even stopping to sign...  more »
September 1, 2010 Norm MacDonald Calls Paris Hilton "A F***ing Whore"
Tuesday, August 31, 2010: When the photographers outside of Largo updated comedian Norm MacDonald on Paris Hilton's cocaine arrest in Las Vegas, MacDonald responded, "Oh, well she's a f***ing whore." After dropping the f-bomb on the socialite, MacDonald talked a...  more »
September 1, 2010 EXCLUSIVE - Lindsay Lohan Arrives Home After A Night Out At Chateau Marmont
Tuesday, August 31, 2010: Lindsay Lohan was swarmed by photographers as she arrived home after frequenting favorite hot-spot Chateau Marmont. It looked like three security guards wasn't enough to keep things under control....  more »
August 26, 2010 Renee Zellweger Leaving Kate Somerville Skincare
Thursday, August 25, 2010: Renee Zellweger was swarmed by photographers as she left Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts in West Hollywood, CA....  more »
August 14, 2010 Rihanna Causes A Stir At Philippe Restaurant In NYC
Friday, August 13, 2010: New Yorkers on Madison Avenue went wild as Rihanna was spotted leaving Philippe Restaurant after dining with her entourage. She was looking great, dressed down with a baseball cap and big hoop earrings. RiRi also took...  more »
August 13, 2010 Renee Zellweger Swarmed By Photographers On Melrose Place
August 12, 2010: Renee Zellweger was swarmed by photographers as she walked to her Prius parked on Melrose Place. She was in her exercise clothes and in a hurry to get out of the public eye....  more »
July 31, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Sean Penn Plays Nice With Photographers At Chateau Marmont
X17 Xclusive - July 30, 2010: Sean Peann was spotted leaving Chateau Marmont with a buddy on Friday night. The notoriously cranky celebrity looked a bit glum, but was otherwise pleasant with photographers....  more »
June 22, 2010 Lindsay Tells Paparazzo To "Get A Life"
June 22nd, 2010: Lindsay was spotted walking back to the car Tuesday afternoon and a photographer asked her if the rumors that she would be posing nude in a magazine were true. Lindsay was not amused, responding, "What's wrong with...  more »
May 31, 2010 Paparazzi Ask Jason Trawick "What Exactly Do You Do For Britney"
May 31st, 2010: Jason Trawick was spotted doing some grocery shopping for Britney Monday afternoon. The photographers asked him what his title was, since he was no longer Brit's agent, "What exactly do you do for Britney?" "Are you her...  more »
May 27, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Paparazzo Offers Lindsay $100 To See SCRAM Ankle Bracelet
X17 Xclusive - May 27th, 2010: A photographer was following Lindsay on a shopping spree Thursday and got Xclusive coverage of himself offering her $100 for a look at her SCRAM ankle monitor. She retorted, saying "I'll give you $100..."...  more »
April 29, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Jesse James Apologizes To X17 Photographers
X17 Xclusive - April 29th, 2010: Jesse James apologized to an X17 photographer today after yesterday's incident in which he threatened the shooter and forced him off the sidewalk outside his own Cisco Burger in Huntington Beach. They mended the...  more »
April 27, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Mickey Rourke Gets Aggro And Flicks Lit Cigarette At Photographer (WITH SUBTITLES)
X17 Xclusive - April 27th, 2010: Mickey Rourke was with his Russian girlfriend Anastasia in a parking garage Tuesday afternoon. When a photographer tried to ask him a few questions he psychotically switched from smiling to physically threatening in no...  more »
April 27, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Mickey Rourke Gets Aggro And Flicks Lit Cigarette At Photographer
X17 Xclusive - April 27th, 2010: Mickey Rourke was with his Russian girlfriend Anastasia in a parking garage Tuesday afternoon. When a photographer tried to ask him a few questions he psychotically switched from smiling to physically threatening in no...  more »
April 13, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Paula Abdul Hugs Photographer At Beverly Glenn Mall
X17 Xclusive - April 13th, 2010: Paula Abdul was spotted at Beverly Glenn Mall Tuesday afternoon with a group of friends. She was generous with her time, speaking with the paparazzi and posing for photos for them. One photographer in...  more »
March 16, 2010 Miley Cyrus And Her Mother At Larrabee
March 16th, 2010: Miley Cyrus and her mother were spotted at Larrabee Tuesday afternoon. At first Miley asked the photographer for some space, but later seemed to warm up, telling him, "You are so very welcome," when he thanked her...  more »
March 16, 2010 X17 Xclusive - Reese Witherspoon Gives Photographer A Piece Of Her Mind
X17 Xclusive - March 16th, 2010: Reese Witherspoon was spotted at the Brentwood Country Mart Tuesday afternoon. When a photographer asked her how she was doing, Reese responded with, "Your behavior is embarrassing!" Uh, okay! A little harsh, good thing...  more »
March 5, 2010 Mark Salling At Armani Exchange
March 5th, 2010: Mark Salling was spotted at Armani Exchange Friday afternoon. He joked with a photographer as he walked to his car to leave....  more »
January 14, 2010 Brett Ratner Confronted By Photographer That He Pushed Down
January 14th, 2010: Brett Ratner attended the same art show as Paris Hilton Thursday evening. Hilariously, the photographer the was filming him was the same one that Brett previously knocked down in his driveway. The photographer confronts him and the...  more »
January 14, 2010 Dustin Hoffman Reminisces With X17 Photographer
