December 22, 2012 Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino Talks About His Political Aspirations
Saturday, December 22, 2012 - After leaving the nightclub Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, CA Vinny Guadagnino talks about his dream to one day go into politics....  more »
January 12, 2011 Larry King Asked About Sarah Palin And The End Of The World At Red O
Tuesday, January 11, 2011: We spotted Larry King dining with wife Shawn and friends at Red O in Los Angeles. When questioned about the media connecting Sarah Palin's rhetoric to the shooting in Arizona, King commented, "Politics is rude today...  more »
January 15, 2009 Jeremy London Talks Politics
January 15th, 2009: The paps caught up with Jeremy London Thursday afternoon. They asked him some political questions and got a mouthfull....  more »
November 4, 2008 Stacy Keibler At Newsroom
November 4th, 2008: The paps caught up with Stacy Keibler at Newsroom Tuesday afternoon. As she left the paps tried to quiz her about politics, but Stacy remained tight-lipped....  more »
October 8, 2008 Suzanne Somers Doesn't Want To Talk Politics
October 8th, 2008: When asked who she was voting for, Suzanne responded, "I'll never tell." This makes sense, actually. If her fan base found out and decided to follow her lead, these legions of voters could drastically swing things in...  more »
September 30, 2008 Miley And A Friend Get Their Nails Done At CT Nails III
September 30th, 2008: Miley Cyrus and a friend popped into CT Nails III Tuesday night. Miley was uncharacteristically stand-offish with the paps. And when asked who she would vote for, she jokingly (kinda) yelled, "I can't vote, so let's not...  more »
September 12, 2008 Amber Tamblyn Gets Political
September 11th, 2008: The paps caught up with Amber Tamblyn Thursday afternoon. She was with a friend getting into her car when we asked her what she thought of McCain's VP pick, Sarah Palin. "I don't think about Sarah Palin,"...  more »
September 5, 2008 Prinz von Anhalt Get Political
Thursday September 4th: Prinz von Anhalt resident paparazzi groupie was up to his old tricks giving his opinion on the upcoming presidential race....  more »
August 23, 2008 X17 Xclusive: Scarlett Johansson At Obama Fundraiser!!!
X17 Xclusive: Look who we spotted in Phoenix at a Barack Obama fundraiser! ... Scarlett Johansson! Get a quick peek before she disappears. UPDATE!!! This fundariser was held in a building that just happens to be one of rival candidate...  more »
June 22, 2008 Lilo Gets Political
Saturday June 21st: Lindsay Lohan with girlfriend Samantha Ronson was sporting a vote dress on her Melrose shopping tour which included Fred Segal and Kidrobot. A pap asked her who she was voting for and Lindsay explained, “That’s between me...  more »
June 8, 2008 Don Cornelius At The Ivy And He Doesn’t Do Politics
Wednesday June 4th: Don Cornelius was spotted exiting The Ivy and he was besieged by the paps. He didn’t answer too many questions only that he doesn’t do politics. Later a crazy self-promoting stripper with bad teeth kept gloating about...  more »
May 17, 2008 Kelsey Grammer Gives Us An Earful
Friday May 16th: Malibu Kelsey Grammer was out and about enjoying the good life…He was in a very good mood and even chatted with paps on his show “Back To You” and the wonderful fan support. Also listen for his...  more »
February 15, 2008 Eco-Friendly Adrian Grenier Chats With Paps On Politics!
Thursday February 14th: “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier was in good spirits last night as he exited Katsuya in Hollywood. Adrian a big fan of going green talked about a documentary called “Taxi To The Darkside”, eco-friendly gifts and why he...  more »