January 14th, 2010: Our X17 photographer caught up with Dustin Hoffman Thursday afternoon. Dustin was talkative and in a good mood, and among other things he and the photographer talked about working on a movie together in the 70s....  more »
December 17, 2009 Audrina Films At Hugo's, Gives Christmas Gift-Giving Advice
December 16th, 2009: Audrina Patridge was spotted at Hugo's where she was filming what she would only describe as being a new project. On her way back to her car a photographer asked her what he should get his fiance...  more »
December 16, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Anne Hathaway's Driver Hits A Paparazzo
X17 Xclusive - December 16th, 2009: We interviewed a bicyclist who was struck by Anne Hathaway's car Wednesday afternoon while he was attempting to get a photograph of the starlet. He sustained bodily harm and information was exchanged between parties....  more »
December 16, 2009 Eve Spotted Leaving A Medical Building
December 16th, 2009: Eve was spotted leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills Wednesday afternoon. The photographer asked her if her health was okay, but Eve did not feel like sharing her medical status with us....  more »
December 16, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Kate Bosworth At Planet Nails
X17 Xclusive - December 15th, 2009: Kate Bosworth was spotted at Planet Nails Tuesday evening. She got a massage and seemed to enjoy it. As she was leaving the photographer called her Sophie, to which she replied, "I'm not Sophie,...  more »
December 9, 2009 Jason Trawick Kicks A Paparazzo's Phone
December 9th, 2009: Britney's agent and rumored boyfriend Jason Trawick was confronted by photographers after he kicked the phone belonging to a paparazzo Wednesday afternoon. The girl picked her phone up off the street and the photographers asked Jason to...  more »
December 8, 2009 Lindsay Denies Dating Jason Segel And Adds, "Focus On The More Important Things In The World!"
December 7th, 2009: We got Xclusive coverage of Lindsay at a gas station and parking garage by day Monday. We also obtained non-Xclusive coverage of Lindsay at LAX at night. When asked if she was dating Jason Segel, she said...  more »
December 3, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Beth Stern Sprints Past Photogs In NYC
X17 Xclusive - December 3, 2009: Howard Stern's wife Beth was spotted on a morning jog with a friend in New York City. She picked up the pace and covered her face when she noticed photographers....  more »
November 15, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Ryan Phillippe Gets Fast Food, Hides From Photogs
X17 Xclusive - November 14, 2009: We spotted Ryan Phillippe at an In-N-Out drive-through. He hid behind a sun visor when he noticed photographers....  more »
November 6, 2009 X17 Xclusive - Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber In Soho, Liev Gets Upset With Photographer
X17 Xclusive - November 6th, 2009: Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, and their child walked the dog in Soho Friday afternoon. Liev was very upset with a photographer for not having a long lens. He was complaining because he felt they...  more »
November 6, 2009 Spencer Pratt Gets A Car Wash
November 6th, 2009: Spencer Pratt was spotted getting his car washed Friday afternoon. The photographers complimented him on his Porsche. Unfortunately, Spencer did not get in the car wash as well....  more »
October 29, 2009 Mos Def At LAX, Lashes Out At The Paparazzo
October 29th, 2009: The photographer caught up with Mos Def at LAX Thursday and he was visibly upset with her, so she apologized, to which he replied, "You aren't sorry!" He also told her, "Stop stealing my life!" Pretty melodramatic...  more »
October 27, 2009 Vanessa Paradis At Betsey Johnson Attacks Photographer
October 27th, 2009: Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp's girlfriend, was spotted at Betsey Johnson Tuesday afternoon. As she was leaving the store, she pushed one of our photographers and exclaimed, "Are you mad?!" They probably are now!...  more »
October 6, 2009 Lamar Odom To Photographers: "F*ck You And Your Blog"
October 6th, 2009: Lamar was at Kitson and obviously upset with one of the photographers (not X17!) so what better way to tell someone you're mad than to buy them a gift, right? Well when the gift is a book...  more »
October 5, 2009 Paparazzo Arrested Following Fender Bender With Nicole Richie
October 5th, 2009: A pap was arrested for driving without a license following a fender bender with Nicole Richie Monday afternoon. Nicole went to the hospital immediately after to seek treatment. Benji Madden was on the scene, but refused to...  more »
May 16, 2009 Lenny And His Leica In Cannes
May 15, 2009 - Cannes, France - Lenny Kravitz plays with the media corp as he turns the camera on them, literally!, at the Cannes Film Festival....  more »
February. 13, 2008: X17 XCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!!! X17 is the ONLY place that brings you the exclusive interview with Adnan Ghalib after his alleged altercation with a photographer in Beverly Hills today. The police were called by the photog and charges...  more »
November 19, 2007 George Clooney Blows The Whistle!! X17 Xclusive!
Exclusive! November 19, 2007: X17 photogs caught up with an aggressive paparazzo who was following George Clooney through the Hollywood Hills today. Being the outspoken actor he is, George took the photographer's license plate number to turn him into the...  more »
September 27, 2006 Hillary, Meet The Photogs
Hillary Duff and X17 photographers get acquainted to better smooth their symbiotic and necessary relationship....  more »